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タイトル calibre
URL http://calibre-ebook.com/
バージョン 3.1   3.0   2.85.1   2.85   2.84   2.83   2.82   2.81   2.80   2.79.1   2.79  
更新日 2017/06/23
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 オープンソースの電子書籍管理ソフト。各種書籍フォーマットの変換もサポート。







2017/06/23 ver 3.1

Release: 3.1 [23 Jun, 2017]
New Features
Edit metadata dialog: Allow right clicking the Paste ISBN button to instead paste an identifier with a different prefix.
Closes tickets: 1698543
Tag browser: Add an option to control the spacing between items
Add an option in Preferences->Look & feel to show individual layout buttons in the status bar, as was the case in calibre 2.x
Edit metadata dialog: Add buttons to easily set/clear Yes/no columns
Closes tickets: 1698331
Bug Fixes
Content server: Fix various bugs in the SSL implementation causing aborted transfers when enabling SSL in the server
Content server: Fix connections not being closed after errors/timeouts on the server side
Fix an error during startup on Windows systems where the home directory is in a character encoding different from the system encoding
Closes tickets: 1699435
Edit book: Fix escaping of text for regular expression searches unnecessarily escaping spaces
Get Books: Search the entire catalog, including restricted books
Closes tickets: 1698943
Fix regression in previous release that caused the Tag browser view to jump around when renaming items
Splash screen: Fix text vertical overlap for some systems/font sizes
Server: --daemonize option should not be present on Windows and macOS as it does not work on those platforms

2017/06/16 ver 3.0

See what's new in calibre 3.0
Release: 3.0 [16 Jun, 2017]
New Features
For details on the major changes in calibre between 2.0 and 3.0, see https://calibre-ebook.com/new-in/twelve
A completely re-written Content server with support for reading books in-browser on your phone/tablet. Also works in offline mode.
Support for high resolution (Retina screens)
A new splash screen to celebrate the release of calibre 3
Minor tweaking of the main user interface to emphasize the core features
Bug Fixes
Kobo driver: Fix for detection of some devices, with SD card not working on macOS
Tag browser: Fix preservation of state when recounting and the visible categories have changed.
Closes tickets: 1696596
CHM Input: Handle CHM files that have missing or empty root files.
Closes tickets: 1697764
Fix Page flips options box in viewer preferences bot being laid out properly
Fix initial down arrow in search box jumping two places
Fix editing the authors via the book list not respecting the tweak to control author name splitting
E-book viewer: Fix external links not working in the footnote popup panel
Fix a regression that broke command line completion in bash

2017/05/13 ver 2.85.1

Release: 2.85.1 [12 May, 2017]
version 2.85.1 contains a fix for a regression that cause the Open with action to go missing from the right click menu of the Book details panel

2017/05/12 ver 2.85

Release: 2.85 [12 May, 2017]
New Features
Book details panel: Allow right click to search the internet for the current book
Book details panel: Allow right clicking on an author name to search the internet for works by that author
Book details panel: Clicking an author name now searches Goodreads by default instead of Wikipedia. Can be changed in Preferences->Look & feel->Book details
Kobo driver: Add support for the Kobo Auro H2O Edition 2
Bug Fixes
PDF Output: Fix a regression in the previous release that broke conversion to PDF for some files.
Closes tickets: 1689192
DOCX Output: Fix lengths specified in percentage of page size not being converted correctly.
Closes tickets: 1688690
DOCX Output: Fix some hyperlinks not working in word because the bookmark name is longer than forty characters.
Closes tickets: 1688690
DOCX Output: Prevent images from being larger than the page size.
Closes tickets: 1688690
Comic Input: Fix the number of colors control not allowing values less than 8
Kobo driver: Fix main memory and Card A being swapped on some systems
Kobo driver: Fix the ignore collections option being accidentally case-insensitive
Preferences->Toolbars: Show an error message when the user tries to remove either the Preferences or Location Manager buttons instead of just silently adding them back.

2017/05/05 ver 2.84

Release: 2.84 [05 May, 2017]
New Features
Kindle driver: Also delete book thumbnails from the system directory when deleting books.
Conversion: Use the same regular expression engine as is used by the Edit Book tool. The new engine has much better support for Unicode characters/character classes.
Edit Book: Add keyboard shortcuts to jump to opening and closing tags (Ctrl+{ and Ctrl+})
Add API to pre-process image data in recipes easily
fetch-ebook-metadata: add option to use only a single metadata plugin
Bug Fixes
E-book viewer: Fix a regression in the previous release that broke printing from inside the viewer.
DOCX Output: When the input document contains paragraphs inside a block with a background color preserve the background color in the resulting paragraphs in the DOCX document.
Closes tickets: 1683188
DOCX Output: Fix links to empty inline tags not working.
Closes tickets: 1683188
DOCX Input: Fix links that point to anchors placed in empty paragraphs not working.
Closes tickets: 1683017
PDF Output: Do not crash when unable to find page for link destination, instead use previous page.
Closes tickets: 1687914
Edit Book: Fix sorting by language in Report->Words not working
Edit Book: Fix drag and drop of multiple items in the File Browser causing item order to be reversed.

