Black Ink


タイトル Black Ink
バージョン ver 2.3.2
更新日 2024/05/05
追加日 2016/04/21
種別 シェアウェア(9.95ドル)
説明 Mac用のクロスワードパズルゲーム。






Black Ink 2.3.2
May 4, 2024
Fix a bug that caused an alert to appear after every entry if "Automatic Correction" is enabled and the puzzle has no answers included.
Black Ink 2.3.1
Apr 30, 2024
New puzzle sources: Lex's Minis and Lex's Crosswords
Improved the accuracy of overlay image drawing over puzzle grid
Fixed the drawing of overlay image drawing in printed puzzles
Attempting to check or reveal answers on puzzles with no answers now displays an explanatory alert
Improve performance when opening the puzzle chooser when it has to search many years for an unsolved puzzle
Now adapts the window size more precisely when screen resolution changes
Fix a glitch that caused the Puzzle Notes text to no longer fit in the popover when detached from window
Puzzle chooser now ensures the selected source name is visible
Fix an issue that caused excessive memory use when opening and closing many puzzles
Now supports entering a hyphen or a period as a special entry answer
Black Ink 2.3
Mar 15, 2024
Now supports puzzles that specify graphical overlays on the puzzle
Now supports puzzles that specify multiple correct answers for a given square
Blank answers that are correct are now treated as such
Small adjustments to size and layout of puzzle title and copyright
Fix a bug that caused puzzles to close without being saved in some cases
Now requires macOS 10.15.4 or later
Black Ink 2.2.9
Feb 4, 2024
Fix a problem that prevented New York Times logins from succeeding
Now requires macOS 10.13 or later
Copyright © 2024 Red Sweater Software, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Black Ink 2.2.8
Improvements to NYT authentication process
Calendar picker favors the current/latest puzzle date if a new puzzle has arrived since last opening
Calendar picker allows selection of valid puzzle days from the next/previous month
Black Ink 2.2.7
Mitigate issues that caused NYT to think Black Ink users are "robots"
Black Ink 2.2.6
Quick fix to restore Auto Check feature while solving
Black Ink 2.2.5
Prevent a superflous error message when canceling Across Lite export
Clicking the circle in the calendar interface now jumps to the current day
Fix a bug that prevented Edit -> Copy from working in the Puzzle Notes popover
Fix a bug that prevented the Puzzle Notes popover from staying open while detached from window
Answers with diacritical marks (like Ñ) are now considered correct even if diacritical is not included
Copyright © 2023 Red Sweater Software, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Black Ink 2.2.4
Puzzle Notes popover is now keyboard navigable
Shift-arrow keystroke now changes focused word without changing the current direction
Puzzle picker now supports left arrow key to navigate from calendar view back to puzzle list
Refinements to focused square coloring
Check for Updates now includes a link to Version History when there are no new updates
Fix some subtle issues with determining the valid dates for downloading puzzles
Fix issues with text encoding of Across Lite puzzles with unicode characters
Black Ink 2.2.3
Puzzle picker improvements
Undownloaded puzzle dates are now emphasized in the calendar
Fix an issue that sometimes prevented the latest puzzle being opened
Restore ability to press return in the Puzzle Chooser to open the selected puzzle
The puzzle picker calendar now stays in the same general timeframe across subsequent openings
If a valid puzzle is not found for a chosen date, the next available puzzle is now downloaded
Puzzle appearance
Restore previous darkness of the puzzle highlight color in Dark Mode
More improvements to positioning of letters in puzzle cells
Reduced the spacing between clues in the clue lists
General usability
New preference supports automatically closing window after solving a puzzle
Fix a rare issue that prevented special answers from being verified/corrected/revealed correctly
"Start Over" now clears any puzzle status flags as well as the entered answers
Black Ink 2.2.2
Fix a crashing bug when opening NYT puzzles on some Macs
Fix drawing of clue text with superscript and subscript characters