SSL対応の開発者向けproxyサーバー「mitmproxy 0.9」公開


SSLに対応した開発者向けproxyサーバーmitmproxyの最新版「mitmproxy 0.9」が公開されています(アナウンス)。



  • Upstream certs mode is now the default.
  • Add a WSGI container that lets you host in-proxy web applications.
  • Full transparent proxy support for Linux and OSX.
  • Introduce netlib, a common codebase for mitmproxy and pathod
  • Full support for SNI.
  • Color palettes for mitmproxy, tailored for light and dark terminal
  • Stream flows to file as responses arrive with the "W" shortcut in
  • Extend the filter language, including ~d domain match operator, ~a to
    match asset flows (js, images, css).
  • Follow mode in mitmproxy ("F" shortcut) to "tail" flows as they arrive.
  • --dummy-certs option to specify and preserve the dummy certificate
  • Server replay from the current captured buffer.
  • Huge improvements in content views. We now have viewers for AMF, HTML,
    JSON, Javascript, images, XML, URL-encoded forms, as well as hexadecimal
    and raw views.
  • Add Set Headers, analogous to replacement hooks. Defines headers that are set
    on flows, based on a matching pattern.
  • A graphical editor for path components in mitmproxy.
  • A small set of standard user-agent strings, which can be used easily in
    the header editor.
  • Proxy authentication to limit access to mitmproxy