タイトル xrecode3
URL http://xrecode.com/xrecode3/
バージョン 1.66   1.65   1.64   1.63   1.62   1.61   1.60   1.59   1.58   1.57   1.56  
更新日 2017/09/23
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 シェアウェア(15ドル)
説明 様々なフォーマットに対応した音声ファイルコンバートソフト。


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2017/09/23 ver 1.66

- version 1.66
- NEW: added support for GB18030 encoded CUE files.
- FIX: fixed error #42 when adding cover image.

2017/09/09 ver 1.65

- version 1.65
- FIX: fixed issue with ImageIndex assert error.
- FIX: fixed issue when Metadata was not retrieved from the internet.
- FIX: fixed issue when it was not possible to save Metadata in AIFF files.
- NEW: added option to reset program settings by pressing shift+control+alt+F12. This will delete thr current setting files (a backup zip with the current files will be created as well).
- NEW: added option to load contents of the .log file into LOG Metadata item (under Metadata Settings).
- NEW: remember monitor program was last run on.

2017/09/02 ver 1.64

- version 1.64
- FIX: fixed issue with new version check (in some cases).
- FIX: fixed issue when MP3 bitrate was not picked up from the settings when file was added from shell.
- FIX: fixed issue with DSF64 encoder.
- FIX: fixed issue with writing WAV metadata (in some cases).
- FIX: fixed issue when custom file name pattern was used together with the "Convert on the fly".
- FIX: fixed issue when sometimes random output file names were created in audiobook/merge per folder mode.
- FIX: fixed rare issue with fade in/out with some files.
- NEW: program won't close program when done if there were some errors during the process.
- NEW: added support for Copyright tag. To enable it in Metadata editor, right-click and choose "Arrange". To enable it as a Metadata column, right-click in Metadata items and click "Arrange Columns".
- NEW: added M4R as extension option under M4A encoder settings.

2017/08/10 ver 1.63

- version 1.63
- FIX: fixed issue with parsing of some .dff files.
- FIX: "Capitalize first word" will capitalize first word and change others to the lower case.
- FIX: fixed issue with extracting mp3 audio from some files.
- NEW: save Metadata in LIST format as well in WAV files.
- NEW: added popup menu for each of the Metadata items to capitalize just that one item.
- NEW: added 256 and 512 modes for DSD encoder.
- NEW: added option to specify some encode parameters for individual Shell Extension item (under Settings/Shell).
- NEW: added bitrate to output audio info info tip (right-click the Output Format button).
- FIX: fixed some more issues on DPI-scaled resolutions.
- FIX: fixed mpls parsing issue for some blue-ray playlists.
- FIX: fixed issue when "Add all source folders to the output path" was used with UNC (network) files.
- FIX: fixed sorting of added folders (i.e. Folder10 will not be befer Folder1).
- FIX: fixed AV error while inserting Audio CD.
- FIX: fixed issue when 48KHz audio was not resampled to 44.1Khz.
- FIX: fixed mpls parsing issue for some blue-ray playlists.
- FIX: fixed issue with "Capitalize Each Word" pattern setting.
- FIX: fixed M3U creation when files are added from and converted to multiple folders.

2017/07/08 ver 1.62

- version 1.62
- NEW: updated to libopus 1.2.
- NEW: added option under Output "Settings Discard CUE output folder when "Create files in source folder" is used" to control whether output folder for CUE should be skipped.
- NEW: added "Create CUE/m3u" options for DSD.
- FIX: fixed issue with decoding of 4bps wav files.
- FIX: fixed issue with seeking in some wav/dts files.
- FIX: if SACD only contains Stereo tracks and SACD area is set to Multichannel, Stereo tracks will be added, instead.
- FIX: fixed issue in handling read-only cover files.

2017/06/27 ver 1.61

- version 1.61
- NEW: added DSD encoder. Usable to convert DSD128 to DSD64.
- NEW: spaces (after and before \) will be removed from file name patterns so that folders with spaces at the beginning or end won't be created.
- NEW: added option to configure Shell Extension item (under Settings/Shell).
- FIX: fixed issue when "Create files in source folder" was not taken into account when "Split into file per channel" was used.
- FIX: fixed issue when CUE file was not picked up via /sendto param.
- FIX: fixed seek issue with some ogg files.
- FIX: tweak Settings window so that it fits in 768 pixels.
- FIX: make sure TITLE is always saved in CUE before PERFORMER.
- FIX: make sure TITLE is always saved in CUE before PERFORMER.
- FIX: when "Create files in source folder" is used, output files will always be created in the same folder. Path in the file name pattern will be ignored. It was not for CUE files.
- FIX: fixed issue when cover was not saved in an external file when input file path had a % character in it.
- FIX: Fixed some more issues on DPI-scaled resolutions.
- FIX: Fixed mpls parsing issue for some blue-ray playlists.

2017/05/28 ver 1.60

- version 1.60
- NEW: added Copy as operation. See https://xrecode.com/wiki/index.php?title=Action for more info.
- NEW: Shift+Enter will add a new line in Comments field.
- NEW: made fade/out smoother.
- NEW: resize cover when adding (if specified in Metadata Settings).
- NEW: added %filetype% pattern element (works the same as %outputfiletype%).
- NEW: added feature to save calculated Replay Gain values in files after Utilities/ReplayGain/Scan... was done.
- FIX: fixed issue when extracted mp2 stream had .mpeg file extension.
- FIX: dvd_pcm can now be extracted from video files (will be saved as WAV).
- FIX: fixed issue when %filename% pattern element was not used when audio was extracted from file with multiple streams.
- FIX: do not try to send network files to Recycle Bin (as they were just deleted without possibility to recover). Such files will only be deleted when "Delete source file ..." option is used.
- FIX: Fixed issue when "Add all source folders to the output path" was used with UNC (network) files.
- FIX: handle chapters in m4a files.
- FIX: allow encode MP2 to 192/48KHz.
- FIX: improved DTS Audio CD detection.
- FIX: fixed issue when exe file selected under M4A settings was not saved.
- NEW: added separate pattern for CUE and M3U file under Pattern settings to specify cue/playlist output file name.
- NEW: added option to save CUE files using BOM (under Settings/CUE).

2017/05/02 ver 1.59

- version 1.59
- NEW: switched https for downloads.
- NEW: added decoding support for .ts files.

2017/05/01 ver 1.58

- version 1.58
- FIX: fixed handling of invalid id3v2 tags in dsf files.
- NEW: added decoding support for .aifc files.

2017/04/22 ver 1.57

- version 1.57
- FIX: fixed AV error when pressing Previous/Next song in player.
- FIX: fixed playback seeking in some files.
- FIX: some visual tweaks.
- FIX: fixed handling of some incorrect CUE files.
- FIX: fixed handling of some DTSWAV files.
- FIX: fixed "Internal error: TMetadataParams temp folder is empty" when saving Metadata in DSF file.
- NEW: added pause/resume for player.
- NEW: clicking on player time will toggle between current position/time left.
- NEW: added %composer% metadata element.

2017/04/05 ver 1.56

- version 1.56
- FIX: some visual tweaks.
- FIX: fixed WAV to FLAC encoding.
- NEW: added decoding support for .aea files.