タイトル NetPeeker
URL http://www.net-peeker.com/
バージョン 4.5.2   4.5.1   4.5.0   4.0.0   3.50   3.42   3.41   3.40   3.30   3.21   3.20  
更新日 2023/01/22
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 シェアウェア(25ドル)
説明 ファイアウォール機能、スパイウェアのブロック機能、ネットワーク速度制限など様々な機能を持つソフトウェア。







Version 4.5.2 ( Jan 21, 2023 )
System guard add "effect day/hour" feature
Group edition further optimized console/agents communication, to avoid console hang caused by events flood.
Personal edition GUI show history bar when click the current down/up number
GUI Change text scale when user change Windows text size instead of DPI
Changed behavior of "Do not block local network". If one rule explicitly block by a local network address, honor it.
Issues fixed:
System guard fix issue that registry deletion was not detected/blocked
Fixed one crash when multiple network packets windows opened
Fix issue that drag/drop firewall rule items cause crash
  Changes History
Version 4.5.1 ( Dec 05, 2021 )
Whole new group edition 4.5.1
Change archiving to report progress more smooth and easy abort
Also show service name for non-svchost services, and for Wow64 process
Do not show duplicate listening port if listen on multiple interface
Firewall events now show rule name in brief list
Tested works for Windows 11
Issues fixed:
Query log with exact remote name filter got empty result
URLs captured in log was not display when show log detail
In statistics view, change view size will cause plot showing mess up
IP location failed show latitude/longitude
Some process exit but still keep live in process list
Listening UDP port will lose track after several minutes
Failed resolve unicode DNS name
Version 4.5.0 ( Jan 31, 2021 )
  Changes History
Version 4.5.0 ( Jan 31, 2021 )
Re-written kernel driver for more solid architecture.
Better compatibility with Windows 10
New file/folder protection in SystemGuard
Display service name correctly on Windows 10
Acquire most established sessions upon install, do not need reboot
Improved priority based traffic shapping, better utilize network bandwidth
Audit files are more corrupt tolerant
Fixed outdated WHOIS and geo-location utility
Version 4.0.0 ( May 28, 2017 )
Re-written GUI. Re-organized features. Optimized display for high DPI monitor.
Provided API for implementing custom features.
Version 3.50 ( Jul 21, 2013 )
Optimized priority based throttle to be more smart and try to not waste network bandwidth.
Clean the Throttle setting page, move settings into extra dialog, to make settings clear.
Version 4.0.0 ( May 28, 2017 )
Re-written GUI. Re-organized features. Optimized display for high DPI monitor.
Provided API for implementing custom features.
Version 3.50 ( Jul 21, 2013 )
Optimized priority based throttle to be more smart and try to not waste network bandwidth.
Clean the Throttle setting page, move settings into extra dialog, to make settings clear.
Re-written the DOS detection code. Now it can detect DOS in period of "minute" or "hour" instead of "second" only.
Re-written the SYN flood protection code, actively force windows TCP/IP stack to release resources for the half-open sessions, to be able to accept more incoming connections
"System Guard" feature added ability to block .NET executibles.
Optimized BlueTrak rule importing, to be able to import more than 300000 records in short time. Also limited GUI ruleset tree to display only first 100 imported item, to improve dialog loading speed.
Personal Edition: Show different toaster title color for triggered allow/deny/ask rules.
Personal Edition: When close main window to the tray icon, display the "still running" balloon only twice (keep slient after twice display)
Added "Min" button to "View Detail" dialog.
Save and restore column position information for all TreeList controls, include columns width.
Add "Unblock" context menu for program and sessions, whenever there was a firewall rule created by "Block It!"
Issues fixed:
Display service name correctly for Win8/2012
Fixed conflict with "McAfee Internet Security" which caused sessions failed to be displayed
Fixed bug that when DNS cache full, firewall/throttle stop working for rules based on DNS name
Fixed an occasional BSOD when using throttle.
Fixed one BSOD on Win2003.
Version 3.42 ( Jan 09, 2013 )
All Editions: A new option to apply filter to statistics log
Issues fixed:
All Editions: Fix issue that after update with "keep configuration", firewall rule was wiped until user apply .xml to .rul again.
All Editions: When need to open web browser (to show map for example), open user default browser instead of popup IE
Personal Editions: Resize option pages to fit inside 800x600.
