ソフト更新情報 - 最新9日分(1/3)



AnyDesk ver 8.0.8 → 8.0.10 04/25 12:40
24.04.2024 - 8.0.10 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs:
- Fixed direct connections between clients in the same LAN
- Fixed crash when Outgoing Session is being closed
- Fixed Main Window visibility after closing Outgoing Session in Custom Clients with Preset Password
- Fixed visibility of Remove button in settings for Access Control (ACL) and Wake-on-LAN when using Light UI theme
- Fixed keyboard interaction with ACL list in Access Settings
- Fixed behavior of Block Remote Input permission
Git for Windows ver 2.45.0-rc0 → 2.45.0-rc1 04/25 10:30
Git for Windows v2.45.0-rc1.windows.1 Pre-release

Changes since Git for Windows v2.44.0 (February 23rd 2024)

New Features

  • Comes with Git v2.45.0-rc1.
  • Comes with PCRE2 v10.43.
  • Comes with GNU Privacy Guard v2.4.5.
  • Comes with Git LFS v3.5.1.
  • MinGit now supports running git difftool.
  • Comes with OpenSSH v9.7.P1.
  • Comes with GNU TLS v3.8.4.
  • Comes with Tig v2.5.9.
  • Comes with cURL v8.7.1.
  • Comes with Git Credential Manager v2.5.0.

Bug Fixes

  • Since v2.14.0(2), Git for Windows' installer re
Bell The Cat ver 6.00 → 6.01 04/25 10:30
2024/04/25 : Bell The Cat Ver.6.01
CPU,RAM使用率表示/様々な履歴を保存/自動的にボタンを押す 2024/04/25
Zed ver 0.133.0-pre → 0.133.1-pre 04/25 08:30
v0.133.1-pre Pre-release
  • Fixed a bug where some inputs were using the wrong font style (preview-only).
Chrome ベータ版 ver 125.0.6422.4 → 125.0.6422.14 04/25 05:30
GitLab ver 16.11.0 → 16.11.1 04/25 05:30
## 16.11.1 (2024-04-24)
### Security (5 changes)
- [Validation for encoded formatting characters](gitlab-org/security/gitlab@fc42e4b96ae1ac3cd766569d62d025cbf23ef16c) ([merge request](gitlab-org/security/gitlab!3979))
- [Forbid untrusted sign-ins to GitLab with Bitbucket and fix related uid](gitlab-org/security/gitlab@ef083c319e67072029787cd5c6a588562984a58c) ([merge request](gitlab-org/security/gitlab!3983))
- [Ensure PAT scope is validated everywhere for GraphQL/ActionCable](gitlab-org/security/gitlab@1847435210161d95b9c5fcd079380e7f2892195f) ([merge request](gitlab-org/security/gitlab!3975))
- [Protect against ReDoS in FileFinder with wildcard filters](gitlab-org/security/gitlab@dc16f3baa640ca8d5b223782ef3d58369423a1dd) ([merge request](gitlab-org/security/gitlab!3969))
- [fix: Validate security report version against schema during parsing](gitlab-org/security/gitlab@55e58d49051aa42938ec1d159b5e7eb3c47d2eb1) ([merge request](gitlab-org/security/gitlab!3967))
Raycast ver 1.71.0 → 1.72.0 04/25 03:30
StoreProTeamsDevelopersChangelogBlogPricingLog inDownloadLog inChangelogv1.72.0April 24, 2024⚠️ If you’re running Raycast 1.69 or 1.70, please make sure to manually update the app by running Check for Updates command or by clicking this link ⚠️
💬 AI Chat Presets
💎 Improvements
Auto-dismiss the “See What’s New” item after one day
Search Emojis & Symbols: Added an action to reset the ranking of an emoji
AI Commands: Improve text selection reliability and speed
Quick AI: Add action to delete selected message
AI Chat: New chats now remember the model, creativity, instructions and tools settings used in the last new chat
AI Model Picker: The model information popover now only appears after changing the currently selected model
MAME ver 0.264 → 0.265 04/25 03:30
MAME 0.265 Official Binaries
MAME 0.265 64-bit Windows binaries.
MAME 0.265 full driver information in XML format.
The latest official MAME release is version 0.265. The table below provides links to the source code.
git repository on GitHub. You can also clone tagged releases from our mirrors at GitLab and SourceForge. You can clone the MAME 0.265 source code without
OmniPlan ver 4.6 → 4.8 04/25 02:38
OmniPlan for iOS
April 24, 2024
Requires iOS/iPadOS 16
Recent Changes
OmniPlan 4.8 for iPad and iPhone introduces a new app icon and support for Omni Automation “Install Links.” This release requires iOS/iPadOS 16 or later.
OmniPlan 4.8 for iPad and iPhone
App Icon — New app icon.
ShareMouse for Mac ver 6.0.60 → 6.0.62 04/25 02:38
ShareMouse for Windows ver 6.0.60 → 6.0.62 04/25 02:30
Audacity ver 3.5.0 → 3.5.1 04/25 01:30
Audacity 3.5.1

