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更新日 2016/08/30
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 シェアウェア(3314円)
説明 初めから備えられている多数のフィルタを持つフリーのフォトレタッチソフト。日本語非対応。







2016/08/30 ver 10.11.0

X 10.11.0 (september 2016)
- Increasing
the max size of brushes
 . Basic Brushes (radius up to 800)
 . Line tool (radius up to 200)
 . Retouching tools (radius up to 200)
- Increasing the size of the status bar pannels for high resolution
- Added Alpha channel contraction mode for filters "More blur" and
"Gaussian blur" (RGBA)
- Bug fixed with PNG XML comments (ignored because too long)
Version X 10.10.1 (november 2015)

2015/11/10 ver 10.10.1

X 10.10.1 (november 2015)
- Bugs fixed
in some stylize filters
Version X 10.10.0 (october 2015)

2015/10/21 ver 10.10.0

X 10.10.0 (october 2015)
- New merge
- New selection ratio (auto screen ratio)
- New sharpen filter Micro contrast
- New filter High Pass
- Improvement of the filter More relief (direction)
- Improvement of the filter Radial mask (mode maximum)
- New option Apply to Alpha channel for the filters Gaussian blur
and Blur more
- Top filter toolbar size is linked with screen size
- Improvement of progressive contours, gaussian blur (faster) and
Version X 10.9.2 (february 2015)

2015/02/08 ver 10.9.2

X 10.9.2 (january 2015)
when expand/contract a bitmap selection
Version X 10.9.1 (january 2015)
- Bug fixing

2014/12/26 ver 10.9.1

X 10.9.1 (january 2015)
- Bug fixing
in the border effect Progressive contour
- Bug fixing in the filter Gaussian blur
- Improvement of the display with the non antialiased mode
- Accept more errors without closing in the batch module (1000)
- Bug fixing in the popup menu of the layer tool
Version X 10.9.0 (november 2014)

2014/10/27 ver 10.9.0

X 10.9.0 (november 2014)
- Improvement
of the module White Balance
- Improvement of the vectorial path (line style + 3D)
- The menu 'Resize layer' is moved outside the menu Transformation
(for Text layer)
- New option 'All images' by defaut in opening preferences
- Uses the screen DPI as defaut DPI for new images
- New 3D style for the Line tool
- New button Reset in the free transform layer function
- New button Reset in the free Transform of the vectorial Path
- Bugs fixing
Version X 10.8.1 (january 2014)
- Bugs fixing

2013/12/29 ver 10.8.1

X 10.8.1 (january 2014)
- Display the
name of the curves in the title (Curves modules)
- Show the true size cursor with the tool line
- Improvement of the module PhotoMask : Bichrom option is
enabled in RGBA
- The scroll bar is auto in the tool palette (when resizing window)
- The filter Fog works in RGBA mode (Alpha chanel too)
- New command line parameter "-hklm" for network install
- Improvment of the print copy number (Print module)
- CTRL+V is activated in the number edit zone
Version X 10.8.0 (july 2013)
- Free transform : Adding precision to 1/100for the rotation function
- Improvement of the function Rotate free (precision to 1/100ー)

2013/07/04 ver 10.8.0

X 10.8.0 (july 2013)
- New adjust
module Shadows / Highlights
- The antialias mode of the selection is not stored in the ini file
- Bug fixed in the menu Selection > Set shape
- Bug fixed in the module Curve deformation
- Bug fixed in the module PhotoMask (full black and white)
- Improvement of the speed of some filters :
  . Gaussian blur
  . More blur
  . Minimum
  . Maximum
  . Some artistic filters related
Version X 10.7.3 (december 2012)
on the filters Saturation and Contrast (RGB balance)
- Bug fixed on the filter White Balance

2012/11/30 ver 10.7.3

X 10.7.3 (december 2012)
- 2 bugs fixed
on the filters Saturation et Contrast (RGB balance)
Version X 10.7.2 (november 2012)

2012/11/20 ver 10.7.2

X 10.7.2 (november 2012)
- New buttons
on the toolbar (Save as, Vectorial path)
- The display of the image browser is saved in the ini file
- New option Automatic in the image browser tool
  (to explore automatically when opening an image)
- New option Diffuse in the Clone Stamp tool
- New option Radius for the drop shadow (layer and text)
- Grouping the adjust filters Hue and Saturation (better for use)
Version X 10.7.1 (october 2012)

2012/09/30 ver 10.7.1

X 10.7.1 (october 2012)
- Restoration
of the old mode for distortion filters (with background color)
- The filters Blur, Blur more and Gaussian blur change Alpha channel
only if the option
  'Draw on Alpha transparency' is enabled in preferences
Version X 10.7.0 (september 2012)