Microsoft、Windows 10 Version 1703用の累積アップデートKB4020102をリリース

S 20170526 90344

Microsoftは本日、Windows 10 Version 1703用の累積アップデートKB4020102をリリースしました(Windows 10 update historySoftpediaMSPoweruser)。


KB4020102ではSplit ViewやUnicodeのレンダリング関連する不具合の修正や、Edgeに関する不具合の修正を含め、以下の変更が行われています。

  • Addressed issue where NTLM fails to generate a challenge response when CredGuard is enabled, NTLMv2 is used, and no target information is provided by the server.

  • Addressed issue where Internet Explorer does not respect the “Send all sites not included in the Enterprise Mode Site List to Microsoft Edge” policy when opening favorites. 
  • Addressed issue in Internet Explorer 11 where a non-administrator user is not able to install an ActiveX control.

  • Addressed issue where, after starting Split View, some apps (Microsoft Edge, Hub, Cortana, etc.) no longer receive input when multiple displays are in use.

  • Addressed issue with an unnecessary scrollbar in the logon credential provider dialog, which may block use of other fields when the dialog has multiple fields. 

  • Addressed issue where, during a VM reset, the VM goes into Second Level Paging (SLP) even if there is enough balancer available memory on the host. 

  • Addressed issue where some non-Unicode fonts (Courier, MS Sans Serif, etc.) do not render characters correctly on non-Latin, single-byte system locales (Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, etc.). Black bars or other artifacts appear instead. 

  • Addressed issue with an SMS/messaging app that stops working when attempting to delete messages. 

  • Addressed issue where, after installing the Creators Update, audio output through external decoders no longer works. 

  • Addressed issue where the IoT shell fails to keep monitored background applications running. 

  • Addressed issue with high latency when using the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) MIDI API. 

  • Addressed issue where network printers may fail to install when using the printer vendor’s setup software on machines with less than 4GB of RAM. These printers will install if you install from the Settings app or from Devices and Printer in Control Panel

  • Addressed issue where PrintBRM fails to restore the Print Queue Configurations when printer names are identical and a port is set to FILE:. 

  • Addressed issue with per user proxy settings not migrating to machine proxy settings.