タイトル 1by1
URL http://mpesch3.de/
バージョン ver 2.10
更新日 2024/07/11
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 とても小さな音楽再生ソフト。


1by1 多機能かつ使いやすいミュージックプレイヤー。プレイリストやデータベースに煩わされることなく、フォルダ内のトラックを1つずつ再生することができる。スマートなファイルツールでトラックコレクションを処理し、様々な方法でトラックを再編成することができる。レジューム再生にも対応。


  • ディレクトリプレーヤー:フォルダの内容を直接再生
  • 再生再開:トラックと位置を記憶
  • 最近再生した10フォルダのマルチレジューム
  • ギャップレス再生 - トランジションミキシング - オーディオエンハンスメント
  • フォルダツリーファイルナビゲーション - ディレクトリファインダー(ドライブ全体の再生)
  • ACMまたはmpglibによるMP3デコード
  • BASSライブラリのサポート(OGG、WAV、FLAC、AAC、MP4、CD...)
  • ファイルユーティリティ:コピー、移動、再生中の名前変更、削除、日付変更
  • スケーラブルなビッグタイトルビュー - 名前変更ツール - フォルダー比較ツール
  • キューシートのサポート - M3Uプレイリストのサポート - ブックマーク
  • Winamp 2.x入力プラグイン対応 - WAVエクスポート
  • トラックロギング - HTTPコントロールとストリーミングサーバー
  • 高度な設定 - テーマプリセット - グローバルホットキー
  • 非常に小さいサイズ - 低リソース使用量 - ポータブル




Version 2.10 · 2024-07-10 · 209 KB · Simple installer (sfx zip) · Freeware
db2a1635b18d7fed5610c01b621a c5394d974edc019e772cc32eeae8c295aa4a
2.10Optional dark mode · Remote Rew/Ffwd did not work ·Standard open for
list items (Special menu) · Network folder modifications · Some more improvements
MP3 decoding by ACM, mpglib, BASS
Optional 24 bit output and 32 bit audio processing
Version 2.09 · 2024-04-22 · 209 KB · Simple installer (sfx zip) · Freeware
083e576fb95d0d29099758b32bfa 99d7fc26ccad4420ca075c65a82e29b6fb7b
2.09Optional general 24 bit output · Daylight saving and time stamp issue in lists corrected
· Big view background color change wasn't shown directly · Some minor things
Version 2.08 · 2024-03-09 · 205 KB · Simple installer (sfx zip) · Freeware
2.08AAC/MP4 access with pure BASS · Separate values for Rewind and Fast forward ·
Next track if Fast forward reaches end option · Layout improvements · Some adaptions
Copyright © 2024 Martin Pesch
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Version 2.07 · 2023-08-16 · 205 KB · Simple installer (sfx zip) · Freeware
8f50e641dd298d46ae9a84bccc 22feec89734c5a54ff07b90ccd49df1ff9fad3
2.07Find in current list bug fixed · Summer time detection for Compare feature · Volume
and position bar changes and larger size option · Touchpad scrolling improved · Minor changes
Links · Tutorials · MiscContact ·
Version 2.06 · 2023-06-03 · 205 KB · Simple installer (sfx zip) · Freeware
3ce7a049246c4ae39e794adb678a 585bb0e562bc7cbb3cc84a8a5ea33e9264ee
2.06Find in current list (Ctrl+F) · Shortcut changes for copy features
Copyright © 2023 Martin Pesch
player - and much more. Play the tracks in your carefully arranged folders one by one with no need to fuddle
Version 2.05 · 2022-10-27 · 204 KB · Simple installer (sfx zip) · Freeware
2.05Key shortcut problem fixed · Adjustable exponential fade decay · Fade on unquiet
track end option for Overlap · Time summary for length in info column · Remaining time also in Big view
· Some improvements and corrections
Version 2.04 · 2022-06-18 · 204 KB · Simple installer (sfx zip) · Freeware
2.04Quick settings page · Wrong label edit fixed · Enhancer 2 user presets ·
Enhancer 2 visualisation option (Big view) · Toolbar buttons for enhancers and mono ·
Group current 3 months option · Minor changes and corrections
2.03Optional Explorer styles in the tree · Config dialog changes · Some output
Version 2.03 · 2022-04-16 · 200 KB · Simple installer (sfx zip) · Freeware
2.03Optional Explorer style folder tree · Config dialog changes · Some output
corrections · Minor improvements
Recommended for many formats: BASS library (see "More")
Copy the files to the 1by1 program folder. Settings / Control / Toolbar / Symbols.
Almost every common audio format - depending on additional decoder libraries. A 'pure'
in the Big view area which can be placed above or below the track list. The content of the Big view can be
tracks of a path by calling Show subfolder contents from the tree context menu. If this does not work in
rare cases, use Find files with no search term. Alternatively you can fill the toggleable playlist view with
tracks and then shuffle this list. The playlist view will be kept while a modified file list will be overwritten on directory change.
creates a desktop icon. To copy the files to the default 'Program files' folder, it is usually needed to run the Installer
'As administrator' (right button). No admin rights are needed if you install the program to a folder where you have
from using the user profile, the local/portable storing of the settings files can be forced with the option Force portable
settings unter Settings / System. The option works only with write access to the program folder.
Copyright © 2022 Martin Pesch
Version 2.02 · 2021-12-21 · 200 KB · Simple installer (sfx zip) · Freeware
2.02Multi resume bugs fixed · Minor modifications
2.01DPI awareness · Modified large buttons and theme presets
Version 2.01 · 2021-12-13 · 200 KB · Simple installer (sfx zip) · Freeware
2.01DPI awareness preventing bitmap scaling · Modified large buttons and theme presets
· Some more functions for global hotkeys · File info dialog re-designed · Control lock options
· Some more improvements
Directory Player: directly plays folder contents
Resume play: remembers track and position
Multi Resume for the ten recently played folders
Folder tree file navigation · Directory finder (to play a whole drive)
Cue sheet support · M3U Playlist support · Bookmarks
Track logging · HTTP control and streaming server
Version 2.00 · 2021-10-30 · 198 KB · Simple installer (sfx zip) · Freeware
2.00Possible folder resume related crash fixed · Cue sheet times display bug fixed ·
System properties for track context menu · Explorer from context with track selected · Program icon as
optional picture placeholder · File sizes shown in MB · Some options went to Special tab ·
Minor changes
Level meter corrections · Plugin host adjustments
Almost every common audio format - depending on additional decoder libraries. A "pure"
1by1 plays only MP3 by using the system ACM decoder which is present in Windows and also in newer Wine versions on
Linux. To play many more formats like AAC, MP4, WAV, FLAC, OGG, WMA, you should add the BASS library
possibly with Add-ons to 1by1's program folder. The download can be found on the More page. Important:
As 1by1 is a 32 bit application, also the 32 bit versions of the DLLs must be used.
For the current track artist and title info from ID3 tags as well as possible cover art are shown