タイトル AnyDesk
URL http://anydesk.com/remote-desktop
バージョン 3.1.1   3.1.0   3.0.0   2.6.1   2.6.0   2.5.0   2.3.5   2.3.4  
更新日 2017/01/05
追加日 2016/07/28
種別 フリーソフト
説明 シンプルかつ高速動作のリモートデスクトップクライアント。


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2017/01/05 ver 3.1.1

05.01.2017 - 3.1.1 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs
- Improved stability
- Fixed some bugs in the chat
Other changes
- Signed the exe and msi files with two certificates.

2016/12/30 ver 3.1.0

29.12.1016 - 3.1.0 (Windows)
New Features
- Reworked the chat in the client.
- Added an option to disable remote restart in the security settings.
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed a bug in DeskRT which caused it to be slow on certain monitor resolutions
indivisible by 16 (for example 1366x768). Responsiveness should be much higher
now in these cases.
- In some cases, the view mode settings for remote computers were not restored
correctly for future sessions.
- Fixed a crash which could occur when connecting to AnyDesk while it was
- Fixed a bug which could lead to the system info feature not being available.
- Improved stability.
- Minor user interface layout fixes.

2016/12/13 ver 3.0.0

13.12.2016 - 3.0.0 (Windows)
New Features
- Added edge scrolling feature for the original view mode. Use this when the
remote image is much larger than the local monitor.
01.12.2016 - 3.0.0 Beta (Windows)
New Features
- Implemented an address book feature which allows online management of computers.
The address book will allow you to tag and sort items into groups.
You will need a licence in order to use this new feature. Please get an
evaluation licence on http://anydesk.com/trial-licence.
- Improved the speed dial with an advanced mode.
- The speed dial now filters the previous connections on user input.
- The speed dial and address book now show the online state of computers.
Red: Offline, Green: Online, Grey: Unknown
- Implemented favourites in the speed dial. These will also affect the
Windows jump list.
- The accept window now shows the incoming remote sessions in tabs instead
of seperate windows.
- The accept window will now stay open until it is closed by the user so

2016/11/19 ver 2.6.1

17.11.2016 - 2.6.1 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed a crash which could occur when using the remote restart feature.
- The AnyDesk loader did not start in some cases when the user data directory was
on a network share.
- Fixed a clipboard file copy bug when the user connected to a freshly started
Windows machine onto the logon screen and then logged on user.
Other Changes
- Disabled remote restart feature after switching sides.
21.10.2016 - 2.6.1 (macOS)
New Features
- Implemented customisation support for my.anydesk.com for macOS
Fixed Bugs
- Enable/disable audio works now
- Receive connection window constraints were fixed

2016/10/15 ver 2.6.0

14.10.2016 - 2.6.0 (Windows)
New Features
- Implemented Access Control List feature. This makes it possible to restrict
access to machines based on the alias. Wildcards are supported, for example
"*@company", "pc-?@ad" and so on. Restrictions based solely on the numerical
id are also supported. You can find the feature in the Security Panel of the
AnyDesk settings.
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed a bug where the file transfer and probably the text clipboard did not
work on Windows 7 when UAC was disabled and AnyDesk was not installed.
- Fixed a regression which could lead to being unable to control the remote machine
after activating a privileged window in the task bar when AnyDesk was not
- Fixed a bug which could cause severe image lag after using the "switch sides"
or "request elevation" features or doing a fast user switch of a remote
controlled Windows session.
Other Changes
- The remote users input is now temporarily disabled when typing on the local
keyboard. In previous versions, only moving the mouse disabled remote input.

2016/09/22 ver 2.5.0

21.09.2016 - 2.5.0 (Windows)
New Features
- Implemented remote restart
The connection will automatically be restored once the remote machine finished
- Added a confirmation dialog for the switch sides feature.
- The coloured user pointer can now be disabled in the security settings.
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed a bug which could lead to a wrong aspect ratio image or no image at all
when connecting to a multi monitor system until the first resize of the session
- Fixed image corruption which could occur when the mirror driver was used.
- Fixed some inconsistencies in the remote capabilities for the request elevation
and the switch sides feature when connecting between different platforms.
- Improved stability.
Other Changes
- The uninstaller (anydesk --remove) now accepts the --silent flag.
21.09.2016 - 2.5.0 (macOS)

2016/08/05 ver 2.3.5

04.08.2016 - 2.3.5 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed image capture when connecting to outdated Windows 7 versions.
- Fixed a bug in the license registration dialog.
Other Changes
- Long IDs are now displayed in groups of 3 digits.

2016/07/28 ver 2.3.4