This is a hotfix release. It fixes the following bugs:

  • #6322 Fixed a crash on launch on macOS 11 and older.
  • #6324 Fixed the update notification looking for alpha versions instead of release versions.
  • #6321 Fixed a freeze when using macros on multiple files.


R言語 ver 4.3.3 → 4.4.0 04/24 22:30
Startup banners, R --version, sessionInfo()
and R CMD check no longer report (64-bit) as part of
the platform as this is almost universal – the increasingly rare
32-bit platforms will still report (32-bit).
On Windows, ditto for window titles.
is.atomic(NULL) now returns FALSE, as NULL
is not an atomic vector. Strict back-compatibility would
SABnzbd ver 4.3.0RC1 → 4.3.0RC2 04/24 21:31
SABnzbd 4.3.0RC2 Pre-release

Release Notes - SABnzbd 4.3.0 Release Candidate 2

This is the second release candidate of SABnzbd 4.3.0.

Key changes since 4.2.0

  • Archive:

    • When jobs are removed from the History, they are moved to the Archive.
    • Keep your History clean and still be able to reliably use Duplicate Detection.
  • Apprise Integrated:

    • Send notifications using Apprise to almost any notification service.
    • Supported notifications: https://github.com/caronc/apprise/wiki
    • Notification Script SABnzbd-notify.py is no longer needed.
  • Added IPv6-staging op

Winpilot ver 2024.4.7 → 2024.4.10 04/24 19:30
Winpilot - Clippy's back, stronger and open source!


Extensive code refactoring has eliminated remnants of classic Bloatynosy/AI and old "AI" functions.

A new link Join the code has been added to the UI where you're welcome to contribute to improving the project, whether it's enhancing the web core and UI with Javascript/html, css or the C# backend.

Also, take note of the extensive optimizations made in yesterday's release 2024.4.7 and the adjustment of the versioning scheme.

Gauche ver 0.9.13 → 0.9.15 04/24 14:36
2024-04-23 Shiro Kawai
* Release 0.9.15
* tools/tls/Makefile.in: Downgraded MbedTLS-internal version to
3.5.2, since 3.6.0 has an issue on MinGW. See
* tools/tls/process-config.sh: Need to tweak MinGW i686 build.
* lib/gauche/configure.scm (cf-call-with-cpp): Added.
* src/genconfig.in: Add --cpp and --cppflags for C preprocessor
configration. Useful for 'configure' script.
秀丸メール ver 7.29 → 7.30 04/24 14:31
2024/04/24 V7.30
S/MIME電子署名のメールを送信して、受け取った側で検証に失敗するバグ修正。Version 7.27でレベルダウンしていた。
WinDynamicDesktop ver 5.4.2 → 5.5.0 04/24 11:30
WinDynamicDesktop 5.5.0

Note: PowerShell scripts written for older versions of WinDD will stop working and must be updated. See #582


  • Added light mode as alternative to dark mode that always shows day images (#547)
  • Added option to show only installed themes in Select Theme dialog (#576)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error in wallpaper scheduler the day after Daylight Saving Time begins (#579)
  • Fixed invalid format strings for some translations like Javanese (#580)
  • Fixed error when downloading beta translations from POEditor (#581)
Windows Package Manager preview ver 1.8.924 → 1.8.1133 04/24 10:30
Windows Package Manager 1.8.1133-preview Pre-release

This is the third development build after the Windows Package Manager 1.7 build for Windows 10(1809+) and Windows 11.
This build will be released to Windows Insider Dev builds and Windows Package Manager Insiders.

Experimental features are enabled in this release. Run winget features to see which experimental features are enabled or disabled. Add the following to your settings (winget settings) file to enable the experimental features.

    "experimentalFeatures": {
        "sideBySide": true

This release contains ARM64 support for the Microsoft.WinGet.Client PowerShell Module along with improvements to the index.

Windows Package Manager ver 1.7.10861 → 1.7.11132 04/24 08:31

Windows Package Manager 1.7.11132

ryfu-msft released this 23 Apr 21:10

This release is the fourth stable release of Windows Package Manager 1.7 for Windows 10 (1809+), and Windows 11.
Experimental features have been disabled in this release.

