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タイトル Quick Access Popup
URL http://www.quickaccesspopup.com/
バージョン 8.4.1   8.4   8.3   8.2.2   8.2.1   8.2   8.1.1   8.1   8.0.4   8.0.3   8.0.1  
更新日 2017/08/06
追加日 2016/02/21
種別 フリーソフト
説明 マウスの中ボタンクリックでお気に入りフォルダを表示することができるユーティリティ。


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2017/08/06 ver 8.4.1

Release v8.4.1 fixes a few bugs with Live Folders. And if you add favorites to QAP menu using "drag & drop", you will love changes in release v8.4!
Version: 8.4.1 (2017-08-05)
- fix bug maximum of Live Folders items exceeded (500 items limit) by error
- fix bug last Live folder item duplicated when numeric shortcuts are enabled
3) Customizing menu (19)
5) Harnessing Windows (10)
[Wishlist] Add the Context menu key to trigger the QAP main menu
[Wishlist] Support Unicode encoding for QuickAccessPopup.ini
[Wishlist] Add tooltips over buttons in Settings window left column
[Wishlist] Remember window location when drag & drop
What's the simplest way to install Quick Access Popup?
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2017/08/02 ver 8.4

“A must, a great missing feature in Windows.” – JF from Belgium
Or see this 40-minute webcast interview for an in-depth presentation of QAP!
If you like the "drag & drop" feature to add favorites to the QAP menu, you will love this new release!
Version: 8.4 (2017-08-01)
- add "Always on top" option to Settings window to ease drag and drop
- update drag & drop help message
- remember window location when drag & drop a folder favorite to Settings window
- add a tab about Shared Menus in Help window
- add tooltips over left column buttons in Settings window
- fix bug when icon resource filename includes a coma
- fix links in Options tabs and fix links to Shared menu FAQ page on website
- Spanish, Brazilian-Portuguese, Italian and French language updates
Video - Quick Access Popup Webcast Demo(40 min.)
Quick Access Popup Features Overview(2 min.)
Managing Quick Access Popup Menu Icons(4 min.)
Quick Access Popup Users Comments(1 min.)
Frequently Asked Questions 1) Installing (18)
6) Mastering QAP (17)
What’s new in versions v8.1, v8.2 and v8.3?What’s new in Quick Access Popup v8?

2017/07/21 ver 8.3

“It’s a tweaker’s delight, you will get hooked on it.” – turnipweed on MajorGeeks
Version: 8.3 (2017-07-20)
- add search text box to filter favorites in all submenus in Settings window
- add an X button to empty the filter text box and restore the full favorites list
- filtering is done based on the existence of the search string in the favorites name (only) in all menus and submenus
- filtering is case insensitive
- filtered favorites are displayed in the order they were found, starting from top main menu
- in filtered favorites list, the Edit button, Enter key or double-click open the edit favorite dialog box with the selected favorite
- double-clicking a menu favorite in filtered favorites list opens this menu unfiltered
- after edition of a favorite, the regular favorites list is restored in the location of the edited favorite
- the Remove button or Delete key removes a favorite from the filtered list (with confirmation before deleting a menu and its submenus); after deletion, the filtered list remains active
- in filtered list, only single selection is available, allowing edition or deletion of only one favorite at a time
- left columns buttons to move favorites or insert separator buttons (and their associated hotkeys) are disabled in filtered list
- in filtered list, the Add button (and its associated hotkey Ctrl-N) adds a new favorite at the top of the main menu
- changing menu using the dropdown list, using back or top arrows and closing and re-opening the Settings window restore the regular unfiltered list
- in Settings window, the new shortcut Ctrl-F moves the cursor to search box
Shared menus
- complete rewrite of Shared menus file locking (reservation to avoid conflicting changes by simultaneous users)