2017/04/15 ver 2.83

Release: 2.83 [15 Apr, 2017]
New Features
PDF Output: Default to generating PDFs with a page size of letter instead of taking the page size from the output profile.
This avoids user confusion/bug reports about PDF Output having "too large fonts". There is a new option "Use profile size" to have the conversion use the output profile page size instead.
PDF/DOCX Output: Add separate, pdf/docx specific, page margin settings that override the common settings.
Useful because page margin settings for page oriented formats, such as PDF and DOCX are usually different than those for reflowable formats such as EPUB
Table of Contents tool: Add an undo button
Metadata jacket: Show custom rating columns using stars
Metadata jacket: Change formatting of series to match that used by the book details panel. Also allow access to the raw series name and number when customizing the jacket template.
calibredb check_library: Vacuum database when running the check
Check Book: Add a check for empty identifier elements
Bug Fixes
Edit book/Book polishing: When adding a cover to an EPUB 3.0 file set the svg property if a SVG cover wrapper is used
Refresh the book list when a User Category is added/edited.
Closes tickets: 1675535
EPUB metadata: Fix deleting ISBN from EPUB file could result in an EPUB file without a package identifier if the ISBN was used as the package identifier.
Closes tickets: 1677383
Amazon metadata download: Fix title and author names being bold in the downloaded comments when using bing to get amazon metadata.
Closes tickets: 1674088

2017/03/18 ver 2.82

Release: 2.82 [18 Mar, 2017]
New Features
Edit Book: Saved Searches: Add keyboard shortcut (Alt+Up/Down Arrow) to move selected searches
Bug Fixes
Fix a typo in the previous release that caused dynamically updated metadata source plugins to stop working.
Closes tickets: 1673884
Catalog generation: Ignore tags with commas in them when generating genres
News download: Do not use Microsoft user agents as more and more websites are serving JPEG XR images to these browsers
Amazon metadata download: Fix spurious results when searching for books that are not present on amazon using a search engine.
Get Books: Fix free samples being detected as independent books when searching OPDS based stores such as Feedbooks.
Closes tickets: 1672500
Edit Book: Saved Searches: Preserve selection when using arrows to move multiple items
Fix template formatter functions not being reloaded after a check library operation
Fix an error during shutdown caused by some library closed plugins
New news sources
The Morning Paper by Darko Miletic
Improved news sources
The Economist
Telegraph UK
Implement auto update of built-in metadata download plugins, just as for recipes and Get Books plugins. Needed as the websites they get data from often change.

2017/03/10 ver 2.81

Release: 2.81 [10 Mar, 2017]
New Features
Kobo driver: Add support for new firmware
Edit Book: Spell Check dialog: Always add the original word as one of the spelling corrections, so that small edits to the word can be made easily.
Closes tickets: 1667914
Edit Book: Saved searched Dialog: Allow re-arranging the saved searches using drag and drop.
Closes tickets: 1669514
Implement auto update of builtin metadata download plugins, just as for recipes and Get Books plugins. Needed as the websites they get data from often change.
Edit Book: When inserting full screen images, use the actual image dimensions in the generated SVG code, when available
Linux installer: Check that the umask is suitable before running the installer. Should fix breakage on systems where users have changed the user umask but neglected to also alter it for sudo
Bulk metadata edit: Remove the control to delete specific formats as it is redundant. This functionality is already present by right clicking the Remove books button
Bug Fixes
TXT Input: When detecting the encoding of txt files only use the first four kilobytes of text. Fixes excessively slow conversion of very large text files.
Closes tickets: 1668246
Get Books: Fix price not being displayed for books from Amazon dues to website changes
GetBooks: Update Google Books plugin for website changes
E-book viewer: Fix slow startup when recently opened files are on a slow/malfunctioning networked filesystem.
Closes tickets: 1669497
Google metadata download: Fix metadata not being found when the title of the book includes a sub-title

2017/02/24 ver 2.80

Release: 2.80 [24 Feb, 2017]
New Features
Add support for sideloading of KFX files created with the third-party KFX calibre plugin
Closes tickets: 1666040
Edit book: Allow drag and drop of image files, stylesheets and html files into the editor to insert the appropriate <img> and <link> tags and add the files to the book automatically.
Kobo driver: Add support for updated firmware
Edit Book: Spell Check: If there are no suggestions fill the suggested word box with the original word.
Closes tickets: 1664284
Viewer: add a shortcut (Ctrl+F11) to show/hide toolbars.
Closes tickets: 1664077
Bug Fixes
PDF Output: Fix courier font not being rendered when converting on windows.
Closes tickets: 1665835
E-mail delivery: Add a Message-ID header when sending emails. Reduces probability of mails sent from calibre being marked as spam
Save to disk: Fix path shortening being applied to entire save template even when saving to singe directory.
Closes tickets: 1665964
Get Books: Update the Virualo and Publi store plugins for website changes
Viewer: Fix regression that caused slow opening of some books with missing font/css/image files
Viewer: Pressing Ctrl+F in fullscreen mode should show the controls.

2017/02/12 ver 2.79.1

Release: 2.79.1 [10 Feb, 2017]
2.79.1 fixes a regression in 2.79.0 that broke the file open dialogs on windows vista

2017/02/10 ver 2.79

Release: 2.79 [10 Feb, 2017]
New Features
Windows: Make recently opened books show up in the jump lists for the standalone viewer and editor programs
OS X/Linux: Show an informational popup message when an Android device is plugged in that needs the user to tap Allow for the connection to work.
Conversion: Log options that are different from the defaults separately, for easy reference
Bug Fixes
Conversion: Fix regression that broke conversion of some epub files when using the 'Remove first image' option.
Closes tickets: 1660699
Get Books: Update Kobo plugin for website changes
Windows MTP driver: Fix error when enumerating device storage not being reported during debug device detection
Tag Browser: When dragging and dropping a book onto a series increment the series number.
Closes tickets: 1661588
Fix crash when generating covers with Qt 5.8 on linux
Fix Get Books result list and jobs list not being populated on Qt 5.8
Fix importing rules in the coloring/icon rules dialog not enabling the apply button
Improved news sources
Strange Horizons
Wall Street Journal
Bangkok Post