タイトル SyncBack Freeware
URL http://www.2brightsparks.com/
更新日 2017/09/25
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 フォルダ間の同期が可能な高性能バックアップユーティリティ。







2017/09/25 ver

SyncBackFree V8.3.6.0 (25th September 2017)
Fixed: Minor user interface fixes

2017/08/23 ver

SyncBackFree V8.2.18.0 (22nd August 2017)
Fixed: DST time conversion
Fixed: Try to fix SQL error 5 for the selections DB by enabling shared caching and WAL
Fixed: Threaded copy sometimes got stuck

2017/07/11 ver

SyncBackFree V8.2.11.0 (11th July 2017)
Fixed: The notification platform is unavailable error (which caused schedules to fail to run)
Fixed: On profile configuration if you edit an existing schedule and cancel it then schedule was deleted
Updated: Fewer installer prompts when updating or upgrading

2017/07/06 ver

SyncBackFree V8.2.8.0 (7th July 2017)
New: Optional Windows Notifications for profiles starting and finishing
New: On group config window can filter to show only profiles not already in a group
Fixed: Missing DLL's for Gmail authentication
Updated: When a profile is set to force file dates and times to be correct then it will be as accurate as Windows allows
Updated: Czech translations
Updated: French translations

2017/06/12 ver

SyncBackFree V8.1.1.0 (12th June 2017)
New: Start the task only if the computer is on AC power option added to scheduler
New: Proxy server support for email
Updated: Korean translation
Updated: Simplified Chinese translation
Fixed: Uninstall bug (multiple prompts and access violation)
Fixed: Other minor fixes and updates to help file

2017/06/01 ver

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SyncBackFree V8.0.1.0 (1st June 2017)
New: Ransomware Detection
New: Can specify to abort profile run if too many files are going to be updated
New: Gmail OAUTH2 email authentication
New: Central cloud OAUTH credential storage
New: Can choose to delete unticked folders from destination (or source) when profile next run

2017/05/15 ver

SyncBackFree V7.6.74.0 (15th May 2017)
Updated: If too many log files for pop-up menu (>=30) then a pop-up window is displayed so can choose log to display

2017/03/27 ver

SyncBackFree V7.6.64.0 (27th March 2017)
Updated: Update check is now every 30 days instead of every 15 days

2017/01/16 ver

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SyncBackFree V7.6.50.0 (16th January 2017)
New: Greek translations by Kostas Basileioy
Fixed: Help window was not automatically closed when new SyncBack window closed or opened
Updated: Uses less resources when file icons shown in Differences window
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2016/11/10 ver

SyncBackFree V7.6.45.0 (8th November 2016)

2016/11/10 ver

SyncBackFree V7.6.44.0 (8th November 2016)