Version 3.41 ( Jul 31, 2012 )
Bugs fixed:
Program speed always display 0 when there are multiple process instances
In rule editor, the time range can not specify '7pm - 12am', this is fixed, now it can input even like '7am-3am'
Sometimes will display lower speed than real for application which use high port number, like eMule.
Query log by "svchost.exe" will not return log items like "svchost.exe[DNScache]"
When processing fragmental IP packets, it will BSOD if follow-up fragments reached before the first fragment
Personal Edition: Uninstall old version and re-install new version will overwrite kept firewall rules.
Copyright © 2003-2012 eMing Software Inc.
  Changes History
Version 3.40 ( Jun 02, 2012 )
New features:
Network traffic quota. Allocate monthly or daily quota based on rule, chose block or limit speed after quota used up.
This is a feature under "Throttle" engine, requires "throttle" engine to be enabled. You can also check current quota status inside
throttle setting page.
Generic rule editor now support "remote country" criteria, so firewall and speed limit rule can be created based on remote country.
"Who is" and "session information" dialog add option to get remote geolocation.
A new utility to migrate exist agents to new console
All Editions: A new log query option to "show security events only"
All Editions: Added default option "Do not block or limit speed for sessions inside local network"
All Editions: Bytes and speed calculation changed to include all packet headers instead of payload only, to more suit the calculation of ISP and Windows system
So the speed Net-Peeker displayed will be slightly higher then application display who only care about paypload
All Editions: Auto fit column size when user double-click any list column header
All Editions: By default enable log events and setup log folder to "[Net-Peeker folder]\log"
All Editions: Added log option to not save remote information in statistics, to reduce data size
All Editions: Improved the statistics bar display, to show more low data when contrast is too high
All Editions: In any query dialog, whenever "from date" or "to date" changes, automatically adjust the other one to avoid invalid date range
Version 3.30 ( Aug 14, 2011 )
New major feature - System Guard. Protect system by monitoring operations on registry and execution attempts, deny operation by rules.
Removed "popup killer" feature for XP/2003 (for Win7, there was no such feature), because web browser did better now.
Distinguish services hosted inside svchost.exe, display them separately.
Re-write the throttle priority codes, now it's easier to use and not require input network interface maximum speed.
Improved string display in detail dialog and log viewer, to display long strings neatly.
Changed WhoIs code to parse new data format get from ARIN.
For firewall/throttle/log rule list, added check box beside each rule to disable/enable rule more easier (per customer request)
Group edition console can "un-manage" agent now.
Group edition console highlight current "managed" agent.
Version 3.21 ( Jan 16, 2011 )
Version 3.20 ( Aug 1, 2010 )
Copyright © 2003-2011 eMing Software Inc.
Version 3.21 ( Jan 16, 2011 )
New features added:
Firewall rule on application now support wildcard.
For example A rule of "c:\program files\aaa\*.exe" will match all ".exe" files inside that folder, not include sub folders.
A rule of "c:\program files\...\*.exe" will match all ".exe" in folder "c:\program files", include all sub folders.
Bug Fixed:
Fixed issue with Win2003, on which coping file from Win7 to Win2003 failed.
Fixed crash in WhoIs. When query "flip.com", the server return line too long.
Fixed several crashes on Vista/Win7
Fixed an issue on firewall rule on URL. If the session accessed multiple URLs, firewall rule only worked one first one.
Fixed GUI exit when ESC pressed.
Fixed license issue on Group edition, the license information was not sent to agent.
Tuned the throttle to make it more accurate.
Fixed speed calculate issue on PPPOE network, which was faster then real speed.
Fixed a bug that setting throttle on single session did not work.
Fixed the statistics dialog, sometimes it display empty graph
Version 3.20 ( Aug 1, 2010 )
Version 3.1 ( Jul 29, 2007 )
Version 3.20 ( Aug 1, 2010 )
Fully support Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 2008
Fixed the packet delay issue
Add applications and sessions speed limit feature (by customer request)
Add pausing and resuming live data capturing
Freshly installed Netpeeker can start working
without rebooting, except it will not monitor
established sessions prior to the installation.
Fixed the XP SP3 firewall issue, which denied the
DNS client by mistake.
Firewall and Throttle features will be disabled by
default. This is to avoid the problem during
installation through remote
No longer requiring the Windows
Firewall to be disabled.
Removed pop-up killer feature for Vista and Windows
7, because modern browsers have better pop-up control