2017/06/08 ver 8.2.2

“Very useful, easy to use, light and does not disturb other programs in use.” – Juliano on Softpedia
Version: 8.2.2 (2017-06-08)
- Fix display bug in Settings, change cursor to hand when mouse over some icons and labels
- In Shared menus, verify if user has write access when opening a collaborative menu in Settings and give appropriate error message if user has no access
- In Shared Menus Catalogue, replace "&&" in menu names with single "&"
- Change QAP feature label "Add shared favorites menu from catalogue"
- In the Add Favorite dialog box, add info about Live Folder Options in Folder tip
[Wishlist] Add a Search text box at the top of Settings window
[Wishlist] Adapt the menu based on the active window/program
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2017/05/20 ver 8.2.1

“This has become an essential program for me.” – Rob
If you use Quick Access Popup on multiple computers or if you want to share your favorites with your friends or colleagues, the new release v8.2.1 is for you!
Version: 8.2.1 (2017-05-19)
*** update recommended for shared menus users ***
- multi-user change collision bug fixed
- add QAP feature to "Add a Shared menu from the catalogue"
- add tip below Shared menu catalogue list about double-click on a line to view the shared menu info
- when create Shared menu, force user to select the Shared menu type (no default type)
- support relative paths and environmenet variables for Shared menu file path
- fix bug in Add/Edit Favorite of type Shared menu when browse for external file and cancel
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2017/05/15 ver 8.2

“One of most useful utility!” – Maurizio
If you use Quick Access Popup on multiple computers or if you want to share your favorites with your friends or colleagues, the new release v8.2 is for you!
Version: 8.2 (2017-05-14)
Shared menus revamped
- three type of Shared menus
1) Personal: menu shared on different computers by the same user
2) Collaborative: menu on a shared drive for a team or a workgroup (every member can edit the menu)
3) Centralized: menu on a shared drive maintained by one or more menu administrator(s)
- new "Shared menu" tab in shared menu favorites to select shared menu type (radio buttons), name and options
- options for "Centralized" shared menus: list of users with right to edit the shared menu (coma separated list), message about shared menu access shown to users without access
- Shared menu options are saved in the "[Global]" section of the share menu ini file, in variables "MenuName", "WriteAccessUsers", "WriteAccessMessage" and "MenuType"
- in favorites list, display Shared menu name and display "Read-only" if current user does not have write access to the centralized menu
- when adding a Shared menu, get the favorite name from the menu ini file if the variable "MenuName" exists
- deprecate the option "Number of the first favorite" in shared menu files (now favorites always starting at 1 but starting number in old menu are still supported)
Shared menus catalogue
- new option in "General" tab to "Enable Shared Menu Catalogue" and select the "Catalogue root folder"
- when user adds a Shared menu and when the catalogue is enabled, give user the option to select the Shared menu from a dialog box
- new Shared menu dialog box containing the shared menu files under the catalogue root with menu names, paths and checkboxes to select menu(s) to add to QAP popup menu
- in Shared menu dialog box, button "Add selected shared menu(s)" to add selected menu(s) from catalogue to the QAP menu at the current menu and position in favorites list

2017/03/20 ver 8.1.1

“One of the best Windows utility ever. Keep on coding!” – Nicola on Facebook
Structure of QAP settings (ini) file
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Now making shared menus a powerful collaborative tool!
More info on the Beta Test page.
Version: 8.1.1 (2017-03-19)
- in Import/Export Settings, save destination file to QuickAccessPopup.ini when exporting and restore last used file name in Export dialog dox
- in Export file name, translate placeholder "%A_Now%" to current local date-time and "%A_NowUTC%" to current Coordinated Universal Time (based on computer time), using "YYYYMMDDHH24MISS" format
Alternative menu
- two new Alternative menu QAP features to open the folder containing the selected document, application or folder favorite 1) in the current window or 2) in a new window
Various improvements
- in Live folders, exclude folders with the Hidden (H) attribute (keeping those having System attribute without the Hidden attribute)
- in Edit Favorite dialog box for a favorite of type Group, add a button to open the group in the Settings window
- enlarge submenus dropdown lists to 500 px in Add/Edit Favorite dialog box
- split Options dialog box first tab "General" in two tabs ("General" and "Menu") to make some room for future options

