タイトル Typora
URL https://www.typora.io/
更新日 2018/02/07
追加日 2016/06/06
種別 フリーソフト
説明 プレビュー表示しながら編集もできるMarkdownエディタ。Windows版も存在。


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2018/02/07 ver
1. Fix a bug relates to IME.
Download v0.9.9.12
Download v0.

2018/02/07 ver
1. New language support: Spanish (by thepiratejester), French (by MOrdinateur), Russian (by dragomano), Japanese (by tomochan001), Portuguese (by akz92).
2. Improve parse logic for block quotes, lists, and tables.
3. Support custom tab size for code blocks. Add options for default ordered list styles.
4. Fix `<br>` not exported.
5. Fix scrollbar on sidebar cannot be dragged.
6. Better UI for preference panel in other languages.
7. Add syntax highlight for `SAS`.
8. Other bug fix.

2018/01/25 ver
1. Improve Simplified Chinese translation by NoDotCat, HowardTangHw, Emphasia.
2. More language support: Traditional Chinese translation (by cyberrob), Polish translation (by iriusturar), Korean translation (by ryush00, marigold9124), Italian translation (by starise, jethro17).
3. Support resize on sidebar (require newer version of macOS).
4. Add Privacy Policy.
5. Fix a bug that Typora does not support split screen on macOS 11.13 and cannot minimize window by double clicking titlebar following user's System Preference.
6. Fix some bugs for table editing.
7. Fix a bug that highlight, superscript, subscript, image and inline math is not rendered in outline.
8. Fix a bug that Gothic theme leads to high CPU usage.
9. Some performance improvement on opening file.
10. Fix a bug that flowchart is not correctly rendered when Windows style line ending is used.
11. Equation numbering is support after export as docx format for some math formula.
12. Fix a word count bug for Korean language.
13. Fix bugs on list editing.
14. Other bug fix.
Download v0.

2017/12/14 ver
Fix regression bug about table editing, copy table and HTML export
Download v0.

2017/12/14 ver
Fix bugs about table editing

2017/12/13 ver
1. Add Chinese user interface.
2. Tables with long content supports scroll horizontally.
3. Support choose line endings on macOS.
4. Improve PDF export, fix bugs relates to PDF export.
5. Add strict mode option for parsing markdown.
6. Fix bug that cannot open correct link address for hyperlink syntax.
7. Some fix bug about markdown parse logic.
8. Fix bugs about `[TOC]` .
9. Other bug fix.
Download v0.

2017/10/29 ver
1. Support `<br/>` tag in live rendering.
2. Update emoji library to cover emojis introduced during Unicode 7.0~10.0
3. Add syntax highlight for twig.
4. Improve auto indent in code fences
5. Fix files/folders are not sorted in file tree view, support open in new window for folders.
6. Other bug fix.
Download v0.
Download v0.9.9.10

2017/09/25 ver
Fix issue with IME

2017/09/24 ver
1. Support rename in file tree view.
2. Support show word count in selection.
3. Add syntax highlight for scheme.
4. Support natural sort in files panel.
5. Fix task list cannot be copy/pasted correctly.
6. Fix code fences padding on PDF export.
7. Fix window cannot be zoomed by double click on titlebar
8. Other bug fix.

2017/08/26 ver
3. Imporve compatibility on High Sierra beta.
4. Fix a scroll bug introduced on

2017/08/26 ver
1. Fix a bug that user cannot jump using [TOC].
2. Fix on exported HTML, `@include-when-export` failed to convert as `<link>`.