タイトル Typora
URL https://www.typora.io/
更新日 2017/10/29
追加日 2016/06/06
種別 フリーソフト
説明 プレビュー表示しながら編集もできるMarkdownエディタ。Windows版も存在。


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2017/10/29 ver
1. Support `<br/>` tag in live rendering.
2. Update emoji library to cover emojis introduced during Unicode 7.0~10.0
3. Add syntax highlight for twig.
4. Improve auto indent in code fences
5. Fix files/folders are not sorted in file tree view, support open in new window for folders.
6. Other bug fix.
Download v0.
Download v0.9.9.10

2017/09/25 ver
Fix issue with IME

2017/09/24 ver
1. Support rename in file tree view.
2. Support show word count in selection.
3. Add syntax highlight for scheme.
4. Support natural sort in files panel.
5. Fix task list cannot be copy/pasted correctly.
6. Fix code fences padding on PDF export.
7. Fix window cannot be zoomed by double click on titlebar
8. Other bug fix.

2017/08/26 ver
3. Imporve compatibility on High Sierra beta.
4. Fix a scroll bug introduced on

2017/08/26 ver
1. Fix a bug that user cannot jump using [TOC].
2. Fix on exported HTML, `@include-when-export` failed to convert as `<link>`.

2017/08/26 ver
1. Add menu items for changing task list status.
2. Add syntax highlight for makefile, tcl.
3. Bug fix that user cannot double click on titlebar to maximize window.
4. Fix mermaid gantt cannot be rendered.
5. Fix backspace after emoji.
6. Fix window will scroll to top when switch from inactive window to active one.
7. Fix a bug that sometimes `Return` does not work.
8. Other mirror fix.

2017/08/15 ver

2017/08/14 ver
1. Fix a critical bug that some code fences may crash the app.
Download v0.

2017/08/13 ver
1. Fix some regression bug on v0.9.9.10:
  1. Drag titlebar in seamless mode is not easy.
  2. Auto pair for normal markdown characters does not work.
  3. Fix for `<img height="200" />` , the height attribute won't be correctly added when rendering.
  4. Sometimes, document will scroll to top unexpectedly.
2. `@import` and `@include-when-export` will be converted to linked stylesheet when export to HTML.
3. Fix a bug that ⌘+click on hyperlink cannot open other protocol like `magic:` or others.
4. Fix a bug that selection should extend by word in some cases.
5. `⌘` + ` Up`/`Down` key can exit code fences when the cursor is at start/end position of the code fences.f
6. Better image select logic when editing: double click and auto select all raw text of an image.
7. Can copy tables to Words from context menu.
8. Select word/select line also supports code fences and source code mode.

2017/08/11 ver
1. Fix a regression bug about alt+backspace, and redo shortcut keys.

2017/08/10 ver
1. Support file tree/list in left side panel.
2. Start using CSS variable in themes. Change theme styles may be easier.
3. Support relative link to files without adding `.md` or `.markdown` explicitly.
4. Diagrams can auto fit the max-width.
5. Improve auto detect logic for urls.
6. Fix exported HTML/PDF does not follow original markdown's logic of line break.
7. Fix syntax highlight in night theme and syntax for protobuf, diff and php+html does not work.
8. Fix bug that sometimes code fences may contain unnecessary scrollbar when editing or after export.
9. Change some inappropriate descriptions in menu, dialog and tooltip.
10. Fix bug that some `<a>` tags are not parsed correctly.
11. No auto-pair for markdown symbols in inline math.
12. Support Chinese character in header anchors.
13. Fix a bug that list and line break are not pasted correctly in some condition.
14. Fix a bug that ctrl+k won't delete empty line/block. And command+backspace may remove wrong paragraph.
15. Fix bug of delete and return key on selected text or table.
16. Find/Replace input supports undo/redo and hit selection in code fences won't be removed.
17. Fix excepted HTML tags are not escaped in exported HTML.
18. Fix bug that extra blank page will be appended when exporting to PDF.