タイトル MagicaVoxel
URL http://ephtracy.github.io/
バージョン 0.99   0.98.2   0.98.1 Beta   0.98   0.97.5   0.97.4   0.97.3   0.97.2   0.97.1   0.97  
更新日 2017/11/24
追加日 2016/01/25
種別 フリーソフト
説明 フリーの軽量8ビットボクセルエディタ。


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2017/11/24 ver 0.99

MagicaVoxel @ ephtracy (Win/Mac) - 0.99 [11/23/2017]
A free lightweight 8-bit voxel art editor and interactive path tracing renderer, enjoy :) Tutorial
[win32] 0.99a
[macOS] 0.99a
[macOS] 0.98.2
0.99 - 11/23/2017
World Editor
support multiple objects
larger scene area : (-1024, +1024)
group objects
reference objects/groups : modify one of references will affect the others
transform objects : rotate, flip, move
rectangle select : "SHIFT" to add selection, "ALT+SHIFT" to remove selection
translation gizmo and free movement : "Shift+move" to get a referenced copy
union combine objects
copy/paste objects between world editor and model editor
hide objects
change order of objects for drawing and combination

2017/04/02 ver 0.98.2

MagicaVoxel @ ephtracy (Win/Mac) - 0.98.2 [4/1/2016]
[win32] 0.98.2
[macOS] 0.98.1
0.98.2 - 4/2/2017
click the button in Bloom section to calculate bloom effect when any rendeirng setting has been changed
it has its own progress bar, and uses the same number of samples on the top
adjust the weight with the slider, it will not restart rendering
it will enable "Camera->ACES" automatically
it has larger aperture size for DOF (depth of field)
HDR Emissive Material
formula is changed to "Emit * (10 ^ Power)"
"Glow" is only used to enhance Bloom and Bokeh effects
Pause Rendering and Instant Feedback
click Image->"||" to pause progressive rendering
enable "Sample->GI"
every change of material will be immediately displayed in viewport

2017/01/18 ver 0.98.1 Beta

MagicaVoxel @ ephtracy (Win/Mac) - 0.98.1 Beta [12/30/2016]
A free lightweight 8-bit voxel editor and interactive path tracing renderer, enjoy :) Tutorial
License : feel free to use it for any project, no commercial licences required, credits are appreciated
1.MagicalVoxel Viewer
3.Vox Format Spec
4.Contact / Donate
macOS Users
If you get black screen on macOS Sierra, try this:
move "MagicaVoxel-mac.app" outside the folder and back to it again
if you get "App can't be opened" message, try this in terminal:
0.98.1 Beta

2016/10/23 ver 0.98

MagicaVoxel @ ephtracy (Win/Mac) 0.98 [10/22/2016]
Tutorial Video and more resources
feel free to use it for any project, no commercial licences required, credits are appreciated
screenshots are created and rendered in magicavoxel
if you get black screen on macOS Sierra, try this:
extract the whole folder
move "MagicaVoxel-mac.app" outside the folder
move "MagicaVoxel-mac.app" back to the folder again
if you get "App can't be opened" message on MacOS, try this in terminal:
Updates 0.98 [10/22/2016]
1. Frame Based Animation
support up to 24-frame animation
[Ctrl+Drag] to move frame, [Ctrl+Shift+Drag] to duplicate frame
press on the prev/next button to play animation (you can also change time step)
drag and drop multiple models to import as animation
it can also be used for other purposes, like assets of same category
However, features of importing and exporting anim are not fully supported yet
2. New Interface
materials are saved into vox file now

2016/08/18 ver 0.97.5

MagicaVoxel @ ephtracy (Win/Mac) 0.97.5 [08/18/2016]
Updates 0.97.5 [08/18/2016]
1. Fog Scattering : can scatter all types of lights (Sun/SKy/Area)
only works in Pers/Free camera modes
works for glass/metal materials (can get reflection/refraction from sun light)
surface can also be lit by scattered light
change occluder voxels to create light shafts
can create a background with samll density value
fog color mainly depends on light color and in-scattering color
2. ground is changed to infinity large in all camera mode
3. optimized shaders to remove unused braches
1. New Emissive Area Lighting
2. Hints :
requires "GI" option enabled for advanced effects
only supports Cubic/RG/RE voxel shape
for small but strong light source (e.g. point lights), use Emit->Total
recommended using lower image resolution (e.g. 640x480) when adjusting parameters
for better quality of final image, recommended using more samples (e.g. 5000)
not very robust for this version (has several potential artifacts)

