タイトル AnyDesk
バージョン ver 8.0.11
更新日 2024/07/11
追加日 2016/07/28
種別 フリーソフト
説明 シンプルかつ高速動作のリモートデスクトップクライアント。






10.07.2024 - 8.0.11 (Windows)
Other Changes:
- Improved anti-fraud measures
05.06.2024 - 7.1.8 (Android)
Fixed Bugs:
- Fixed deadlock on start when showing the news tutorial on some devices.
23.05.2024 - 7.1.2 (Android)
New Features
* Added link for account deletion.
* Improved screen capture after orientation change.
Fixed Bugs
* Fixed missing UI focus feedback on AndroidTV for some elements.
* Added scrolling to privacy dialog.
Other Changes
* New release format for AndroidTV.
21.05.2024 - 8.1.0 (macOS)
28.03.2024 - 8.0.9 (Windows)
Fixed bugs:
- Fixed bug regarding event logs for Incoming clients
- Fixed bug regarding removable license for OnPremises
- Fixed bug related to session bar that activates/deactivates Night mode when clicking on different displays in Display settings
- Fixed bug regarding session closing if backend user performs logoff
- Fixed crash related to changing monitor count
- Fixed bug related to transmitting authentication data for elevation
- Fixed bug related to desktop's alternative background
- Fixed bug when it is possible to register alias on portable
- Fixed crash when request elevation
- Fixed bug related to behaviour for command line option "窶都ettings:playback_browser"
- Fixed bug when user uninstalls AnyDesk and checks the check box to remove files the files are not removed and ID saved for future installations
- Fixed error message when License Removed with Open Address Book on startup enabled
- Fixed crash when user clicks 'Autoselect' option
- Fixed bug related to "Restart my device" permission remaining inactive for a while after creating a new profile
- Fixed bug when Installation/Update window freezes if you try to install/update Anydesk after you clicked 'NO' on User Account Control window
- Fixed bug when password can be set up in both Permissions and Access
24.04.2024 - 8.0.10 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs:
- Fixed direct connections between clients in the same LAN
- Fixed crash when Outgoing Session is being closed
- Fixed Main Window visibility after closing Outgoing Session in Custom Clients with Preset Password
- Fixed visibility of Remove button in settings for Access Control (ACL) and Wake-on-LAN when using Light UI theme
- Fixed keyboard interaction with ACL list in Access Settings
- Fixed behavior of Block Remote Input permission
- Fixed restriction of Update parameters for unlicensed clients
Other Changes:
- Allow hiding the Retry button in Session Ended dialogues
- Allow to show Session title when using plain-with-toolbar mode
- Allow to hide the Client ID in incoming-only Custom Clients
- Disallow Privacy Mode for Incoming connections from unlicensed legacy clients.
- Improve usability of the User selection dialog when connecting to Windows Terminal Server
10.04.2024 - 6.3.2 (Linux)
Fixed Bugs:
29.01.2024 - 8.0.8 (Windows)
Other Changes:
- Security update
16.01.2024 - 8.0.7 (Windows)
Fixed bugs:
- Fixed crash when working with permission profiles settings
- Fixed Ctrl-Alt-Del permissions
- Fixed buttons visibility in dark mode
- Fixed various UI glitches
- Fixed bug that settings were not correctly opened from command line interface
- Fixed bug that alternative background wasn't switch back to original one
- Fixed bug that multiple AnyDesk instances were opened after update
- Improved performance when using long messages in session chat
- Improved wordings and localizations
13.12.2023 - 7.1.0 (iOS)
New Feature:
- the cursor now indicates when action is disallowed on the remote side.
Fixed Bugs:
- fixed injection of additional keyboard events
- UI fixes and adjustments
09.11.2023 - 8.0.6 (Windows)
New Features
- Introduced Night Mode in DeskRT codec
Other Changes
- Improved light and dark UI Themes
06.11.2023 7.1.0 (Android)
New Features
- Introduced user accounts.
- Split clipboard permission for text and files.
- Improved plugin handling.
- Added splash screen for Android >= 12.
- Updated many translations.
- Improved message dialog when session ends due to auto-disconnect.
- Minor UI improvements.
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed share button / password button visibility.
- Fixed tutorial focus point after screen orientation change.
03.11.2023 - 8.0.5 (Windows)
New Features
- Introduced Dark Mode
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed Ctrl-Alt-Del Dynamic Config
- Fixed Preset Password config in Custom Clients
- Fixed banner that notifies about Dynamic Config updates
- Fixed bug that allowed access to clipboard text when permission was not
- Fixed bug that could cause gcapi.dll to be written to disk by Custom Clients
- Fixed handling of Windows Server Addresses in Address Book
- Fixed behavior of Acccount page in settings when using Dynamic Config
- Fixed bug that allowed Windows to go to sleep during active outgoing
- Fixed potential crash when closing AnyDesk
- Fixed UI glitch that caused the main menu to display in the wrong location
- Fixed crash when opening About panel in settings in incoming only clients
31.10.2023 - 7.2.3 (macOS)
19.10.2023 - 8.0.4 (Windows)
Other Changes:
- improved in app message system to honor licenses correctly
22.09.2023 - 8.0.3 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs:
- Fixed some UI issues
- Fixed a crash on logout
- Fixed a couple of issues regarding account functionality
- Fixed a bug requiring newly installed clients to be restarted before dynamic configuration would take effect
- Fixed wrong preview being shown after file transfer sessions
- Fixed clipboard permission UI in the main window
- Fixed a bug allowing installation even though installation was disabled in my.anydesk II, while forcing login was active
- Fixed the logout button being shown in account settings even though the account feature was disabled
- Fixed a bug disallowing changes to the global setting to lock a desktop on session end
13.09.2023 - 7.2.2 (macOS)
New Features
- New option added to the Accept Window allowing remote users to manage incoming connections.
Fixed Bugs
- AnyDesk update and service install issues solved.
- AnyDesk works properly with macOS Stage Manager enabled.
06.09.2023 - 7.1.16 (Windows)
- Improved localization for several languages
10.08.2023 - 6.3.0 (Linux)
New Features:
- Screen frame to indicate running incoming sessions.
Fixed Bugs:
- Fixed laggy input after closing one of two or more concurrent connections.
- Fixed issue with injecting modifier key Alt-Gr.
- Fixed issue with stuck keys (e.g. repeating characters or hanging modifier key like Shift)
- Fixed license information in the 'About AnyDesk' window being outdated.
- Fixed crash/deadlock when changing the screen resolution during an active connection.
- Fixed issues with editing tags on address book entries.
- License change now take effect immediately and do not need a restart.
- Fixed deadlock after changing language.
- Fixed 'Transmit hotkeys' not being checkable during a session.
- Improved system information details.
17.07.2023 - 7.2.0 (macOS)
New Features
- You can transmit audio from your mac device now (available for macOS 13.0
Ventura and higher).
- Register your User Account just inside the application.
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed Company Account login for Chrome and Edge browsers.
- Fixed an issue in the Address Book which prevented the renaming of items.
- Fixed an issue when some remote screen spots are not responding to mouse
- Minor UI and UX improvements.
28.06.2023 - 7.1.13 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed a bug that showed wrong Messages to licensed users
- No longer showing the free license banner in incoming only custom clients
- Added missing translations for Simplified Chinese