This release addresses various bugs and adds arm64 support for the Microsoft.WinGet.Client powershell module.

What's Changed

  • Add support for optional limitation set in configuration remote server and p
Text Grap ver 4.4.1 → 4.4.2 04/24 08:31

Updated packages and fixed an issue with the Tesseract setting not saving

Chrome 安定版 ver 124.0.6367.61 → 124.0.6367.78 04/24 08:31
QEMU ver 9.0.0-rc4 → 9.0.0 04/24 08:30
Apr 23rd 2024signature — changes
To download and build QEMU 9.0.0:
wget https://download.qemu.org/qemu-9.0.0.tar.xz
tar xvJf qemu-9.0.0.tar.xz
cd qemu-9.0.0
WinToUSB ver 8.5 → 8.8 04/24 06:37

• Clone Windows to USB/Thunderbolt drive as portable Windows.Improved
• Download Official Windows 11/10/8.1 ISO file from Microsoft.Improved
Version: 8.8
Logseq ver 0.10.8 → 0.10.9 04/24 04:43

Desktop/Android APP 0.10.9 (Beta Testing)

github-actions released this 23 Apr 14:00
  • [[Thanks]]
    • [[desk7]]
      • Update Italian translation in #11179
    • [[KaMeHb-UA]]
      • Add Linux ARM64 build support in #11183
    • [[Sun-Wukung]]
      • Update tutorial-sk.md in #11226
    • [[thief-sty]]
      • Update docs/develop-logseq.md in #11218
      • Fix e2e-test comman
Slack App ver 4.37.101 → 4.38.115 04/24 04:43
Ruby ver 3.3.0 → 3.3.1 04/24 04:35
現在の安定版は 3.3.1です。
Ruby 3.3.1
sha256: 8dc2af2802cc700cd182d5430726388ccf885b3f0a14fcd6a0f21ff249c9aa99
Ruby 3.2.4
sha256: c72b3c5c30482dca18b0f868c9075f3f47d8168eaf626d4e682ce5b59c858692
Ruby 3.1.5
sha256: 3685c51eeee1352c31ea039706d71976f53d00ab6d77312de6aa1abaf5cda2c5
Ruby 3.0.7
sha256: 2a3411977f2850431136b0fab8ad53af09fb74df2ee2f4fb7f11b378fe034388
RunJS ver 2.11.0 → 2.12.0 04/24 03:30
2.12.0 Pre-release
  • Improved support for ES modules
  • Updated build options to move away from Babel naming conventions
  • Tab titles now default to the first line of text within the associated editor
  • Added the ability to import and export snippet libraries
  • Added the ability to toggle syntax highlighting on output results
  • Added a shortcut for displaying completion suggestions
  • Rename the runtime values setting to expression results
  • Line matching now appends values to lines if the source line is the same
  • Deleting snippets now requires confirmation
UltraSearch ver 4.1.2 → 4.1.3 04/24 01:30
Version 4.1.3
Error corrections
When entering a search term in quotation marks to search for whole words in file names, there was a problem when using the placeholders ? and *. This problem has been fixed.
A rare bug where parts of the user interface were not displayed correctly has been fixed.
Fixed a bug when browsing OneDrive folders.
UltraSearch no longer freezes when deactivating a UNC path that is no longer available.
The scaling of the user interface in environments with multiple screens and high DPI settings has been further improved.
A possible error when searching for file contents of PDF files has been fixed.
SepPDF ver 3.77 → 3.78 04/24 01:30
最新情報2024.04.23 SepPDFがVer3.78にアップ
2024.03.26 SepPDFがVer3.77にアップ
Ver3.78 (フリーソフト)  spdf378.zip
(221,815 byte) 2024.4.23Up
Ver1.20 ・・Windows95/98/Me/NT4.0/2000/XP/Vista/98(Eng)/2000(Eng)SepPDFは以下のサイトにも収録されています ・Vector 紹介ページ(2002.1.22~) ・窓の杜 紹介ページ(2002.3.12~2020.3.11)


WordPress for iOS ver → 04/23 23:30 Pre-release

Release notes loading…
Release notes loading…
Release notes loading…
(Just kidding, no new updates. See you in two weeks!)

