iOS 7に対応した「Xcode 5.0」リリース


Appleの開発環境Xcodeの最新版「Xcode 5.0」が公開されています。

バージョン5.0の変更点は、iOS 7の64 bitアプリのビルドに対応するなど以下の通り。

• Includes SDKs for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and iOS 7.
• LLVM compiler builds 64-bit apps for iOS 7.
• Automatic Configuration enables services like iCloud and Game Center with one click.
• Test Navigator helps you quickly add, edit, and run unit tests.
• Test Assistants display tests and code side-by-side for test driven development.
• Auto Layout in IB can generate constraints automatically, or allow free-form design.
• Preview Assistant demonstrates your UI in portrait or landscape, for iOS 6 or iOS 7.
• Asset Catalog organizes all your project’s images in a single .xcassets archive.
• Debug Gauges show CPU, memory, iCloud, and OpenGL ES usage at a glance.
• Source Control top-level menu enables context sensitive branching and merging.
• Modules build setting speeds compile times, and enables auto-linking system frameworks.