タイトル Maccy
バージョン ver 1.0.0
更新日 2024/07/09
追加日 2019/08/26
種別 フリーソフト
説明 洗練されたUIを持つオープンソースのmacOS用のクリップボードマネージャー。







This is the first release in 1.x version branch. Please note, that older versions of Maccy (0.x) will not work correctly after the upgrade. Read more at #790. ⚠️

  • Enabled persistent history tracking in storage. This forces read-only mode in Maccy 0.x.
  • Added Czech translation. (#804)
  • Added Portuguese (Brazil) translation. (#800)
  • Improved German and Spanish translations.
  • Fixed "Get Item from Clipboard History" action not working for selected items.
  • Fixed "Clear Clipoard History" action.

What's Changed

  • Portuguese (Brazil) translation by @p0deje in #800
  • Add Czech translation by @p0deje in #804
  • Translations update from Hosted Webl

What's Changed

  • Added Arabic translation (credits to @columbusux).
  • Added Dutch translation (credits to @yasingunaydiin).
  • Improved performance of showing/hiding header and footer (#620).
  • Fixed issue with copying cross-reference links in Microsoft Word (#770).
  • Fixed duplicated items during search in macOS 13 and older (#747).
  • Fixed auto-update sandbox warning.

New Contributors

  • @Jeongsuu made their first contribution in #745
  • @5idereal made their first contribution in #752
  • @phlpsong made their first contribution in #755
  • @xiaoxiangxianzi made their first contribution in
  • Added Hebrew translation (#713) (credits to @yarons).
  • Added an option to show special symbols in the popup (newlines, tabs, leading and trailing spaces) (#717).
  • Added an option to change search match highlighting from bold to italic or underline (#728) (credits to @gongchoong).
  • Added a hidden option to change a clipboard check interval and also lowered it from 1000 ms to 500 ms (#718).
  • Improved Japanese translation (#719).
  • Improved German translation (credits to @dennis-benzinger-hybris).
  • Improved performance of search by lowering the delay from 400 ms to 200 ms.
  • Fixed an issue when switching between US and JIS keyboards would break search (#716).
  • Fixed an issue alternate items
  • Added a new paperclip menu icon (credits to @josephillips85).
  • Added a link to configure notifications and sounds in preferences.
  • Fixed an issue when a pin image was black in a dark appearance.
  • Fixed an issue when the popup would be hidden beyond screen edges (#707) (credits to @weisJ).
  • Fixed custom sounds not playing when sending notifications.
  • Fixed Chinese input not working when Maccy is open via global hotkey (#686).
  • Fixed search not cleared after selecting item in history.
  • Fixed crash when changing ignored applications and pasteboard types (#684).
  • Added "Delete Item from Clipboard History" action to (#582).
  • Added settings to change delete/pin keyboard shortcuts (#627).
  • Added support for sending macOS notifications on new copies and a selection from Maccy history. Removed settings for playing custom sounds on new copies and a selection from Maccy history. You can enable/disable sounds using System Settings / Notifications / Maccy now (#211).
  • Reworked preferences UI to make it more compact.
  • Fixed crash when removing an item during the search (#654).
  • Fixed empty list when storage size is smaller than the number of visible items (#532).
  • Fixed crash when showing a preview for a removed item (#654).
  • Fixed copies from Universal Clipboard to show "iCloud" as a s
  • Added support for ignoring text copies based on regular expressions (#640) (credits to @GeorgeKandamkolathy).
  • Fixed an issue when copying anything in Microsoft Word would create an in-app bookmark (#613).
  • Fixed a slow search on macOS Sonoma (#617) (credits to @weisJ).
  • Fixed a preview position on macOS Sonoma (#615) (credits to @weisJ).
  • Fixed a popup position on macOS Sonoma (#612) (credits to @weisJ).
  • Fixed a selection of pins with a "v" letter assigned (#624).
  • Fixed a preferences window not being focused on macOS Sonoma.
  • Fixed an issue when the cursor would not highlight history items on macOS Ventura (#611).
  • Improved compatibility with macOS Sonoma 14. Functionality should mostly work though there are still visual glitches and performance issues (#555).
  • Improved alignment of preview popover (credits to @weisJ).
  • Improved handling of copies from Universal Clipboard (#397).
  • Improved source application handling to preserve an original one when copying from Maccy (#516).
  • Fixed an issue when Caps Lock on would prevent pinning/removal (#576).
  • Fixed a blurry scissors menu icon (#572).