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タイトル Mathematica
URL http://www.wolfram.com/mathematica/
バージョン 11.2   11.1.1   11.1   11.0.1   11   10.4.1   10.4  
更新日 2017/09/15
追加日 2016/03/06
種別 シェアウェア(66300円)
説明 著名な数式処理システム。価格は個人用ライセンスで1年あたり。







2017/09/15 ver 11.2

Data Repository
Mathematica 11.2   |   September 2017 Reference 損
Version 11.2 expands Mathematica and the Wolfram Language's cutting-edge functionality in audio and image processing, mathematical computation, task handling and machine learning—plus much more.
Compute undirected and multivariate limits, upper and lower limits or discrete limits
Solve directly for limiting values in continuous or discrete equations
FourierTransform support for periodic functions
Perform 3D Boolean operations on regions
New methods and options for automated machine learning, with support for extracting word vectors, audio and sequences
Expanded neural network layer types with new options and methods
Additional support for neural network import/export formats
ImageRestyle to recreate one image based on the features of another
Get satellite images with GeoImage
RegionImage for 3D rasterization of regions
Capture the current screen or notebook with CurrentScreenImage and CurrentNotebookImage
SpeechSynthesize for generating spoken audio from expressions
Support for stereo audio, programmatic audio playback and Linux audio capture
Connect to external language interpreters with ExternalEvaluate and StartExternalSession
ZeroMQ network programming through the SocketConnect framework
Framework for configuring initialization values and computations

2017/04/26 ver 11.1.1

Mathematica 11.1.1   |   April 2017 Reference 損
Mathematica 11.1.1 resolves critical issues identified in Version 11.1 and includes performance improvements.
Re-enabled GPU support for neural networks for Mac
Several updates and fixes to neural networks, including proper support for HDF5 format
Fixed slowdown in documentation lookup
LinearModelFit no longer uses excessive memory
Fixed rendering issue with ListPlot3D
Fixed incorrect behavior of Suggestions Bar and attached cells on Windows
Region operations on rectangles with packed array coordinates no longer crash
Significantly improved WSTP (Wolfram Symbolic Transfer Protocol) performance on Mac and Unix systems
WSTP (Wolfram Symbolic Transfer Protocol) for Windows
Unix WSTP (Wolfram Symbolic Transfer Protocol) enhancements and documentation
WSTP (Wolfram Symbolic Transfer Protocol) for Macintosh
WSTP (Wolfram Symbolic Transfer Protocol) protocol for interprocess and network-based communication

2017/03/16 ver 11.1

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Mathematica 11.1   |   March 2017 Reference 損
Version 11.1 extends Mathematica and the Wolfram Language's state-of-the-art capabilities in machine learning, neural nets, audio processing, robust statistics and much more.
Over 130 new functions across a wide range of application areas
20 new neural net layer types, and seamless support for recurrent nets and variable-length sequences
NetModel to access a growing repository of complete trained and untrained neural nets
FeatureSpacePlot for machine-learning-based visualization of spaces of data, images, text, etc.
New machine learning functions, including SequencePredict, ActiveClassification and ActivePrediction
Record audio directly in notebooks using AudioCapture, readying it for immediate processing and analysis
Do arithmetic (with *, -, etc.) directly on 2D and 3D images

2016/09/29 ver 11.0.1

Mathematica 11.0.1   |   September 2016 Reference 損
Mathematica 11.0.1 resolves critical issues identified in Mathematica 11 and adds many feature refinements.
New Audio support for Linux, and improved audio behavior on all platforms
Fixed Graphics3D rotation and magnification bug that caused system to crash
Significantly improved GIF import performance
Fixed regression in Plot and dramatic slowdowns in ParametricPlot, ParametricPlot3D
ListPlot labeling and callout functionality now exhibit expected behavior
Improved performance and stability of Dataset and related functionality
Over 9,000 words added to the English spellchecking dictionary
TextRecognize now correctly supports all documented languages
Fixed an issue with WolframScript's ability to differentiate between options and script names
Compatibility with macOS Sierra and improved stability on other Mac and Linux platforms
Resolved partial evaluation and other errors thrown by CenterArray
Enabled SetOptions for URLRead, URLExecute and URLDownload
Mathematica 11   |   August 2016 Reference 損

2016/08/09 ver 11

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Mathematica Quick Revision History
Mathematica 11   |   August 2016 Reference ツサ
Mathematica 11 introduces functionality for major new areas, including 3D printing, audio processing, machine learning, and neural networks窶廃lus many other new improvements, all built on the underlying Wolfram Language.
Over 500 new functions significantly broaden scope in new and existing areas
Algorithmically generate, import, and directly print 3D models to local or cloud 3D printers
New computational audio synthesis, processing, and analysis for applications in music and speech
New neural network framework gives access to GPU-accelerated deep learning
Expanded and enhanced machine learning functionality, including feature extraction and Bayesian optimization
Numerous extensions and improvements to the Wolfram Cloud and web operations and data storage
Vast new array of visualizations, from statistical to geographic to anatomical, and improved presentation options
Performance and feature enhancements to already industry-leading symbolics, numerics, and geometry
Expanded geographics, including new geo data entities, map backgrounds, projections, and more
New computational photography, plus more tools for image and signal processing
New and improved support for random matrices, time series, and quantities in probability and statistics

2016/04/19 ver 10.4.1

Mathematica 10.4.1   |  April 2016
Mathematica 10.4.1 addresses several critical issues identified in recent releases.
Provides workaround for a bug in Mac OS X 10.11.4 that could prevent Mathematica from being launched under default Gatekeeper policies
Resolves OpenGL issues that were causing graphics instability and failures, especially with regard to Graphics3D and Manipulate rendering, rotation, and dynamics
Addresses activation problems for Linux users who may have experienced difficulties
Resolves slowdown when images are directly evaluated in the front end
Restores expected behavior for users experiencing errors when launching multiple notebooks on Windows
Corrects evaluation errors returned by ListPlot [Table[…]] and CoefficientRules
Restores behavior of Clear Formatting menu item
Show now works with GeoGraphics objects
Stability improvements to Code Assist functionality
Refines support and documentation for DateFormat when using Interpreter
For Japanese Edition users, updated dialog messages returned when moving a notebook from the cloud to the desktop

2016/03/06 ver 10.4