iOS自動化ツール「Workflow 1.7.5」がリリース - 多数の不具合が修正される




Workflow App
カテゴリ: 仕事効率化
価格: 無料

v1.7.5ではGoogleやDropbox、Evernoteなどサードパーティ製アプリに関連した多数の不具合が修正されているほか、iOS 11に対応する上で見つかった問題も修正されています。


  • The “Otherwise” group in If actions can now be deleted
  • Fixed an issue where the Run Script Over SSH action may fail
  • Fixed an issue where tapping on a variable may insert it into a text field twice instead of once
  • Fixed an issue where the Send Email action would not work with e-mail accounts that require TLS
  • Fixed an issue where the Show Notification and Create Day One Entry actions may crash or unexpectedly include images of the text passed as input
  • Fixed an issue where signing in to Trello with a Google account may not work
  • Fixed an issue where the Get File action could crash when downloading files from the document picker
  • Fixed an issue where the Save File action would crash when saving an empty file to Dropbox
  • Fixed an issue where Evernote actions did not allow saving files larger than 100 MB
  • Fixed an issue where variables could not be entered for Peak Expiratory Flow Rate in the Log Health Sample action
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when running an action with a variable that has a chosen property but which has an empty value when the workflow is run
  • Fixed an issue where passing text as a variable to an on/off switch in an action was not handled correctly. Passing values like “yes” or “true” should result in the switch being turned on, but instead resulted in the switch being turned off.
  • Other bug fixes and minor additions

WorkflowはiOS 9.0以降を搭載したiPhoenやiPadで利用できるユニバーサルアプリです。