2016/07/05 ver 0.97.4

MagicaVoxel @ ephtracy (Win/Mac) 0.97.4 [07/05/2016]
Updates 0.97.4 [07/05/2016]
1. New Emissive Area Lighting : requires "GI" option enabled for advanced effects
Emit->Power : Radiant Flux for Area Lighting
Emit->Glow : Energy loss on closer surface
Emit->Total : Total power for all voxels or power density
2. Fix several artifacts for "Glass" material

2016/06/15 ver 0.97.3

MagicaVoxel @ ephtracy (Win/Mac) 0.97.3 [06/05/2016]
chmod +x [directory]/MagicaVoxel-mac.app/Contents/MacOS/MagicaVoxel
Nvidia (650M+) and ATI (5000HD+) are recommended, Intel GPU may have issues
Updates 0.97.3 [06/05/2016]
1. New Metal/Plastic Material with GGX NDF
2. Post Effect
Post->E : Exposure, when the scene is too dark, you can increase this
Post->V : Vignette
Camera->G : Gamma Correction
3. Pick up Sun/Sky Color from Palette
4. Better Quality of Soft Shadow
5. Sample->GI : on the top right, enable stochastic sampling for better indirect illumination
it's slower (~50%) and noisy (requires 3000+ samples)
use it for indoor scenes, larger exposure, or final render

2016/03/03 ver 0.97.2

MagicaVoxel @ ephtracy -Win/Mac 0.97.2 [03/02/2016]-
standalone voxel renderer can be found here (2048^3 volume and minecraft scene) : MagicaVoxel Viewer
feel free to use it for any project, no commercial licences required
Updates 0.97.2 [03/02/2016]
1. Export->bake : bake voxel mesh with ambient occlusion and soft shadow :
Example on Sketchfab
must support the built-in renderer, if program crashed, recover model from "cache/"
it may take from several seconds or half a minute, depending on machine, model, and sample number
set sample number, direction and intensity of light sources in renderer mode
config->bake->perface : bake per face (pixelated) or per vertex (smooth)
config->bake->ambient : constant ambient color to make scene brighter
config->bake->gamma : for app with gamma correction, set it to 2.2 to avoid color washed out
2. New CMD "odir" : export all models in current folder, e.g. "odir obj"
3. Palette "ALT+DRAG" : swap palette color without changing model, make it easier to organize palette
4. Fixed a bug in .qb export
Updates 0.97.1 [02/15/2016]
7. Palette Command : add command [pal mask] to mask out unused color in palette
8. fixed a little bug of rendering with orth/iso camera, still not very robust though

2016/02/07 ver 0.97.1

MagicaVoxel @ ephtracy -Win/Mac 0.97.1 [2/7/2016]-
if you get "App can't be opened" message on MacOS, try this in terminal:
if you get black screen :
extract all files and folders from the zip package, not just the app program
Updates 0.97.1 [2/7/2016]
1. New Voxel Shader :
support GLSL based shader script to generate your custom volume
shaders are in the new folder shader/
try typing [xs wave] in console to start
basic command format is : xs [shader name] [arg0] [arg1] [..]
if you want to run the shader multiple times in one run, use : xs [num] [shader name ] [args...]
2. New Brush Option :
[V]oxel Mode : 3D(Volume:Cube, Sphere), 2D(Flat:Square, Disc), Su(Surface, only operates on surface)
-add hotkeys 1-9 to set brush size quickly
[C]enter Mode : suport both square and circle shape now
[P]attern Mode : can choose using either original model color or current palette color;
-can be applied on erasing and painting now
3. New Marching Cube Export [Export->mc] : export your voxel model as Marching Cube meshes (.ply)
4. Camera Control : use middle button to move camera

2016/01/25 ver 0.97