タイトル iTerm2
URL http://www.iterm2.com/
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更新日 2017/11/07
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 Mac用の高機能ターミナルエミュレーター。


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2017/11/07 ver 3.1.5

iTerm2 3.1.5 (OS 10.10+)
New features:
- When excluded from dock and app switcher, add Check for
Updates to status icon in menu bar.
- Adds an advanced preference to change how line height is
calculated, which improves results for Input Mono
Condensed and acts more like Terminal.app.
- When at a password prompt and the key icon is showing,
you can now click the key icon to open the password
- Add support for the REP escape sequence, but it's off by
- Fix a very frequent crash for users of the Jobs tool.
- Fixes some crashes, including a very frequent crash caused
by a bad interaction between Sparkle and user defaults.
- Prevent high sierra tabs the "right" way, by overriding a
method in NSWindow, rather than just setting a user
- Fix a bug where double-tap shift to open a hotkey window

2017/10/23 ver 3.1.4

iTerm2 3.1.4 (OS 10.10+)
- Fix navigating to split pane above/below/left right not
wrapping around.
- Prevent blur values over 24 to prevent hitting a bug in
high sierra (values over 26 make the blur funny colors and
values over 24 are too slow).
- Fix line wrapping of multi-line badges.
- Allow windows to be larger than a screen when displays
have separate spaces is turned off.
- Reduce the impact of proc_pidinfo and statfs hanging.
- Tweak position of paste button in advanced paste.
- Fix bug in high sierra where eydropper in color picker
didn't go away after selecting a color.
- Remember the size of a hotkey window after resizing it and
then adding a new tab.
- Fix a bug where opening an autocomplete window could cause
a hotkey window to hide.
- If you scroll up to the top of a window and then clear the
buffer and then new output arrives, it now begins

2017/10/07 ver 3.1.3

iTerm2 3.1.3 (OS 10.10+)
Bug fixes:
- Fix a bug that broke subpixel antialiasing for non-retina
- Do not require biometric authentication for the password
manager: allow password input.
- Draw arcs and diagonal lines in favor of the glyphs in the
typeface so everything lines up nice and pretty.
- Fix a bug where closing a tab in applescript would always
close the current tab, not the one you wanted.
- Restore native fullscreen windows on the proper screen.
- Show fullscreen windows under the menubar when in
UIElement mode.
- Treat halfwidth katakana sound marks as non-combining
marks to emulate Terminal's funny behavior.
- Fix a bug where keyboard input would break after holding
down a key to make it repeat, for some users.
- Fix a bug where tags weren't visible in toolbelt profiles
on 10.13.

2017/09/25 ver 3.1.2

iTerm2 3.1.2 (OS 10.10+)
Security updates:
- All the code to perform DNS requests on hover has been removed. It
is no longer an option. It had been turned off by default in 3.1.1.
Please see this URL for more information:
New features:
- Add a "Copy Password" item to the password manager's right-click
Bug fixes:
- Prevents High Sierra's native tabs from affecting iTerm2 windows.
- Restore hotkey windows to the proper screen.
- Fix a bug where tabs would tag without the user intending to drag
- Recognize non-ASCII URLs as cmd-clickable. All characters encodable
by IDN are now considered part of a URL.
- Fix a bug where you couldn't togle the left side of the "blinking
cursor" button.
- Fix a bug where hotkey windows that had double-taps but no hotkeys

2017/09/20 ver 3.1.1

iTerm2 3.1.1 (OS 10.10+)
Version 3.1.1 is almost the same as 3.1.0, but includes a
security patch to disable undesirable DNS requests that
could leak user data. See the details here:
* You can have multiple hotkey windows. Each profile may
have a hotkey window associated with it.
* Multiple hotkeys can be bound to a single profile.
* Double-tap of a modifier key can open a hotkey window.
* Hotkey windows can be made to float over other apps'
fullscreen windows.
- Shell integration utilities have a lot of new programs.
Reinstall shell integration to get the run-down.
- Add the ability to "bury" sessions. They get hidden in
Session > Buried Sessions. Changes Prefs > General >
Automatically hide the tmux client session to
automatically bury instead.
- Add support for OSC 8 to do hypertext links. The syntax

2017/09/19 ver 3.1.0

iTerm2 3.1.0 (OS 10.10+)
This is the recommended build for most users.
iTerm2 version 3.1 offers a number of new features and bug fixes.
Please see below for all the details.
New features:
Marquee Features
- Add touch bar support.
* Use the touch bar to select tabs in full screen
* Assign labels to function keys with a shell script
* Create custom touch bar items in Prefs > Keys
- Add support for ligature fonts.
- Rework how hotkey windows work:
* You can have multiple hotkey windows. Each profile may have a
hotkey window associated with it.
* Multiple hotkeys can be bound to a single profile.
* Double-tap of a modifier key can open a hotkey window.
* Hotkey windows can be made to float over other apps' fullscreen windows.
- Shell integration utilities have a lot of new programs.

2017/03/26 ver 3.0.15

iTerm2 3.0.15 beta (OS 10.8+)
This is the current beta on the 3.0 track. It contains some important bug fixes.
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Bug fixes:
- Escape newlines in tabs in various places that we escape shell
- Do not crash when a paste escape sequence is received with an
invalid base64 argument.
- Fix a bug where EPS files displayed by imgcat did not include text
on macOS 10.10.
- Update fish shell integration version since fish 2.2 support was
- Fix a bad interaction between "Open tmux windows as tabs in existing
window" and "Automatically hide the tmux client session after
connecting" where the gateway.
- Fix a bug where tmux integration window states were lost when
- Fix a bug where ~/Library/Application Support/iTerm/ssh_config was

2017/02/12 ver 3.0.14

iTerm2 3.0.14 (OS 10.8+)
This is the recommended build for most users. It contains a bunch of bug fixes.
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- Fix a bug where where tmux integration windows would silently fail to
open when tmux was not in UTF-8 mode.
- Fix a bug where you could get stuck in secure input mode.
- Fix a bug where Let's Move would not remember the preference to
suppress its offer.
- Fix a bug where maximized panes in tmux integration mode would get
confused when the window resized.
- Show a bell emoji in the window title when there's only one tab and it
would have a bell icon.
- Add more menu items to adjust multiline paste warnings.
- Fix a bug where automatic profile switching didn't work in fullscreen
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2016/12/27 ver 3.0.13

Stable Releases
Stable releases update rarely but have no serious bugs.
iTerm2 3.0.13 (OS 10.8+)
This is the recommended build for most users. It contains a bunch of bug fixes, including fixes for some crashers.
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- When the password manager checks if you're at a password prompt,
accept asterisks echoed back.
- Fix a crash when characters have a crazy number of combining marks.
- Fix a bug with restoring minimized windows.
- Fix a bug where row heights did not change properly in profile

2016/11/15 ver 3.0.12

iTerm2 3.0.12
- Reduce system log spam
- Fix a bug where maximize split panes in a fullscreen window in tmux
integration could cause the session to be the wrong size.
- Fix a bug where imgcat was broken on macOS 10.10 and earlier.
- Don't send anti-idle codes to the connecting tmux session in
integration mode.
- Adjust the color of the border for fullscreen tmux integration
windows to be less obtrusive.
- Fix a bug where window restoration would give a "stuck" session when
restoring a tmux integration session.
- Load Patreon patron names at runtime.
- Fix a bug where session restoration failed on macOS 10.12 because
Apple broke syslog.

2016/10/03 ver 3.0.10

iTerm2 3.0.10
Bug fixes and security improvements.
- Decode images in a sandboxed process to improve security. Remove the
prompt before displaying an image since they no longer expose
significant attack surface.
- Fix a performance issue when saving state for very long lived
- Change the : in automatic session logs to a . because Finder shows :
in filenames as a /
- Fix a crash when closing the "Edit current profile" window.
- Offer to move the app if it's not in Applications or
$HOME/Applications. Sierra won't allow auto-update from the Downloads
SHA-256 of the zip file is