KeePass 2.36がリリース - 重複パスワード検索コマンドが追加

S 20170611 85015



v2.36の新機能としては、まず重複したパスワードの検索機能(Find Duplicate Passwords)や、類似したパスワードの検索機能(Find Similar Passwords)の追加があげられます。

これらはEdit > Show Entriesから呼び出し可能で、パスワードの強化に役立てることができる機能です。

S 20170611 85057

またデータベースに含まれるパスワードの品質を評価・確認できる'Password Quality Report」機能も追加されています。これもEdit > Show Entriesから呼び出すことができます。

S 2017 06 11 8 54 37


  • Added commands 'Find Duplicate Passwords' and 'Find Similar
    Passwords' (in 'Edit' -> 'Show Entries'), which show entries
    that are using the same or similar passwords.
  • Added command 'Password Quality Report' (in 'Edit' -> 'Show
    Entries'), which shows all entries and the
    estimated quality
    of their passwords.
  • Added option 'String name' in the 'Edit' -> 'Find' dialog
    (for searching entries that have a specific custom string
  • Added option for using a gray tray icon.
  • Added {CMD:/.../}
    placeholder, which runs a command line.
  • Added {T-CONV:/.../Raw/}
    placeholder, which inserts a text without encoding it for the current context.
  • Added optional 'Last Password Modification Time (Based on
    History)' entry list column.
  • The internal text editor
    now supports editing PS1 files.
  • The position and size of the internal data viewer is now
    remembered and restored.
  • For various dialogs, the maximized state is now remembered
    and restored.
  • Added configuration option for specifying an expiry date for
    master keys.
  • Added configuration option for specifying disallowed
    auto-type target windows.
  • Added workaround for Edge throwing away all keyboard input
    for a short time after its activation.
  • Added workaround for Mono not properly rendering bold and
    italic text in rich text boxes.
  • TrlUtil now performs a case-sensitive word validation.


Pc タイトル KeePass Password Safe Professional Edition
説明 オープンソースのパスワード管理ソフト。プロフェッショナルエディション。