タイトル AsfBin
バージョン ver
更新日 2012/02/01
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 WMV形式の動画ファイルを結合・分割・修復するためのツール。







AsfBin version 1.8 [Release]
Size: 253kB (458kB Debug)
Archive version:
AsfBin Command line version 1.8.3
AsfBin Command line DEBUG version 1.8.3
Version 1.8.2: download
Version 1.8.2 DEBUG: download
AsfBinWin version 1.8 [Release]
Archive version:
Size: 262kB (409kB Debug)
AsfBinWin version 1.8.2
AsfBinWin version 1.8.2 DEBUG
Size: 250kB (452kB Debug)
Archive version:
AsfBin Command line version 1.8.2
AsfBin Command line DEBUG version 1.8.2
Version 1.8.1: download
Version 1.7.14: download
Version 1.8.1 DEBUG: download
Version 1.7.14 DEBUG: download
AsfBinWin version 1.8 [Release]
Intuitive, fast and reliable tool for processing ASF and WMV files.
Asfbin is a full implementation of ASF file specification completely independent from
Microsoft Windows Media Format SDK. This makes Asfbin especially powerful when
it comes to fixing damaged ASF/WMV files. It can repair almost all types of errors
within your favourite video files.
Now AsfBin tool comes along with AsfBinWin application, which, thanks to an easy to
use user interface and its preview capabilities, makes work with video files really simple.
AsfBinWin main features:
fixing damaged and/or unseekable files,
cutting fragments out of all ASF files,
precise joining files or selected fragments into one ASF file,
single frame accuracy and loseless processing,
video preview with stream selection,
DMO and VCM codecs support,
creating loops,
removing selected streams,
editing scripts and markers,
optimizing packet size to reduce file size,
AsfBin version 1.7 [Release 1.7.14]
Now with GUI version!
The AsfCut successor, faster, more precise, with more features and totally independent from Microsoft ASF file format SDK!
Because I wasn't able to make workarounds for some serious bugs in the Microsoft Windows Media
Format SDK I decided do write from scratch ASF file reader and writer by myself. After a full
year of coding I am ready with the release of the totally new tool for cutting, joining and
repairing ASF files with even more features than the AsfCut have.
To keep the compatibility with the old tool I have left the command line options almost
And after some time encouraged by many users I have developed a user friendly windows
application which wraps all functionality of asfbin and adds many new ones.
AsfBin features:
- cutting fragments out of all ASF files,
- cutting with the single frame accuracy,
- precise file joining,
- repairing damaged and/or unseekable files (*),
- loseless processing,
- creating loops
- ability to remove streams