タイトル Jenkins
URL https://jenkins.io/
バージョン ver 2.455
更新日 2024/04/23
追加日 2016/02/27
種別 フリーソフト
説明 Javaで作られたオープンソースの継続的インテグレーション支援ツール。



継続的インテグレーションとは、ビルドやテストといった処理を頻繁に継続して実行していくこと。バグが入り込むことを防ぎ、ソフトウェアの品質向上が期待できる。Jenkins 自体はJavaで作られているがテスト対象はJavaプロジェクトに限定されず、iOSアプリやRailsアプリなどさまざまなプロジェクトを対象として扱うことができる。


  • 継続的インテグレーションと継続的デリバリー : 拡張可能な自動化サーバーであり、シンプルなCIサーバーとしても、あらゆるプロジェクトの継続的デリバリーのハブとしても使用できる。
  • 簡単なインストール : 自己完結型のJavaベースのプログラムとして作成されており、Windows、Linux、macOS、その他のUnixライクなオペレーティングシステム用のパッケージが用意されており、すぐに実行できる。
  • 簡単な設定 : Webインターフェイスを介して簡単にセットアップ/設定することができる。
  • プラグイン : アップデートセンターには何百ものプラグインが存在為、継続的インテグレーションと継続的デリバリーのツールチェーンのほとんどすべてのツールと統合できる。
  • 拡張可能 : プラグインアーキテクチャによって拡張することができる。
  • 分散 : 複数のマシンに作業を容易に分散させることができ、複数のプラットフォームでビルド、テスト、デプロイメントを迅速に実行できる。




What's new in 2.455
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Remove ASM dependencies from core.
(issue 73046)
Security fix.
(2024-04-17 security advisory)
What's new in 2.454
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Support symbols in the newJob page.
(issue 72947)
Create-item button is no longer disabled when a duplicate name is present.
(issue 73007)
Fix the appearance of badges.
(pull 9155)
After reconfiguring a static inbound agent in the GUI using fields such as WebSocket, deprecated in 2.440.x, the suggested launch instructions would incorrectly include tunnel (with no argument) even if that field had been left blank.
(issue 73011)
Fix the WorkspaceCleanupThread to consider workspaces with suffixes even if the original is nonexistent.
Reduce the number of remoting calls made by WorkspaceCleanupThread.
(issue 65829)
If the variant plugin is installed at the same time as a plugin that has an OptionalExtension, these extensions would not be correctly discovered until the next scan for new Extensions.
(issue 72998)
Installed plugin view no longer jumps during first load.
(issue 69588)
What's new in 2.453
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Major overhaul of the entire Swedish translation.
(pull 9069)
Improve the edit build information page.
(pull 9132)
Refresh the 'New item' page.
(pull 9111)
Refresh the style of alerts.
(pull 9115)
Adjust side panel sizes for certain screens like iPad Pro.
(issue 70246)
(issue 18884, pull 9060, People View plugin)
What's new in 2.452
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Remove People view.
Administrators can install the new People View plugin to restore this functionality.
(People View plugin)
Update Apache Mina in the CLI from 2.11.0 to 2.12.1.
(pull 9089)
Developer: Provide current administrative monitor as a context object when loading its description.
(pull 9071)
Add specific temporary files to the Debian package for better support of Unix domain sockets.
Require Debian 10 and Ubuntu 20.04 as the minimum supported versions for Debian packages.
(pull 456 (packaging), Packaging issue 455)
What's new in 2.451
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Translate the Appearance link to Turkish.
(pull 9067)
Translate description of the Plain text markup formatter to Turkish.
(pull 9062)
Important security fix.
(2024-03-20 security advisory)
What's new in 2.450
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Add a computer icon legend and a new icon for agents that are not accepting tasks.
(issue 69191)
Add components for dropdown items. Refer to the new Design Library Dropdowns page for implementation details.
(pull 8827)
What's new in 2.449
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Support Session ID for External Job Monitor to avoid HTTP 503 response.
(pull 8825)
Allow recursive remote file copy even if local and remote nodes have incompatible character sets at binary level, e.g. ISO-8859-1 and CP-1047.
(issue 72540)
Add "copy to clipboard" button to the build console output.
(pull 8960)
Do not attempt to self-restart on operating systems where this is not supported.
(issue 72833)
Fix a crash when restarting Jenkins on macOS.
(issue 65911)
Update bundled Trilead API Plugin to 2.84.86.vf9c960e9b_458.
(pull 9022)
Ensure threads in the Computer.threadPoolForRemotingexecutor service always have the Jenkins webapp ClassLoader set as the context ClassLoader to prevent random class loading issues when code is running in this ExecutorService.
(issue 72796)
Add experimental APIs to control which agents are loaded and when.
(pull 8979)
What's new in 2.448
NonPipeline builds interrupted by a controller restart will now be marked as aborted rather than failed.
(pull 8986)
Proxy configuration saved via the GUI always configured an authenticator even if the username was blank.
(pull 8990)
Restore functionality of some dropdown list form fields outside configuration forms (regression in 2.446).
(issue 72759)
Customization of agent log files did not work for inbound agents.
(issue 72799)
Setting a proper owner for Jenkins.clouds after Jenkins.load().
(pull 8976)
Developer: Update Stapler from 1822.v120278426e1c to 1839.ved17667b_a_eb_5 to no longer generate line JavaScript with Stapler bound objects to improve compatibility with ContentSecurityPolicy Plugin.
What's new in 2.447
Use the symbol for parameters in build history of pending jobs.
(pull 8977)
Do not show empty tooltips.
(issue 71148)
* Developer: Update Stapler from 1822.v120278426e1c to 1839.ved17667b_a_eb_5 to no longer generate line JavaScript with Stapler bound objects to improve compatibility with ContentSecurityPolicy Plugin.
(Stapler 1839.ved17667b_a_eb_5 Release Notes)
What's new in 2.446
Modernize progress bar UI in various locations.
(issue 69113)
Add ability for custom update centers to override the suggested plugin list.
(pull 8951)
Enable readonly mode for dropdown menus when using the Extended Read Permission plugin.
(pull 8955)
Restore progress animation in build history and build time trend views (regression in 2.434).
(issue 72711)
Admin monitor does not animate on page load (regression in 2.445).
(pull 8954)
What's new in 2.445
Make the Agent/Provision permission available in the global Security configuration when using matrixbased authorization strategies.
(issue 72637)
Remove the extra margin when viewing in read only mode.
(pull 8938)
Create an index page for heap dump creation.
(pull 8929)
Allow button clicks after closing an administrative monitor popup.
(issue 72679)
Developer: Grant access to more FilePath APIs.
(pull 8924)