タイトル DBeaver
URL https://dbeaver.io/download/
バージョン ver 24.1.2
更新日 2024/07/08
追加日 2019/09/07
種別 フリーソフト
説明 マルチプラットフォーム対応のデータベース管理ツール。






            - SQL Editor:
                - Performance in Smart mode of Blank line as a statement delimiter was enhanced
                - Ability to show all SQL scripts from the main toolbar was added
                - Syntax highlighting for functions with multiple arguments was fixed
                - SQL datatype color use was corrected
                - DROP statement support was added to Outline
            - Metadata Editor: Foreign Key creation dialog UIX was improved
            - Data Editor:
                - Indication of the table read-only/editable mode was added
                - Information about active unique key used for data edit was added
                - Customise and Save filter buttons were moved to the dropdown
                - Issue with too small Result Set Order/Filter Settings window was resolved
                - Rollback t
            - AI: GPT-4o model was supported
            - SQL Editor:
                - Auto-save editor setting was enabled by default
                - ILIKE keyword was supported
                - Support for unsigned numbers in GROUP BY clause was added
                - Syntax highlighting and outline viewer support parameter changes in SQL Processing settings
                - Links to the SQL Editor and Visual Query Builder were added to the Context menu
                - Buttons in the right toolbar were renamed
                - Print mode in ER Diagrams and Execution plan was fixed
                - Saving Diagram outside the workspace was fixed
            - Data Editor:
                - Information about table unique key is displayed in the grid
                - BETWEEN and LIKE keywords were added to filetr autocomplection
            - Dat
            Changes since 24.0.5:
            - SQL Editor: issue with extra linefeed during autocompletion was fixed
            - Data Editor: loading data when fast scrolling using the keyboard was fixed
            - Database tasks:
                - Maximum execution time option was added
                - Tasks running from non-default workspace was fixed
            - Connectivity:
                - 'Azure AD' was renamed to 'Microsoft Entra ID'
                - Links to database support documentation were added for many databases
                - Automatical termination of the shell command script 'Before connect' was fixed
            - General:
                - Crash when closing detached editor tab in another window was fixed
                - 'Restore default' for Metadata read, Client identification settings was fixed
                - .pro
            - SQL Editor:
                - Smart mode for statement delimiter was improved
                - Default option for the setting 'Blank line is statement delimiter' was changed to 'Always'
                - Cursor behavior during autocompletion was improved
                - Code highlighting issue with a quoted identifier in case of no connection was fixed
                - High CPU usage for large script was fixed
            - Metadata Editor:
                - Highlighting for created entities was changed to green
                - Virtual foreign keys: reference table container selector was fixed
            - Database Navigator: CTRL+C and other shortcuts behavior after the application startup were fixed
            - AI (extension): custom scope performance was improved
            - General:
                - Opening editors for files w
            - SQL Editor:
                - Smart mode for Blank line is statement delimiter  setting was fixed
                - Vertical button alignment was fixed
            - ER Diagrams: Keep layout selection was fixed
            - Data transfer:
                - Import from CSV with duplicated columns names was fixed
                - Parallel data transfer monitoring/cancellation were fixed
            - Dashboards:
                - Ability to drag and drop charts to another dashboard was added
                - Number of minor UI improvements were added
            - Connectivity:
                - SSH parameters validation on the Connection page was added
                - Editing of 'Local host' and 'Remote host' fields in the Port Forwarding section was fixed
                - Database connection timeout notification was fixed
            - General:
                - Migration from Toad for Oracle was supported
                - Sensitive information in the log files is now masked
            - SQL Editor:
                - Smart mode for 'Blank line as statement delimiter' option was added (enabled by default)
                - Sub-select autocompletion was added
                - Highlighting of column references in INSERT queries was fixed
                - Outline viewer opening was fixed
                - Issue with hidden text on macOS was fixed
            - Connectivity:
                - Space trimming when saving user credentials was added
                - Saving SSH configuration with missing AWS private key was fixed
                - Reconnecting via SSH tunnel was fixed
            - ER Diagrams: foreign keys presentation was fixed
            - AI:
            - Connectivity:
                - Using multiple jumps tunnels when connecting via SSH was supported
                - Enable tunnel sharing option was added
                - Test connection was fixed
            - SQL Editor:
                - WHERE TRUE and SELECT UNIQUE support was added
                - Error with single quoted string was fixed
                - Syntax highlighting after active schema change was fixed
            - Data Editor:
                - Automatic row count option was added (thanks to @utsav1704)
            - Metadata editor:
                - Deleting table comments was fixed
                - Linking with the editor was fixed
            - General:
                - Ability to collect log files from the interface was added
                - Transaction rollback behavior was fixed
                - Metadata chan
            - Connectivity:
                - Shared SSH sessions support was added
                - Connection via native proxy was fixed
                - Dark theme support on the Connection page was improved
            - SQL Editor:
                - Highlighting, validation, and outline for INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE were supported
                - Incorrect cursor position during autocomplete was fixed
                - QUALIFY keyword was supported (thanks to @ashu7896)
            - Metadata editor: automatic reference column creation for a new foreign key was implemented
            - Data Editor:
                - Opening of a table with empty data was fixed
                - SRID editing was fixed
            - General:
                - SVG icons support was added
                - Error when checking checkboxes in the Formatting page in Pre
            Changes since 23.3.5:
            - SQL Editor:
                - Nested CASE statements were supported
                - Deleting queries from Outline was fixed
                - Type casts support was improved
                - Handling of right-click on collapsed query was fixed
                - Expanding collapsed group after the code execution was fixed
            - Metadata editor: changing the key name when a constraint is changed
            - Data Editor: SRID switching in the Spatial data viewer was fixed
            - ER Diagram:
                - Missing connection lines were fixed
                - Mikami-Tabuchi routing type was disabled
            - AI:
                - Comment presentation was improved
                - Sending unique keys and indexes was fixed
            - Data Transfer:
                - Export statistic 
            - SQL Editor:
                - Syntax highlighting was improved
                - Highlighting in nested queries and on query editing was fixed
                - Scrolling with opened Outline was fixed
                - Applying settings to Outline was fixed
                - Order by i.* was supported in Outline
                - Joined tables presentation in Outline was fixed
            - AI: Ability to send object descriptions to OpenAI was added
            - Data Editor:
                - Scrolling multiple tab result was improved. You can scroll all result sets using Ctrl
                - Fetch next page shortcut was changed to CTRL+ALT+N
            - ER Diagram: Connections rendering was improved
            - Data transfer:
                - The Proceed button at the last step became more visible
                - On conflict expres
            - Metadata Editor:
                - Constraint creation was fixed
                - Editor performance on Linux was enhanced
            - SQL Editor:
                - Autocomplete for aggregate functions was added
                - Arrays highlighting was added
                - SELECT query validation was fixed
                - Color and font settings with enabled semantic analysis was fixed
                - Small font in the editor and result set was fixed
                - Creating multiple parsing jobs was fixed
            - Outline viewer:
                - Composite types and arrays support and validation was added
                - Data type decorations were added
                - Error when saving SQL console as a script was fixed
            - AI: Issue with using chat format in completion dialog was fixed
            - Data Edi