タイトル AutoIt
バージョン ver
更新日 2022/09/20
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 Windows GUIの操作の自動化を目的に設計された、BASIC風のスクリプト言語。






バージョン履歴 (19th September, 2022) (Release)
Fixed #3866: REGEXPCLASS broken in
Fixed #3865: Image Control resizing behave as forced $GUI_DOCKWIDTH and $GUI_DOCKHEIGHT.
Fixed #3864: StringRegExp() crash with patterns that cause infinite recursion.
Fixed #3876: Hex Number Arithmetic is incorrect.
Fixed #3869: Subtraction operator before power operation is parsed incorrectly.
Fixed #3879: Dim Map to Array.
Fixed #3875: GUICtrlSetResizing() performance by Reverting #3831: GUICtrlSetPos() $GUI_DOCKHCENTER.
Fixed: missing uninstalling file GUICtrlInternals.au3 since
Fixed: regression GUICtrlSetResizing() $GUI_DOCKBOTTOM full screen with WS_POPUP style.
Added: UBound[2] example.
Added: StringRegExp[5] example.
Added: _GUICtrlEdit_SetPadding() function and example.
Added: _WinAPI_RegDeleteKey() can use $hKey as in RegRead().
Added #3863: _WinAPI_GetCapture().
Added: Allows _DebugArrayDisplay() to be used in UserFunc.
Added: _ArrayDisplay() and _DebugArrayDisplay() support Min Column width.
Added: _Array2DCreate() support 1D and/or 2D arrays.
(省略されました) (6th March, 2022)
Changed: PCRE regular expression engine updated to 8.44.
Added #3741: GUISetStyle() example to avoid blank title bar.
Added #3681: Lang Variable prefix "o".
Added #3670: DriveGetDrive() @error doc clarification.
Added #3574: GuiCtrlCreateInput() Doc $ES_AUTOHSCROLL precision.
Added: doc pages about ControlID/Handle and String/Encoding.
Added #2375: SetError(), SetExtended() doc precision.
Added #3780: WinSetTitle() on notepad.exe is reverted when the windows get focus starting Windows 19H1 !!!
Added #3222: Doc precision for statement with 2 FileInstall().
Added: ConsoleWrite() preserves the @error and @extended.
Added: ConsoleWriteError() preserves the @error and @extended.
Added #2938: Add "GetCount" to ControlCommand()
Added #3539: FileGetTime() UTC.
Added #3808: ProgressOn()/ProgressSet() - size of the progress window
Added #3662: FileGetTime() Msec.
Added #3826: GUI "On event" While loop precision.
Added #3662: FileGetTime() Msec.
(省略されました) (16th March, 2018) (Release)
Fixed #3606: CheckForUpdates : Extras\AutoUpdateIt\AutoUpdateIt.au3 script. (9th March, 2018) (Release)
Added #3230: _WinAPI_WideCharToMultiByte() new optional parameter to return binary.
Fixed: _FileListToArrayRec() wrong constant
Fixed: _ArrayAdd() Boolean force
Fixed #3586: _ArraySwap() doc parameter
Fixed #3585: _GUICtrlTreeView_Sort() for level 1 sorting
Fixed: _Net_Share_*() error reporting
Fixed: $KEY_WRITE value for _WinAPI_RegCreateKey() or _WinAPI_RegOpenKey()
Added: _ArrayAdd can force elements to Boolean using $ARRAYFILL_FORCE_BOOLEAN flag. (2nd February, 2018) (Release)
Changed: Location of the link pointing to the #pragma directive. Found in the language directives page.
Changed: PCRE regular expression engine updated to 8.37.
Fixed #3237: Event log decoding now deals with more than 9 tokens.
Fixed #3068: Switch comment was incorrect in the documentation.
Fixed #2997: Fixed bug with caseless UTF regular expressions.
Fixed #3009: MouseGetCursor() for HAND.
Fixed #2899: WinGetHandle("LAST") @error.
Fixed #2945: Center and right justified text broken on native buttons when colours set.
Fixed #2916: GUISetCoord() not used in GUICtrlCreatePic().
Fixed #2869: GUICtrlSetTip() displays wrong tip.
Fixed #2892: GUICtrlSetData() on Dummy Control.
Fixed: EnvUpdate() will no longer be blocked by hung windows.
Fixed: pragma directive was not working correctly for setting Windows 10 options.
Fixed: WSAGetError -> WSAGetLastError typo in TCP/UDP doc functions.
Fixed #3193: Help "Language Reference - Variable" example.
Fixed: $EXITCLOSE_BYSUTDOWN -> $EXITCLOSE_BYSHUTDOWN typo in AutoItConstants.au3 used with OnAutoItExitRegister(). THIS IS A SCRIPT BREAKING CHANGE
IMPORTANT: See here for recent script-breaking changes.
Here is the summarized history of the changes to AutoIt v3.
(For the complete technical history click here. For the complete history including all changes between beta versions click here.) (18th September, 2015) (Release)
Fixed: #pragma directive was not working correctly for setting Windows 10 options.
Fixed #3078: _ArrayUnique() error on 2D arrays with autocheck.
Changed: _SQLite_Startup() no longer automatically downloads DLL files. THIS IS A SCRIPT BREAKING CHANGE (28th July, 2015) (Release)
Changed: Installer method of modifying PSModulePath updated.
Changed: AutoIt3Help.exe reworked and digitally signed. (10th July, 2015) (Release)