Sublime Text 3 開発版


タイトル Sublime Text 3 開発版
バージョン ver 3210
更新日 2019/09/24
追加日 2016/03/19
種別 フリーソフト
説明 Sublime Text 3の開発ビルド。







Version: Build 3210
Build 3210
24 September 2019
Mac: Fixed a compatibility regression with some plugins
Version: Build 3209
Build 3209
23 September 2019
Mac: Added Notarization
Fixed a performance regression when moving the caret upwards in large files
Fixed a memory leak
Fixed not being able to swap lines down with the last line if it was empty
Git: Fixed includeIf handling in git config files not interpreting ~ relative paths correctly
Version: Build 3208
Build 3208
21 April 2019
Mac: Added a workaround for a macOS OpenGL driver bug in 10.14.4
Linux: Fixed compatibility with old Linux distributions
Version: Build 3206
Build 3206
5 April 2019
Performance improvements
Version: Build 3205
Build 3205
3 April 2019
Improved scrolling logic in some scenarios
Lixed: Fixed compatibility with old Linux distributions
Version: Build 3204
Build 3204
2 April 2019
Mac: Added a workaround for a MacOS issue with DisplayLink adapters
Linux: Tweaked the way text scaling is handled
Improved file indexing behavior in some scenarios
Fixed block carets changing the way text selection works
Version: Build 3203
Build 3203
27 March 2019
Fixed a crash in the Git repository handling
Linux: Further improvements to high dpi handling under KDE
API: Fixed regression with phantoms interfering with home/end behavior
Version: Build 3202
Build 3202
Version: Build 3201
Build 3201
21 March 2019
Various syntax highlighting improvements
Git: Git repositories at the top level of a users home directory are ignored for performance reasons. This can be changed via the allow_git_home_dir setting.
Git: Improved performance with a large number of git repositories in the side bar
Git: Fixed UTF8 BOMs not being handled correctly in .gitignore files
Linux: Improved high dpi handling under KDE
Linux: Fixed incorrect file ownership in the deb packages
Fixed swap_line_up and swap_line_down transforming tabs into spaces
API: Fixed an incompatibility with SublimeREPL
Introducing our Git client
Sublime Merge
Version: Build 3197
Build 3197
8 March 2019
Version: Build 3196
Build 3196
7 March 2019
Fixed an infinite loop regression in 3195