タイトル Rufus
URL https://rufus.akeo.ie/
バージョン 2.17   2.16   2.15   2.14   2.13   2.12   2.11  
更新日 2017/09/13
追加日 2016/09/13
種別 フリーソフト
説明 起動可能なUSBドライブを簡単に作成することができるソフトウェア。


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2017/09/13 ver 2.17

Bangla (বাংলা)
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Last updated 2017.09.12:
Rufus 2.17 (944 KB)
Rufus 2.17 Portable (944 KB)
Version 2.17 (2017.09.12)
Add support for Debian 9 live ISOs in UEFI mode
Add support for Super Floppy Disk "partitioning" mode
Add support for more non-USB card readers
Strengthen download update checks, to prevent attack scenarios that leverage user unawareness
Fix an issue with Spanish translation prompts not displaying properly
Fix an issue with Windows To Go support on some non-official Windows ISOs
Fix an issue with log autoscrolling
Fix an issue when using A: or B: as drive letters
Rufus 2.17 (2.4 MB)

2017/08/01 ver 2.16

Albanian (Shqip)
The Rufus application would like to request your help with its translations, as the project is currently looking for volunteers that would be kind enough to update the localization for Arabic and Danish.
If you think you are up to the task, please have a look here.
Last updated 2017.07.31:
Rufus 2.16 (939 KB)
Rufus 2.16 Portable (939 KB)
Version 2.16 (2017.07.31)
Add an audiovisual cue on completion/error
Add a workaround for ISOs using nonstandard Rock Ridge extensions (looking at you Kali Linux!)
Notify user when an ISO is broken or truncated
Notify user if other processes are accessing the drive before format
List processes that are locking a drive on failure
Improve verbosity of the Windows To Go process
Rufus 2.16 (2.4 MB)

2017/05/17 ver 2.15

Last updated 2017.05.16:
Rufus 2.15 (932 KB)
Rufus 2.15 Portable (932 KB)
Version 2.15 (2017.05.16)
Fix non-listing of drives that are opened for write access by another process
Report external processes that may be preventing disk access (in the log)
Improve Windows To Go support for Windows 10 Creators Update
Don't report an error on checkdisk failure
Update GRUB 2.0 and Grub4DOS to latest
Other fixes and improvements
Rufus 2.15 (2.4 MB)

2017/04/10 ver 2.14

Last updated 2017.04.10:
Rufus 2.14 (929 KB)
Rufus 2.14 Portable (929 KB)
Version 2.14 (2017.04.10) [BUGFIX RELEASE]
Fix inability to create BIOS-bootable drives, in some circumstances, due to write sharing permissions
Rufus 2.14 (2.4 MB)

2017/04/07 ver 2.13

Last updated 2017.04.06:
Rufus 2.13 (929 KB)
Rufus 2.13 Portable (929 KB)
Version 2.13 (2017.04.06)
Preserve 'GPT for UEFI' option if the user changed it before selecting an ISO
Fix unwanted notification sound when closing with the X button
Fix inability to restore the minimized application after a popup is displayed
Fix an issue when trying to install Syslinux/NTFS twice in a row
Work around Microsoft's inconsistent casing of device IDs during device enumeration
Work around Microsoft's aggressive locking of partitions in Windows 10 Creators Update
Restrict write sharing permissions when accessing a device
Update libcdio and GRUB 2.0 to latest
Rufus 2.13 (2.4 MB)
Copyright © 2011-2017 Pete Batard

2017/01/28 ver 2.12

Armenian (Հայերեն)
Bosnian (Bosánski)
Hebrew (עברית)
Last updated 2017.01.27:
Rufus 2.12 (928 KB)
Rufus 2.12 Portable (928 KB)
Version 2.12 (2017.01.27)
Add Hebrew translation, courtesy of NSBuilder and פלוני אלמוני
Add a cheat mode (Alt-O) to create an ISO from the first optical media found
Enable target system selection for Windows To Go
Enable NTFS selection for Syslinux 6.x (EXPERIMENTAL)
Fix an issue that allowed BIOS target selection with pure UEFI images
Fix license display for RTL languages
Update Grub4DOS and FreeDOS to latest
Additional fixes and improvements
Rufus 2.12 (2.4 MB)
Copyright © 2011-2017 Pete Batard/Akeo

2016/09/13 ver 2.11