Sinatra v2.0.0がリリース

S 20170510 110850




  • Use Mustermann for patterns #1086 by Konstantin Haase

  • Server now provides -q flag for quiet mode, which disables start/stop messages #1153 by Vasiliy.

  • Session middleware can now be specified with :session_store setting #1161 by Jordan Owens.

  • APP_ENV is now preferred and recommended over RACK_ENV for setting environment #984 by Damien Mathieu.

  • Add Reel support #793 by Patricio Mac Adden.

  • Make route params available during error handling #895 by Jeremy Evans.

  • Unify not_found and error 404 behavior #896 by Jeremy Evans.

  • Enable Ruby 2.3 frozen_string_literal feature #1076 by Vladimir Kochnev.

  • Add Sinatra::ShowExceptions::TEMPLATE and patched Rack::ShowExceptions to prefer Sinatra template by Zachary Scott.

  • Sinatra::Runner is used internally for integration tests #840 by Nick Sutterer.

  • Fix case-sensitivity issue in uri method #889 by rennex.

  • Use Rack::Utils.status_code to allow status helper to use symbol as well as numeric codes #968 by Tobias H. Michaelsen.

  • Improved error handling for invalid params through Rack #1070 by Jordan Owens.

  • Ensure template is cached only once #1021 by Patrik Rak.

  • Rack middleware is initialized at server runtime rather than after receiving first request #1205 by Itamar Turner-Trauring.

  • Improve Session Secret documentation to encourage better security practices #1218 by Glenn Rempe

  • Exposed global and per-route options for Mustermann route parsing #1233 by Mike Pastore

  • Use same session_secret for classic and modular apps in development #1245 by Marcus Stollsteimer

  • Make authenticity token length a fixed value of 32 #1181 by Jordan Owens

  • Modernize Rack::Protection::ContentSecurityPolicy with CSP Level 2 and 3 Directives #1202 by Glenn Rempe

  • Adds preload option to Rack:Protection:StrictTransport #1209 by Ed Robinson

  • Improve BadRequest logic. Raise and handle exceptions if status is 400 #1212 by Mike Pastore

  • Make Rack::Test a development dependency #1232 by Mike Pastore

  • Capture exception messages of raised NotFound and BadRequest #1210 by Mike Pastore

  • Add explicit set method to contrib/cookies to override cookie settings #1240 by Andrew Allen

  • Avoid executing filters even if prefix matches with other namespace #1253 by namusyaka

  • Make #has_key? also indifferent in access, can accept String or Symbol #1262 by John Hope

  • Add allow_if option to bypass json csrf protection #1265 by Jordan Owens

  • rack-protection: Bundle StrictTransport, CookieTossing, and CSP #1267 by Mike Pastore

  • Add :strict_paths option for managing trailing slashes #1273 by namusyaka

  • Add full IndifferentHash implementation to params #1279 by Mike Pastore