Mountain Lionに対応した「TotalFinder 1.4」リリース

Mountain Lionで不具合が発生していたTotalFinderの最新版、「TotalFinder 1.4」が公開されてします。

Changesによると「Fixed compatibility with Finder 10.8 under Mountain Lion (GM)」とのことなので、Mountain Lionでの安定動作が期待できますね。

  • NEW: Fixed compatibility with Finder 10.8 under Mountain Lion (GM).
  • NEW: Compatibility with Finder 10.7.5 (OS X update 10.7.5).
  • REMOVED: Removed support for Finder 10.6 under Snow Leopard.
  • NEW: TotalFinder binaries are signed to make Gatekeeper happy.
  • NEW: Added Mongolian translation by Tulga Gandavaa
  • IMPROVED: TotalFinder should feel much more responsive. I have optimized tab rendering, dragging and window layouting. Also some old windowing problems should be history.
  • FIXED: TotalFinder tabs render nicely on Retina MacBooks (issue)
  • FIXED: Visor auto-slides down when Finder loses active status. This should fix unreliable sliding historicaly based on losing keyboard focus (issue).
  • FIXED: No ghost windows after restarting (when Visor was pinned and up before restart).
  • FIXED: Prevent frozen Finder windows under Mountain Lion (issue)
  • FIXED: Fixed a possible crash during TotalFinder shutdown
  • FIXED: Fixed misplaced Dropbox overlays in Icon View under Mountain Lion
  • FIXED: Fixed a crash when releasing a dragged tab
  • FIXED: Prevent crashes when dragging tab icon out as a new tab (issue).
  • FIXED: Constrain Visor's height to available screen space (issue).
  • FIXED: Fixed uploading of crash reports via CrashWatcher.
  • IMPROVED: Prevents visual artifacts during Expose.
  • IMPROVED: New "Switch Active Panel" item under Window menu => allows remapping OPT+TAB shortcut (issue)
  • IMPROVED: Better performance of Visor sliding.
  • IMPROVED: Paths in tabs are truncated from the left (again).