2017/02/21 ver 8.1

“It really does save you a ton of time” – 2012TunnelRat on YouTube
To help me test new features, subscribe to the beta testers page. The more we are to test, better QAP will be. More info on the Beta Test page.
Version: 8.1 (2017-02-20)
- display favorites shortcuts in a new column in the Settings
- when creating a favorites shortcut, support left only or right only keyboard modifiers for Shift, Alt, Ctrl and Win keys
- support different shortcuts for favorites with the same location (if they have different names), allowing them to have different options (in other words, favorite shortcuts are now linked to "name + location")
- update menu and dialog box labels to include menu shortcuts (underlined character, using the & special character)
- in QAP Mouse Hotkey exclusion list, also exclude hotkey in app's dialog boxes when the app's title or class name is prefix an asterisk (*)
- add the QAP Features "Run as administrator" to the Alternative menu (Shift + Middle mouse button or Shift + Windows + W)
- new batch file from Dogan Celik to install/uninstall Windows Explorer context menus registry keys, working as-is with portable version (see instructions in batch file)
- group members can now be disabled (same as favorites being hidden in menu), change disable checkbox label for group members
- renamed the icon file iconQAP.ico to QuickAccessPopup.ico using the same ico file name for context menu registry keys in app, setup and portable batch
- cover exceptional situation where icon "file,index" for an extension is badly encoded in registry (including ")
- fix bug when double-clicking on empty line in Hotkeys list
- fix bug in Hotkeys list, when change hotkey, enable save button only if a hotkey was changed
- fix bug when Menu hotkey in Options is changed from None to a keyboard shortcut
- add delay when changing folder in dialog box to help with an intermittent issue in in some apps like Firefox (delay in milliseconds stored in quickaccesspopup.ini [Global] variable WaitDelayInDialogBox with default 100)

2017/01/12 ver 8.0.4

“Effective Efficiency Champion!” – anonymous comment on Download.com
Version: 8.0.4 (2017-01-11)
- v8.0.4: fix bug in Manage Hotkeys list not retrieving correct favorite on double-click
- v8.0.4: alert about menu shortcuts to user when inserting ampersand (&) in short name for the menu
- v8.0.4: update to Chinese and French language file
3) Customizing menu (16)
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[Wishlist] Application exclusion list for hotkeys
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2017/01/10 ver 8.0.3

“One of most useful utility!” – Maurizio
Version: 8.0.3 (2017-01-09)
- v8.0.3: fix small issue with check for update command
- v8.0.2: fix Settings dialog box issue with Chinese translation
- v8.0.2: update to Sweeden, Italian, Portuguese, French and Spanish language files
- v8.0.1: update current year in About dialog box
- v8.0.1: add NbLiveFolderItemsMax default value to QuickAccessPopup.ini to make it easier to change this value
- v8.0.1: links updated in Support freeware dialog box
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2017/01/08 ver 8.0.1

“An invaluable addition to every computer I work on.” – Anonymous on Generosity.com
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To help me test new features, subscribe to the beta testers page. The more we are to test, better QAP will be.More info on the Beta Test page.
Version: 8.0.1 (2017-01-07)
- add NbLiveFolderItemsMax default value to QuickAccessPopup.ini to make it easier to change this value
- links updated in Support freeware dialog box
Version: 8 (2017-01-03)
Live Folder options
- To enable a Live Folder favorite, add or edit a Folder favorite and go to the new tab "Live Folders Options". In this tab you can select:
- the checkbox "Live Folder" to transform this favorite into a menu (and submenus) refreshed with the current content of the folder (and its subfolders)
- an option to set the "Number of subfolders levels to include in the Live Folder menu" (1 by default - keep it low for large folders)
- an option to "Include Documents" in the Live Folder
- an option to "Include" or "Exclude" documents by file extensions
- an option to split Live Folder menu in columns of a given "Number of items per column (0 for no column break)"
- Add the new QAP Feature "Refresh Live Folders menus" to your menu to refresh Live Folder on-demand (normally, Live Folder menus are refreshed when you launch QAP of when you save changes in Settings)
- QAP adds items to Live Folders up to a maximum of 500 items; if this number is exceeded, it displays an alert message