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タイトル HttpWatch Basic Edition
URL http://www.httpwatch.com/
バージョン 11.1.20   11.1.19   11.1.15   11.1.14   11.0.25   11.0.24   11.0.23   11.0.22   11.0.21   11.0.20   11.0.19  
更新日 2018/02/13
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 IEとFirefx用のHTTPビューアー&デバッガー。


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2018/02/13 ver 11.1.20

11.1.20 -
13 Feb 2018
Fixed: HTTP compression statistics are now displayed for HTTP/2 requests imported from a Chrome Devtools HAR file
Fixed: A crash could occur when using SSLRobot from IE protected mode
Fixed: Second and subsequent pages in a printout were not printed using the IE and Chrome extensions
Fixed: Printing could fail with an error if new requests were recorded before printing had completed

2018/01/11 ver 11.1.19

11.1.19 -
11 Jan 2018
New: Added a form fill automation sample program for Chrome and Selenium
New: Added a HttpWatchCRX property to the Chrome automation class for use with Selenium
Improved: Selenium automation samples now use Selenium Nuget packages for easier installation and maintenance
Changed: Removed Watir based automation sample code
Copyright 息 2018 Neumetrix Limited

2017/12/29 ver 11.1.15

11.1.15 -
28 Dec 2017
Fixed: HttpWatch could go into an endless validation loop when entering values in Tools->Options->Recording

2017/12/12 ver 11.1.14

11.1.14 -
11 Dec 2017
New: The HttpWatch automation interface now supports Google Chrome

2017/11/23 ver 11.0.25

11.0.25 -
23 Nov 2017
Fixed: The first few requests made while loading a page in a new tab or window in Chrome were sometimes not recorded
Fixed: An error could occur after stopping a recording in Chrome
Improved: The HttpWatch extension for Chrome is now installed as a CRX file in the install directory for manual installs without an internet connection

2017/11/21 ver 11.0.24

11.0.24 -
20 Nov 2017
Fixed: HAR files could fail to load if the text element contained a single character

2017/11/17 ver 11.0.23

11.0.23 -
17 Nov 2017
Improved: The Overview tab and the data tip on the Result column now indicate if a (Cache) request in Chrome was read from the in-memory cache
Fixed: Sometimes cache requests in Chrome were not shown as (Cache) in HttpWatch
Fixed: Requests in Chrome could be displayed with the wrong starting time offset in the log
Fixed: An access violation could occur when recording in Chrome

2017/11/08 ver 11.0.22

11.0.22 -
07 Nov 2017
New: Updated to support Chrome 63 and later
Improved: Requests are recorded in a new page group when a page is refreshed in Chrome
Improved: The Chrome channel (e.g. Dev, Beta, Canary) is displayed in the Properties panel when using a non-stable build
Improved: In Chrome the resource queuing time is now included in the Blocked timing
Fixed: The first request in a web page was not displayed with the correct timing offset relative to other requests in Chrome

2017/10/18 ver 11.0.21

11.0.21 -
18 Oct 2017
Improved: Using the F5 and Ctrl+F5 shortcut keys in the HttpWatch extension window now causes a refresh or forced refresh of the Chrome tab being recorded
Improved: Added data tips for values in the Protocol column
Improved: Extended version information for Windows 10 is now displayed in the Properties pane
Fixed: Duplicate comment items were incorrectly added to HAR files

2017/10/04 ver 11.0.20

11.0.20 -
03 Oct 2017
Improved: Added data tips for commonly occuring network errors in Chrome
Fixed: Automatic scrolling did not always work correctly in the main request grid

2017/09/25 ver 11.0.19

11.0.19 -
25 Sep 2017
Improved: Added workarounds for inconsistencies in HAR files from F12 Developer Tools in IE 11 so that they can be loaded and viewed in HttpWatch
Fixed: Timing errors could occur in (Aborted) requests recorded in Chrome