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更新日 2017/11/21
追加日 2016/06/01
種別 フリーソフト
説明 コマンドラインから使用する汎用ドキュメント変換ツール。







2017/11/21 ver 2.0.3

pandoc 2.0.3 (20 November 2017)
pandoc 2.0.3 (20 November 2017)
Lua filters: preload text module (Albert Krewinkel, #4077). The text module is preloaded in lua. The module contains some UTF-8 aware string functions, implemented in Haskell. The module is loaded on request only, e.g.:
text = require 'text'
function Str (s)
s.text = text.upper(s.text)
return s
Introduce HasSyntaxExtensions typeclass (Alexander Krotov, #4074).
Added new HasSyntaxExtensions typeclass for ReaderOptions and WriterOptions.
Reimplemented isEnabled function from Options.hs to accept both ReaderOptions and WriterOptions.
Replaced enabled from CommonMark.hs with new isEnabled.
Add amuse extension (Alexander Krotov) to enable Amuse wiki behavior for muse. New Ext_amuse constructor for Extension. Note: this is switched on by default; for Emacs behavior, use muse-amuse.
Muse reader (Alexander Krotov):
Count only one space as part of list item marker.
Produce SoftBreaks on newlines. Now wrapping can be preserved with --wrap=preserve.
Add Text::Amuse footnote extensions. Footnote end is indicated by indentation, so footnotes can be placed anywhere in the text, not just at the end of it.
Accept Emacs Muse definition lists when -amuse. Emacs Muse does not require indentation.
HTML reader:

2017/11/13 ver 2.0.2

pandoc 2.0.2 (12 November 2017)
pandoc 2.0.2 (12 November 2017)
Deprecated ancient HTML math methods: --latexmathml, --gladtex, --mimetex, --jsmath.
Fixed URIs in data/jats.csl. They were being rendered twice, leading to invalid XML in default JATS output with pandoc-citeproc.
lua-filters.md: use real-world man page filter as example.
Add lua filter functions walk_inline and walk_block in the pandoc module, to apply filters inside particular inline and block elements.
Refactored some code from Text.Pandoc.Lua.PandocModule into new internal module Text.Pandoc.Lua.Filter.
Markdown reader:
Allow fenced code blocks to be indented 1-3 spaces (#4011). This brings our handling of them into alignment with CommonMark’s.
Fix YAML metadata with “chomp” (|-). Previously if a YAML block under |- contained a blank line, pandoc would not parse it as metadata.
Removed etc. from abbreviations file. Often etc. ends a sentence, and we want the period to be treated as a sentence-ending period.
Fix regression with --metadata (#4054). Values specified with --metadata should replace a metadata value set in the document itself, rather than creating a list including a new value.
EPUB writer:
Fix EPUB OCF structure. #3720 had been improperly implemented.
Fix modified paths for raw HTML tags (src, poster, etc.) (#4050, #4055). This had not been updated for the new EPUB container layout, with a separate text/ subdirectory.
Fix image paths with empty --epub-subdirectory.
Miscellaneous code cleanup (Alexander Krotov).
Use pandoc-types 1.17.3, which adds Walkable instances for [Block] Block and [Inline] Inline.
Remove obsolete stack.full.yaml (#4052).

2017/11/05 ver

pandoc (04 November 2017)
pandoc (04 November 2017)
Improved fix to #3989 (parsing of HTML tags containing > in an attribute or comment). The previous fix (in 2.0.1) only worked in certain cases.
FB2 writer (Alexander Krotov):
Add unrecognised genre to <title-info> (Alexander Krotov). XML schema requires at least one genre.
Remove <annotation> from <body>.
CommonMark writer: fix strikethrough for gfm (#4038).
Use texmath 0.10, which adds support for a wider range of symbols and fixes default column alignments in MathML and OMML.
Highlighting fixes, using skylighting
Fix invalid CSS.
Support lineAnchors (or line-anchors) in HTML code blocks.
Ensure that code lines don窶冲 get duplicate identifiers (#4031). The line identifiers are built using the code block窶冱 identifier as a prefix. If the code block has null identifier, we use cb1, cb2, etc.
Added a few abbreviations to data/abbreviations, and sorted the list (#3984, Wandmalfarbe).
Improved support for columns in HTML writer (#4028).
Remove width attribute from the div.
Remove space between <div class="column"> elements, since this prevents columns whose widths sum to 100% (the space takes up space).
Move as much as possible of the CSS to the template.
Ensure that all the HTML-based templates (including epub) contain the CSS for columns.
Columns default to 50% width unless they are given a width attribute. So if you want two equal-width columns, you can use a div with class column and no width attribute.

2017/11/01 ver 2.0.1

pandoc 2.0.1 (31 October 2017)
pandoc 2.0.1 (31 October 2017)
Fixed regression in parsing of HTML comments in markdown and other non-HTML formats (Text.Pandoc.Readers.HTML.htmlTag) (#4019). The parser stopped at the first > character, even if it wasn’t the end of the comment.
Creole reader (Sascha Wilde):
Fix some minor typos and formatting.
Add additional test on nowiki-block after para.
Fix lists with trailing white space.
LaTeX reader: handle % comment right after command. For example, \emph%.
Markdown reader: make sure fenced div closers work in lists. Previously the following failed:
::: {.class}
1. one
2. two
and you needed a blank line before the closing :::.
Make fenced_divs affect the Markdown writer. If fenced_divs is enabled, Divs will be rendered as fenced divs.
LaTeX/Beamer writer: support “blocks” inside columns and other Divs (#4016).
HTML Writer: consistently use dashed class-names (Mauro Bieg, #3556). Note: this change may require some changes in CSS rules. footnoteRef has become footnote-ref, titleslide has become title-slide, and footnoteBack has become footnote-back.
JATS writer: Properly pass through author metadata (#4020).
FB2 writer (Alexander Krotov):

2017/10/31 ver

pandoc (30 Oct 2017)
pandoc (30 Oct 2017)
EPUB writer:
Fixed filepaths for nonstandard epub-subdirectory values.
Ensure that epub2 is recognized as a non-text format, so that a template is used.
Don’t include “prefix” attribute for ibooks for epub2. It doesn’t validate.
Fix stylesheet paths; previously we had an incorrect stylesheet path for the cover page and nav page.
LaTeX reader:
Insert space when needed in macro expansion (#4007). Sometimes we need to insert a space after a control sequence to prevent it merging with a following letter.
Allow unbraced arguments for macros (#4007).
Allow body of macro definition to be unbraced (#4007).
Linux package build: ensure that pandoc-citeproc is statically linked.
trypandoc: add native, ms.

2017/10/30 ver 2.0

User's Guide (PDF)
Making an ebook
Lua filters
Using the Pandoc API
pandoc 2.0 (29 Oct 2017)
New features
Behavior changes
API changes
Bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements
Default template changes
Documentation improvements
Build infrastructure improvements
pandoc (10 Sep 2017)
pandoc (09 Sep 2017)
pandoc (08 Sep 2017)
pandoc 2.0 (29 Oct 2017)

2017/02/01 ver

pandoc (31 Jan 2017)
pandoc (31 Jan 2017)
Require skylighting >=
Adjust test output for skylighting version.
Relax upper bounds on blaze-html and blaze-markup.

2017/01/30 ver 1.19.2

pandoc 1.19.2 (29 Jan 2017)
pandoc 1.19.2 (29 Jan 2017)
Added a new highlight style, breezeDark.
Text.Pandoc.Highlighting: Update list of listings languages (#3374). This allows more languages to be used when using the --listings option.
OpenDocument writer:
Small refactoring. Removed separate ‘parent’ parameter in paraStyle.
Don’t profilerate text styles unnecessarily (#3371). This change makes the writer create only as many temporary text styles as are absolutely necessary. It also consolidates adjacent nodes with the same style.
Org reader (Albert Krewinkel):
Allow short hand for single-line raw blocks (Albert Krewinkel, #3366). Single-line raw blocks can be given via #+FORMAT: raw line, where FORMAT must be one of latex, beamer, html, or texinfo.
Accept org-ref citations followed by commas (Albert Krewinkel). Bugfix for an issue which, whenever the citation was immediately followed by a comma, prevented correct parsing of org-ref citations.
Ensure emphasis markup can be nested. Nested emphasis markup (e.g. /*strong and emphasized*/) was interpreted incorrectly in that the inner markup was not recognized.
Remove pipe char irking the haddock coverage tool (Albert Krewinkel).
Docx reader: Empty header should be list of lists (Jesse Rosenthal). In the past, the docx reader wrote an empty header as an empty list. It should have the same width as a row (and be filled with empty cells).
MediaWiki reader:
Improved handling of display math (#3362). Sometimes display math is indented with more than one colon. Previously we handled these cases badly, generating definition lists and missing the math.
Fix quotation mark parsing (#3336, tgkokk). Change MediaWiki reader’s behavior when the smart option is parsed to match other readers’ behavior.
Markdown reader:
Fixed -f markdown_github-hard_line_breaks+escaped_line_breaks (#3341). Previously this did not properly enable escaped line breaks.
Disallow space between inline code and attributes (#3326, #3323, Mauro Bieg).

2016/12/11 ver 1.19.1

pandoc 1.19.1 (10 Dec 2016)
pandoc 1.19.1 (10 Dec 2016)
Set PANDOC_VERSION environment variable for filters (#2640). This allows filters to check the pandoc version that produced the JSON they are receiving.
HTML reader:
Fixed some bad regressions in HTML table parser (#3280). This regression leads to the introduction of empty rows in some circumstances.
Understand style=width: as well as width in col (#3286).
RST reader:
Print warnings when keys, substitition, notes not found. Previously the parsers failed and we got raw text. Now we get a link with an empty URL, or empty inlines in the case of a note or substitution.
Fix hyperlink aliases (#3283).
Man writer: Ensure that periods are escaped at beginning of line (#3270).
LaTeX template: use comma not semicolon to separate keywords for pdfkeywords. Thanks to Wandmalfarbe.
Markdown writer: Fixed incorrect word wrapping (#3277). Previously pandoc would sometimes wrap lines too early due to this bug.
Text.Pandoc.Pretty: Added afterBreak [API change]. This makes it possible to insert escape codes for content that needs escaping at the beginning of a line.
Removed old MathMLInHTML.js from 2004, which should no longer be needed for MathML with modern browsers.
Fixed tests with dynamic linking (#2709).
Makefile: Use stack instead of cabal for targets. This is just a convenience for developers.
Fixed bash completion of filenames with space (#2749).
MANUAL: improved documentation on how to create a custom reference.docx.
Fix minor spelling typos in the manual (#3273, Anthony Geoghegan)

2016/12/01 ver 1.19

pandoc 1.19 (01 Dec 2016)
pandoc 1.19 (01 Dec 2016)
Changed resolution of filter paths.
We now first treat the argument of --filter as a full (absolute or relative) path, looking for a program there. If it’s found, we run it.
If not, and if it is a simple program name or a relative path, we try resolving it relative to $DATADIR/filters.
If this fails, then we treat it as a program name and look in the user’s PATH.
Removed a hardcoded ‘/’ that may have caused problems with Windows paths.
Previously if you did --filter foo and you had foo in your path and also an executable foo in your working directory, the one in the path would be used. Now the one in the working directory is used.
In addition, when you do --filter foo/bar.hs, pandoc will now find a filter $DATADIR/filters/foo/bar.hs – assuming there isn’t a foo/bar.hs relative to the working directory.
Allow file:// URIs as arguments (#3196). Also improved default reader format detection. Previously with a URI ending in .md or .markdown, pandoc would assume HTML input. Now it treats these as markdown.
Text.Pandoc.Options [API changes]:
Improved error if they give wrong arg to --top-level-division.
Use new module from texmath to lookup MS font codepoints in Docx reader. Removed unexported module Text.Pandoc.Readers.Docx.Fonts. Its code now lives in texmath (0.9).
DocBook reader: Fixed xref lookup (#3243). It previously only worked when the qnames lacked the docbook namespace URI.
HTML reader:
Treat <math> as MathML by default unless something else is explicitly specified in xmlns. Provided it parses as MathML, of course. Also fixed default which should be to inline math if no display attribute is used.
Only treat “a” element as link if it has href (#3226). Otherwise treat as span.
Docx reader (Jesse Rosenthal):
Add a placeholder value for CHART. We wrap [CHART] in a <span class="chart">. Note that it maps to inlines because, in docx, anything in a drawing tag can be part of a larger paragraph.

2016/10/27 ver 1.18

pandoc 1.18 (26 Oct 2016)
pandoc 1.18 (26 Oct 2016)
Added --reference-location=block|section|document option (Jesse Rosenthal). This determines whether Markdown link references and footnotes are placed at the end of the document, the end of the section, or the end of the top-level block.
Allow binary formats to be written to stdout (but not to tty) (#2677). Only works on posix, since we use the unix library to check whether output is to tty. On Windows, pandoc works as before and always requires an output file parameter for binary formats.
The toplevel JSON format is now {"pandoc-api-version" : [MAJ, MIN, REV], "meta" : META, "blocks": BLOCKS} instead of [{"unMeta": META}, [BLOCKS]]. Decoding fails if the major and minor version numbers don’t match.
Leaf nodes no longer have an empty array for their “c” value. Thus, for example, a Space is encoded as {"t":"Space"} rather than {"t":"Space","c":[]} as before.
Removed tests/Tests/Arbitrary.hs and added a Text.Pandoc.Arbitrary module to pandoc-types (Jesse Rosenthal). This makes it easier to use QuickCheck with pandoc types outside of pandoc itself.
Add bracketed_spans Markdown extension, enabled by default in pandoc markdown. This allows you to create a native span using this syntax: [Here is my span]{#id .class key="val"}.
Added angle_brackets_escapable Markdown extension (#2846). This is needed because github flavored Markdown has a slightly different set of escapable symbols than original Markdown; it includes angle brackets.
Export Text.Pandoc.Error in Text.Pandoc [API change].
Print highlighting-kate version in --version.
Extension has new constructors Ext_brackted_spans and Ext_angle_brackets_escapable [API change].
Added ReferenceLocation type [API change] (Jesse Rosenthal).
Added writerReferenceLocation field to WriterOptions (Jesse Rosenthal).
For --webtex, replace deprecated Google Chart API by CodeCogs as default (Kolen Cheung).
Removed raw_tex extension from markdown_mmd defaults (Kolen Cheung).
Execute .js filters with node (Jakob Voß).
Textile reader: