タイトル Rust
バージョン ver 1.78.0
更新日 2024/05/03
追加日 2016/01/29
種別 フリーソフト
説明 Mozillaによって開発されているシステムプログラミング言語。




2006年にMozillaの従業員であるGraydon Hoare氏の個人のプロジェクトとして開発が始まり、2009年以降はMozillaが支援する公式プロジェクトとなった。2015年に1.0がリリースされ基本的な仕様が固まっている。





Rust 1.78.0


  • Stabilize #[cfg(target_abi = ...)]
  • Stabilize the #[diagnostic] namespace and #[diagnostic::on_unimplemented] attribute
  • Make async-fn-in-trait implementable with concrete signatures
  • Make matching on NaN a hard error, and remove the rest of illegal_floating_point_literal_pattern
  • static mut: allow mutable reference to arbitrary types, not just slices and arrays
  • Extend invalid_reference_casting to include references casting to bigger memory layout
  • Add non_contiguous_range_endpoints lint for singleton gaps after exclusive ranges
  • Add wasm_c_abi lint for use of older wasm-bind
Rust 1.77.2

  • CVE-2024-24576: fix escaping of Windows batch file arguments in std::process::Command
Rust 1.77.1

  • Revert stripping debuginfo by default for Windows This fixes a regression in 1.77 by reverting to the previous default. Platforms other than Windows are not affected.
  • Internal: Fix heading anchor rendering in doc pages
Rust 1.77.0


  • Reveal opaque types within the defining body for exhaustiveness checking.
  • Stabilize C-string literals.
  • Stabilize THIR unsafeck.
  • Add lint static_mut_refs to warn on references to mutable statics.
  • Support async recursive calls (as long as they have indirection).
  • Undeprecate lint unstable_features and make use of it in the compiler.
  • Make inductive cycles in coherence ambiguous always.
  • Get rid of type-driven traversal in const-eval interning, only as a future compatiblity lint for now.
  • Deny braced macro invocations in let-else.


  • In
Rust 1.76.0


  • Document Rust ABI compatibility between various types
  • Also: guarantee that char and u32 are ABI-compatible
  • Warn against ambiguous wide pointer comparisons


  • Lint pinned #[must_use] pointers (in particular, Box<T> where T is #[must_use]) in unused_must_use.
  • Soundness fix: fix computing the offset of an unsized field in a packed struct
  • Soundness fix: fix dynamic size/align computation logic for packed types with dyn Trait tail
  • Add $message_type field to distinguish json diagnostic outputs
  • Enable Rust to use the EHCont security fea
Rust 1.75.0


  • Stabilize async fn and return-position impl Trait in traits.
  • Allow function pointer signatures containing &mut T in const contexts.
  • Match usize/isize exhaustively with half-open ranges.
  • Guarantee that char has the same size and alignment as u32.
  • Document that the null pointer has the 0 address.
  • Allow partially moved values in match.
  • Add notes about non-compliant FP behavior on 32bit x86 targets.
  • Stabilize ratified RISC-V target features.


  • Rework negative coherence to pr
Rust 1.30.1
November 8, 2018
Rust 1.30.0
October 25, 2018
Rust 1.29.2
October 12, 2018
Rust 1.29.1
September 25, 2018
Rust 1.29.0
September 13, 2018