Microsoft、Windows 10 Version 1607用の累積アップデートKB3216755 - Update Catalogのみで独占公開

S 20170128 94054

Microsoftは本日、Windows 10 version 1607用の累積アップデート「KB3216755」を公開しました(gHacksNeowinSoftpedia)。KB3216755は先日、Release Previewリングユーザーに対して先行公開されていたものです。

This release is only available on the Microsoft Update Catalog website

KBページの説明によると、今回の更新はWindows Update経由ではなく、Microsoft Update Catalogでのみ公開されている模様。不具合や品質を改良するための更新で、OSに新しい機能が追加されるものではありません。

具体的には、KB3213986に記載されているマルチモニター環境で3Dレンダリングアプリのレンダリングが遅延する問題や、RTMから1511または1607にアップグレードした際、Windows Firewallのルールが失われてしまう問題、IEやEdgeでファイルのダウンロードが失敗する問題の修正など、以下に示す多数の問題が修正されています。

  • Addressed known issue called out in KB3213986—Users may experience delays while running 3D rendering apps with multiple monitors.
  • Addressed issue that prevents the conversion of a 24-bit image to 32 bits.
  • Addressed issue that causes the loss of Windows Firewall rules after upgrade from RTM to 1511 or 1607.
  • Addressed issue that causes a file download from a webpage to fail in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers. 
  • Addressed issue that prevents the use of the Delete Browsing History feature in Internet Explorer.
  • Addressed issue that loads websites that bypass the proxy server in the local intranet zone when the Intranet Sites: Include all sites that bypass the proxy server (Disabled) is set. 
  • Addressed issue where an XSS false positive prevents a webpage from loading after logging in to a site.
  • Addressed issue that prevents users from connecting to a network
  • Addressed issue that causes the Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (LSASS) to fail if Active Directory Federated Systems is using the Japanese language set
  • Addressed issue that causes System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) scenarios to fail 
  • Addressed issue that prevents user-built keyboard events from working. 
  • Addressed issue that causes incorrect tabledimensions in SAP® applications
  • Addressed issue that overwrites a <br>element when users select a line that is enclosed by a <span> element.
  • Improved reliability of Internet Explorer, Xbox, and Skype
  • Addressed additional issues with Bluetooth, Internet Explorer, engaged reboot, clustering, Internet Explorer, Japanese Input Method Editor (IME), Windows Shell. Networking, storage, fonts, Xbox, encryption, Group Policy, Point and Print, wireless networking, virtual disk, disk operations, multimedia, Work Folders, encryption, enterprise security, deduplication, domain controllers, Audit File System, Debug Memory Manager, Virtual Machine Management Service (VMMS), Remote Desktop, Task Scheduler, Microphone Wizard, .NET, font cache, system boot, and Surface Studio

更新適用後、Windows 10のビルド番号は14393.726となります。