タイトル Audio Hijack
URL https://rogueamoeba.com/audiohijack/
バージョン 3.3.4   3.3.3   3.3.2   3.3.1   3.3.0   3.2.3  
更新日 2017/05/23
追加日 2016/04/01
種別 シェアウェア(49ドル)
説明 iTunesやSkypeといったアプリケーション、マイクの用なハードウェアまであらゆる音声を録音できるユーティリティ。


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2017/05/23 ver 3.3.4

Audio Hijack 3.3.4
Released on 5/22/17
Enhancement: “Cisco Jabber” is now supported as a VoIP input source.
Other: This version temporarily reverts an update to the audio capture backend which was part of Audio Hijack 3.3.3. The updated capture method requires a bit more time and testing.

2017/05/18 ver 3.3.3

Audio Hijack 3.3.3
Released on 5/17/17
Major Enhancement: Instant On has been updated to version 8.4.2, with full support for MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) and other small improvements.
Enhancement: “Amazon Chime”, “Skype for Business”, “QQ”, and “WeChat” are all now supported as VoIP input sources.
Enhancement: The audio capture backend has been updated to be more robust, and this new style capture is now used by default when Instant On is installed. Users shouldn't notice any changes.
Bug Fix: The “Hide Library” button now shows a proper state.
Bug Fix: Audio Hijack now reopens windows on the correct screen when multiple screens are connected to your Mac.
Other: Many other small improvements, enhancements, and fixes have been made.
Bug Fix: A VoiceOver-related crash on Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) has been fixed, along with an issue where VoiceOver users couldn't edit tags in the Recordings tab.

2016/10/08 ver 3.3.2

Audio Hijack 3.3.2
Released on 10/7/16
Critical Bug Fix: We've corrected an issue where deleting blocks on MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) could cause an exception in Core Animation and leave the UI in an inconsistent state until relaunched.
Enhancement: The “Avaya Spark” app is now supported as a VoIP input source.
Enhancement: Audio Hijack now better shows when an audio device has gone missing.
Enhancement: Several minor corrections have been made for the “Install Extras” window when using Full Keyboard Access.
Bug Fix: The left and right arrows again work to navigate in the Sessions tab.
Bug Fix: A VoiceOver-related crash on Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) has been fixed. along with an issue where VoiceOver users couldn't edit tags in the Recordings tab.
Bug Fix: Adjustments have been made to enable FaceTime to be captured on MacOS 10.12 (Sierra).
Other: Due to changes in iTunes 12.5, Audio Hijack now requires Instant On to capture audio from iTunes, and will prompt the user if needed.
- Fixed a VoiceOver bug: Was crashing on 10.9 when attempting to interact with a recording or schedule timer.
Enhancement: The “Install Extras” window has been modernized.
Bug Fix: A rare crash which could occur with Audio Units from IK Multimedia has been fixed.
Major Enhancement: Instant On 8.2.3 is included, with several fixes for rare issues.
Enhancement: Performance has been improved, with reductions in CPU usage.
Enhancement: Recorder fields can now have variable tokens inserted via the contextual menu, which should be particularly helpful for VoiceOver users.
Major Enhancement: Instant On 8.2.2 is included, and improves the handling of devices from our new Loopback application.
Enhancement: The appearance of the level meter's clipped indicator has been subtly tweaked.
Enhancement: On Mac OS X 10.11, the system font will now be forced to use monospaced digits, which are vastly better looking.

2016/07/08 ver 3.3.1

Audio Hijack 3.3.1
Released on 7/7/16
Major Enhancement: Instant On has been updated to version 8.3, with preliminary support for MacOS 10.12 (Sierra).
Minor Enhancement: The “Install Extras” window has been modernized.
Bug Fix: Timer conflict detection has been revised and no longer incorrectly identifies conflicts between unrelated Sessions.
Bug Fix: An issue where iTunes couldn’t successfully edit tags in newly recorded .mp4 files has been worked around.
Bug Fix: VoiceOver users can now properly access the expanded contents of recordings and timers.
Bug Fix: A rare crash which could occur with Audio Units from IK Multimedia has been fixed.
Other: Several other small improvements are included.

2016/06/10 ver 3.3.0

Audio Hijack 3.3.0
Released on 6/9/16
Major Enhancement: Capturing audio from the Slack application is now fully supported when Instant On is installed.
Major Enhancement: The Instant On component has been updated to version 8.2.6, with a plethora of small fixes and improvements.
Enhancement: The Menu Bar Meters block now has proper Retina art in the menu bar. Our long, blurry nightmare is finally over. As well, the desired meter type is now correctly saved.
Enhancement: Files in the Recordings tab can now be right-clicked to access a contextual menu, offering controls for manipulating the recording.
Enhancement: The Schedule area of the Home window will now visually indicate when conflicts exist between timers.
Enhancement: The Time Shift block has been improved in several ways, fixing a display issue with large jumps, providing a better VoiceOver value, and improving the explanatory text.
Enhancement: The default quality levels have been improved for both MP3 and AAC recordings.
Enhancement: Presets for several blocks have been improved to save additional settings, including saving album art as part of Recorder block presets, saving all settings in the Application source block, and saving the specified channels in an Output block.
Enhancement: When an audio device's name changes, Audio Hijack will immediately reflect the new name.
Enhancement: Audio Hijack can convert .mp4 files to .m4a, for compatibility purposes. To access the conversion option, right-click the file in the Recordings area.
Enhancement: AirPlay output device name changes are now better recognized, and a better title (“No AirPlay Receiver Selected”) is shown if AirPlay doesn't have a destination set.
Bug Fix: The display of app names for background processes (accessible by holding option while clicking the Source select in an Application block) has been improved.
Bug Fix: An issue where HE-AAC files could suffer from slow playback in the Recordings tab has been corrected.
Bug Fix: The low-end Hz frequency readouts for the DeHum, Low Pass, and Mono Enhancer blocks no longer incorrectly round to the nearest 10 Hz.
Bug Fix: A recursion where tokens in Recorder fields could refer back to one another and cause an infinite loop has been fixed.
Bug Fix: A crash which could be caused by malformed ID3 tags has been corrected.
Bug Fix: An issue where incompletely loaded windows could appear when importing a Session has been corrected.

2016/04/01 ver 3.2.3