Scapple 1.3がリリース - マインドマップ風思考整理ツールが3年ぶりにバージョンアップ



Scapple App
カテゴリ: 仕事効率化
価格: ¥1,800


• You can now label connections between notes. To do so, select two notes and choose “Connection Label…” from the “Notes” or contextual menu. Double-click on an existing label to edit it.
• The Inspector has been modernised and now appears as a sidebar rather than as a floating panel.
• You can now assign note styles via the inspector using the new “Note Styles” palette.
• Create new note styles by dragging notes into the inspector.
• Drag a style out of the inspector to create a new note of that style.
• A “Scapple” folder now appears in iCloud Drive.
• The footer bar and other UI elements have been refreshed for a more modern appearance.
• Holding down Shift and Command in Movement Mode now speeds up moving notes even more than just holding Shift.
• New options added to align notes horizontally or vertically in background notes.
• You can now assign the keyboard shortcuts Cmd-Opt-1 to Cmd-Opt-9 to note styles.
• Tiled background images should now appear the same when exporting and printing as in the UI.
• Quick Look previews now appear correctly on High Sierra.
• Numerous bug fixes.

今回の目玉機能である「接続ラベル」は、ノートを二つ選び、右クリックメニューから「Connection Label」を選ぶことで追加可能です。

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およそ3年ぶりの新バージョンの公開は、Scappleの開発が停止したのではないかと心配していたユーザーの不安を払拭するものといえそうです。Literature & Latte Ltdが開発すScrivenerのメジャーバージョンアップも無事に終わり、今後はScappleのさらなる開発に期待がもてそうです。