「Bootstrap 2.0.2」リリース

TwitterによるCSS/Javascriptフレームワーク 「Bootstrap」の最新バージョン 2.0.2が公開されています。


  • Horizontal dividers support added to nav lists
  • Added basic version of badges
  • Added visible/hidden classes for devices
  • Added support for buttons in input-prepend/append component
  • Added .navbar-fixed-bottom support
  • Added .dropup support for dropdown menus to pop them upward instead of downward (this is automatically done for the newly added fixed bottom navbar).
  • Added mixin for new image replacement technique
  • Added pause on hover for the carousel
  • Added tons of new variables for typography, buttons, forms, dropdowns, navbar, and more for the LESS pros out there. These variables have also been reflected on the Customize page.
  • Added new horizontal description list variation
  • Added .disabled class support to the pager component (also added a mention of this to the docs)
  • Added .well-large and .well-small classes for extending the well component