タイトル Jenkins
URL https://jenkins.io/
バージョン 2.79   2.78   2.77   2.76   2.75   2.74   2.73   2.72   2.71   2.70   2.69  
更新日 2017/09/18
追加日 2016/02/27
種別 フリーソフト
説明 Javaで作られたオープンソースの継続的インテグレーション支援ツール。






Jenkins 自体はJavaで作られているがテスト対象はJavaプロジェクトに限定されず、iOSアプリやRailsアプリなどさまざまなプロジェクトを対象として扱うことができる。




2017/09/18 ver 2.79

What's new in 2.79 (2017-09-17)
Fix random failures to use passphrase-protected ed25519 SSH private keys (regression in 2.73).
(issue 46754)
Update remoting library from 3.11 to 3.12 to fix regression in Jenkins 2.68 when using non-writable home directories.
(issue 45755, full changelog, issue description in 2.73.1 upgrade guide)
Add description of nodes to their remote API.
(issue 42854)
Disconnect node on ping timeout instead of leaving the channel half open.
(issue 46680)
Internal: Require Java 8u101 to build Jenkins, as that's the minimum required to run it since 2.77.
(pull 3015)

2017/09/11 ver 2.78

What's new in 2.78 (2017-09-10)
Moved Jenkins agent runtime to agent.jar file name, and deprecate (but still support) use of legacy slave.jar. Introduce the AGENTJAR_URL environment variable as replacement for SLAVEJAR_URL.
(issue 35451)
Accept Basic authentication headers case-insensitively.
(issue 44663)
Internal: Implement DescriptorByNameOwner using Java 8 interface default method. Make Computer a DescriptorByNameOwner allowing its use as @AncestorInPath.
(pull 3009)
Default the built-in Jenkins Update Center URL to https://updates.jenkins.io instead of obsolete HTTP endpoint. This requires a JRE compatible with Let's Encrypt, e.g. Oracle JRE 8u101.

2017/09/04 ver 2.77

What's new in 2.77 (2017-09-03)
Default the built-in Jenkins Update Center URL to https://updates.jenkins.io instead of obsolete HTTP endpoint.
(pull 2996)
Fix problem with auto upgrade when using custom JENKINS_HOME on Windows.
(issue 13153)
Administrative monitor did not detect when Tomcat's URL escaping does not permit forward slashes.
(issue 31068)
Fix broken UI for users with Discover permission when renaming a job.
(issue 41637)
Internal: Avoid code duplication using default methods.
(pull 2999)

2017/08/28 ver 2.76

What's new in 2.76 (2017-08-27)
Update remoting from 3.10 to 3.11 to improve stability and diagnosability.
(issue 37567, issue 43985, issue 45023, issue 45233, issue 45522, issue 46259, full changelog)
Major update of the Bulgarian translation.
(pull 2983)
Internal: Allow EnvironmentContributingAction to support Run in addition to AbstractProject.
(issue 29537)
Internal: Updated parent POM; Jenkins core now requires Maven 3.3.9 or newer to build.
(pull 2985)

2017/08/22 ver 2.75

What's new in 2.75 (2017-08-20)
Update Windows service wrapper from 2.1.0 to 2.1.2 and Windows Agent Installer from 1.9 to 1.9.1.
(Windows service wrapper changelog, Windows agent installer changelog, pull 2987, issue 46282)
Disable obsolete JNLP, JNLP2, and CLI protocols on new Jenkins installations during Setup Wizard.
(issue 45841, announcement blog post)
Button to validate proxy configuration in Manage Plugins now works correctly with NTLM authorization.
(issue 46288)

2017/08/16 ver 2.74

Jenkins Remoting
What's new in 2.74 (2017-08-15)
Upgrade Stapler library from 1.250 to 1.252.
(pull 2956, Stapler changelog)
Stapler 1.252: Prevent file handle leak in LargeText#GzipAwareSession.
(issue 45903)
Prevent core or plugin code from mistakenly attempting to serialize jobs, builds, and users except in their intended top-level XML file positions, preventing a class of serious deserialization-related errors.
(issue 45892)
Stapler 1.252: Restore ability to attach views to interfaces (regression in Jenkins 2.46).
(issue 43715)
Improve Polish localization.
(pull 2974)
Log name of the executor thread that died to improve diagnosability.
(issue 42376)
Prevent caching of the item categories list by the browser to prevent stale data.
(issue 43848)
Update Agent Installer module to 1.6 for minor fixes and enhancements.
(pull 2965, changelog)
Show display name of the current view in window title.

2017/08/08 ver 2.73

What's new in 2.73 (2017-08-06)
Avoid unnecessary locking to improve performance related to actions.
(issue 45244)
Improve performance when reading the console text of a build.
(issue 45915)
Add Polish translations for setup wizard.
(pull 2952)
Reliably close build log file when using chained BuildListeners.
(issue 45057, issue 43199)
Modify the JNLPLauncher configuration page to work around regression in Docker Plugin (regression in 2.72).
(issue 45895)

2017/08/02 ver 2.72

What's new in 2.72 (2017-07-30)
Enable remoting work directories by default for newly created agents launched via JNLP (Java Web Start Launcher).
(issue 44112, feature documentation)
Always follow redirects for downloading update center metadata, so misbehaving plugins cannot break it.
(issue 38185)
Minor optimization to queue maintenance routines and printing of console notes, mainly for the benefit of Pipeline node blocks.
(issue 45553)
Don't monitor response time on offline agents.
(issue 20272)
(issue 45438, enabling HTTP/2 support in Winstone-Jetty)
Contributions to the PATH environment variable could result in malformed values on agents on a platform different from master's.

2017/07/24 ver 2.71

What's new in 2.71 (2017-07-23)
Winstone 4.1: Add Jetty HTTP/2 connector and corresponding options for Winstone-Jetty.
(issue 45438, HTTP/2 support in Winstone-Jetty)
Don't reload user records from disk unless explicitly requested to improve performance of user record access.
(issue 45737)
Prevent NullPointerException in Jenkins#getRootURL() while the instance is not fully loaded yet.
(issue 34914)
In specific circumstances, contributions to the PATH environment variable resulted in malformed values on Windows agents.
(issue 14807)
JNLP for launching agents now requests Java 8.
(issue 45679)
Prevent NullPointerException when a previous completed build is missing for upstream culprits check.
(issue 45516)
Correctly show or suppress warnings about undefined parameters based on hudson.model.ParametersAction.keepUndefinedParameters system property.
(issue 45519)
Internal: Delete obsolete SECURITY-144-compat exclusion that can break tests.
(issue 25625)

2017/07/17 ver 2.70

Use Jenkins
Extend Jenkins
What's new in 2.70 (2017-07-16)
Fix version number shown in 2.0 upgrade wizard.
(issue 45459)

2017/07/11 ver 2.69

What's new in 2.69 (2017-07-09)
SSHD Module 2.0: Update from SSHD Core 0.14.0 to Apache MINA SSHD 1.6.0 in Jenkins core and Jenkins CLI.
(changelog, plugin compatibility notice, issue 43668)
SSHD Module 2.0: Enable aes192ctr and aes256ctr ciphers if JVM supports unlimited-strength encryption.
(issue 39738)