「MacPorts 2.1.3」リリース

MacPortsの最新版「MacPorts 2.1.3」がリリースされました(Announceメール)。ChangeLogによると2.1.3の変更点は以下の通り。

Release 2.1.3 (2013-01-31 by jmr)
- Fixed a bug where a certain order of starting and aborting a build,
running selfupdate and continuing a build would resume building although
it should start from the beginning.
(#29223, cal in r96136, r96399, r96400, r96538)

- Fix permission problem in the creation of the ccache directory with
ccache >= 3.1.7 by running the initialization step as the macportsuser.
(raimue in r97868)

- Fix an endless loop that could be triggered in rev-upgrade when a broken
port is not in the index, e.g. when it has been deleted from the tree,
or it was installed directly from a Portfile not in the tree.
(cal in r100129, jmr in r101313)

- Set a busy timeout on SQLite connections to prevent MacPorts from
uselessly burning CPU cycles when waiting for a database lock.
(cal in r100217)

- Switch from exclusive locking to immediate locking in the registry
database to avoid locking reads where not needed.
(cal in r100218)

- Fix a problem where interrupting the uninstallation process could leave
the registry database in a corrupted state.
(#34482, cal in r100219)

- Fixed a failure in the fallback code used by 'port pkg' when
PackageMaker is not installed. (#36597, jmr in r96262)

- Fixed an incorrect lint error about the port directory name when a full
@macports.org maintainer address is used. (#35925, ryandesign in r97264)

- Fixed creation of disk images with flat packages. (jmr in r99167)

- Fixed a bug where not all requested variants would be passed on to
dependencies when building an mpkg. (#36363, jmr in r100679)

- Added configure.compiler options macports-clang-3.2 and
macports-clang-3.3 (jeremyhu, ryandesign, jmr in r92588, r101163,
r101166, r101270)

- Added configure.compiler options macports-dragonegg-3.0 through
macports-dragonegg-3.3. (jeremyhu in r101933)