Jenkins ver 2.454 → 2.455 04/23 22:30
What's new in 2.455
permalink to this entry
Remove ASM dependencies from core.
(issue 73046)
Security fix.
(2024-04-17 security advisory)
Q-Dir ver 11.55 → 11.61 04/23 22:30
HOME ► Page 1 ► Q-Dir 11.61
Q-Dir the Quad Explorer for Microsoft's Windows 11, 10, ... Desktop and Server! About History Eula Images FAQ Download (814 KB) DE COM EU
Update on: 23 April 2024Suitable for : Windows 11, Windows 10, 8.1, 7, ... , Server 2012-2019, 2022, x64, x32, x86
... Download (814 KB)... Extra Images... Extra Info... FAQ
# Q-Dir Versions HistoryNew in version 11.61 // 23 April 2024 The active tab (in File Explorer) is now easier to see in Windows 10 and 11, as it is marked with an orange overline like it used to be in Windows XP.
Address bafr icons are now more visible at high DPI display settings.
A new toolbar has been added to the address bar, which will replace others in future versions.
Optionally, the matrix color design can be selected via the menu under Extras, Colors.
Further improvements will be implemented in future versions. If you have any problems with the display improvements, please simply contact us.
ImgDrive ver 2.1.5 → 2.1.6 04/23 16:30
ImgDrive 2.1.6Mount any disc image as virtual drive
Download Installer Size: 1.1 MBReleased: 2024-04-23
Download Portable Size: 1.8 MBReleased: 2024-04-23
Version 2.1.6 2024-04-23
Added display missing folder icon for missing folders Some minor changes and improvements
Tower for Windows ver 6.0.474 → 6.1.479 04/23 09:30
Release Notes New features, improvements, and fixes. Here are the recent updates for Tower.
Tower 6.0 brings Branch Comparison to Windows! This feature is very useful for reviewing all the changes introduced by a branch.
Branch Comparison
Click on the "Compare" icon to compare your current branch with a different local branch. Tower will display only the commits that have been made on the feature branch.
You can also check if a merge would cause conflicts and see if your branch is behind the base branch.
Released Apr 22, 2024
Download for Windows 10+
Copy SHA1 checksum
Docker ver 26.0.2 → 26.1.0 04/23 08:43


For a full list of pull requests and changes in this release, refer to the relevant GitHub milestones:

  • docker/cli, 26.1.0 milestone
  • moby/moby, 26.1.0 milestone
  • Deprecated and removed features, see Deprecated Features.
  • Changes to the Engine API, see API version history.


  • Add configurable OpenTelemetry utilities and basic instrumentation to commands.
    For more information, see OpenTelemetry for the Docker CLI. docker/cli#4889

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • Native Windows containers are configured with an internal DNS server for container name resolution, and external DNS servers for other lookups. Not all resolvers, including n
HyperSnap ver 9.4.0 → 9.5.0 04/23 08:35
64-bit HyperSnap 9.5.0 (English version)
    Download 32-bit HyperSnap 9.5.0
HyperSnap 9.5.0, 64-bit   
German version HyperSnap 9.5.0,
LastPass ver 4.129.0 → 4.130.0 04/23 04:30
v4.130.0 - April 22nd 2024 -- Chrome,Chromium Edge,Opera
New configuration option in the in-field menu for pausing and disabling LastPass for websites.
New “Cloud apps” option in the LastPass browser extension drop-down menu.
Fixed a bug that caused high CPU load when using the LastPass extension.
Fixed a bug for the Chrome extension Options menu.
Fixed a bug for the reused password alerts.
Improvements for the import feature.
Fixed a bug for the LastPass Premium trial users' “Starter kit” experience.
v1.6.643 - April 16th 2024 -- AD Connector
True Burner Free Edition ver 9.8 → 9.9 04/23 01:30
True Burner v9.9
Released April 22, 2024
1by1 ver 2.08 → 2.09 04/23 01:30
MP3 decoding by ACM, mpglib, BASS
Optional 24 bit output and 32 bit audio processing
Version 2.09 · 2024-04-22 · 209 KB · Simple installer (sfx zip) · Freeware
083e576fb95d0d29099758b32bfa 99d7fc26ccad4420ca075c65a82e29b6fb7b
2.09Optional general 24 bit output · Daylight saving and time stamp issue in lists corrected
· Big view background color change wasn't shown directly · Some minor things
ungoogled-chromium ver 123.0.6312.122-1 → 124.0.6367.60-1 04/23 00:40
Update to Chromium 124.0.6367.60
This release is for Linux and Windows
LaunchControl ver 2.5.4 → 2.5.5 04/23 00:39
Mozilla Firefox ver 125.0.1 → 125.0.2 04/23 00:30
Linux ARM64/AArch64
Linux ARM64/AArch64
Linux ARM64/AArch64
Linux ARM64/AArch64