タイトル Hazel
URL http://www.noodlesoft.com/hazel.php
バージョン ver 5.3.4
更新日 2024/04/25
追加日 2016/03/08
種別 シェアウェア(29ドル)
説明 Macの特定フォルダの下に保存されたファイルを自動的に整理バックアップすることができるソフト。







Version 5.3.4 (Apr. 25, 2024)
Core changes:
Fixed throwing away of files on external volumes when the volume does not have its own trash. Should now behave like pre-5.3.3 where such files would end up in the home trash instead of failing outright.
Version 5.3.3 (Mar. 27, 2024)
Interface changes:
Fixed buttons in in-app store not appearing on Sonoma.
Fixed options button for actions sometimes enabling when it shouldn't.
Core changes:
Fixes for issues moving items to the trash for cloud folders.
Worked around Spotlight bug where it would not find files it should have. Should affect "Contents contain" matches.
Misc fixes.
Version 5.3.2 (Jan. 25, 2024)
Interface changes:
Fixed Shortcuts list being filled with disabled items, none of which are selectable.
Fixed a case where AppSweep will constantly bring up thrown away files for the same app.
Core changes:
Importing videos into Photos should be working again.
Sounds for notifications should be working again.
Various fixes related to trash directories for various Cloud services.
© 2006-2024 Noodlesoft, LLC
Version 5.3.1 (Dec. 6, 2023)
Core changes:
Fixed issue where using the Move action to move a folder into itself would cause it to be deleted on cloud managed drives.
Version 5.3 (Dec. 4, 2023)
Note: Hazel 5.3 requires macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later.
Interface changes:
Added workaround for macOS bug introduced in Ventura where Hazel would not show up in the Notifications list under System Settings. It should now appear as "Hazel Notifier"
Should now show full list of tags on Sonoma.
Toolbar will show labels by default now.
Fixed issue where if there is a custom table attribute on the left hand side of a condition, the first pop-up would appear blank.
Fixed multiple banners appearing.
Fixed search field in Replace folder window.
AppSweep window contents should now resize properly with window.
Fixed dark mode with AppSweep window.
In the destination folder pop-up, the "Show in Finder" function will now only enable if there is a selected folder.
Various tweaks.
Core changes:
Now built for Sonoma.
Worked around issue with copying/moving from/to iCloud to local drive on Sonoma.
Improved handling of Trash, including changes in Sonoma with respect to iCloud Drive.
Fixed Upload action not working for cases where non-alphanumeric characters would appear in the URL, like spaces.
Tweaks to Set Color Label action to be more consistent.
Version 5.2.2 (May 30, 2023)
Interface changes:
Fixed not being able to drag volumes into folder list. Note that you could select volumes via "Folders->Add Folder" so this should now be consistent.
Core changes:
Added missing arm64 support for certain auxiliary binaries. Not having these meant that certain specialized functions were being run using Rosetta on Apple Silicon Macs.
Version 5.2.1 (Mar 30, 2023)
Interface changes:
When syncing rules between two folders on the same machine, the active state of each rule is no longer shared between the folders. It should basically behave as it does when syncing across machines.
When editing/creating a rule that is part of a synced ruleset, if the ruleset was updated elsewhere and synced locally, it may cause you to be unable to save your rule. This has been fixed.
Fixed crashes in remote server browser.
In cases where rules were corrupted in a certain way, Hazel would launch with windows only showing outlines. This has been addressed.
Fixed not being able to cancel out of the Upload connection window.
Fixed freeze when trying to create a second custom table attribute in the same rule.
Table and list editing windows no longer grow too wide if the file path is really long.
Various other fixes and tweaks.
Core changes:
When using "Contents contains", Hazel will now fall back to doing a direct scan of the file (as it does with "Contents contain match") if it detects that the file has not been indexed by Spotlight.
Fixed copying files across volumes where the initial copy would fail because the destination does not support metadata. There was fall back code in place to perform the copy again without attributes which was not working properly.
Misc fixes.
© 2006-2023 Noodlesoft, LLC
Version 5.2 (Nov 2, 2022)
New Features:
Relocate folder now broken out into its own window accessible from the Folders->Replace Folder… menu.
Added "Show in Finder" to the popup for destination folders.
Interface changes:
Fixed certain popovers (like the "Other" attributes list) not showing up on Ventura.
Updated "Full Disk Access" UI for Ventura.
Various UI tweaks/fixes for Ventura.
Fixed hang when loading tables with blank lines.
Fixed hang when loading tables from a non-existent file.
Fixed crash that could happen when syncing rules.
Fixed handling of inaccessible folders when using the preview function.
Core changes:
Fix for issues with helper process on Ventura that would either prevent the helper from running or cause issues when trying to run rules..
Fixed Unarchive action not properly handling .tgz files.
When deleting files from the trash, will now ignore the "secure delete" setting for SSDs and encrypted drives. The secure delete function doesn't work on SSDs and is unneeded on encrypted drives.
Misc. changes.
Version 5.1.4 (July 15, 2022)
If running versions 5.1 or 5.1.1, you may need to update to this version manually. Please click here to download. Open the downloaded file and follow the instructions from there.
User interface changes:
In the file info popover (accessible from the rule status window), fixed a crash if there's an error retrieving certain fields.
Core changes:
Fixed bug introduced in last release where attributes which return lists, such as keywords, were not being handled properly.
Version 5.1.3 (July 8, 2022)
If running versions 5.1 or 5.1.1, you may need to update to this version manually. Please click here to download. Open the downloaded file and follow the instructions from there.
User interface changes:
Fixed loading of rules with nested conditions using "Tags do not contain tags".
Fixed cases where the help tip about not needing to keep Hazel running would come up when already showing.
Fixed the Relocate Folder feature causing folders between rules to be linked.
Fixed setting of a rule's active status via AppleScript not sticking.
Fixed issue with the pattern editor for the next row popping up when dismissing the current one. Would happen if full keyboard navigation was not enabled.
Core changes:
Fixed bug where files were constantly being looped on. Would happen in certain cases where a matching rule would use the Continue action but then not match any subsequent rules.
Fixed crash when running a rule using text replacements in certain cases.
Added code to compensate for certain Spotlight importers returning a data type different than what is specified in the schema.
Other internal fixes.
Version 5.1.2 (May 5, 2022)
If running versions 5.1 or 5.1.1, you may need to update to this version manually. Please click here to download. Open the downloaded file and follow the instructions from there.
New features:
On Monterey, Hazel can read the contents of Markdown files for "Contents contain match" conditions.
User interface changes:
Folder paused state should be reflected correctly in the menubar menu now.
Fixed loop when trying to preview an invalid folder.
Fixed folder groups disappearing.
Folder group name changes should be properly saved now.
Fixed main editor not being updated when changes to the rule were saved via a detached editor.
Fixed preview not updating status when a rule was reverted.
Fixed case where custom attributes were being orphaned.
Fixed issue with undo/redo of attribute deletion from a pattern.
Fixed the Apple/JavaScript input/output attributes editor not updating when attributes were deleted or renamed.
When editing a number format, the example number should now update to reflect the current setting.
In the "Insert Element" contextual menu, fixed custom tokens not appearing correctly.
In the "Insert Element" contextual menu, fixed menu items growing each time the menu was brought up.
After using a tag field, sometimes other pattern fields would act like a tag field when edited. This should be fixed.
VoiceOver fixes for the following issues: