タイトル Bike
バージョン ver 1.18.3-178
更新日 2024/05/17
追加日 2022/05/23
種別 シェアウェア(32.99ドル)
説明 シンプルで高速に動作するMac用アウトライナーアプリ。









Bike 1.18.3 (178)
16 May 2024
Fixed crash when using Pinyin text input
Bike 1.18.2 (177)
30 Apr 2024
Added Markdown to Edit Rows action
Changed Create row action Plain parameter to Text
Improve error message when license fails
Fixed “License Required” spelling
Fixed iCloud folder icon. I think!
Fixed Open Outline action to make outline frontmost
Fixed Create Row shortcut to have default text value
Fixed case where text caret would stop showing in editor
Fixed text encoding problems when pasting HTML fragments
Bike 1.18.1 (173)
18 Mar 2024
Fixed pasting Hookmark links into Bike
Bike 1.18.1 Preview (173)
14 Mar 2024
Fixed autoname of documents
Fixed pasting Hookmark links into Bike
Bike 1.18.1 Preview (172)
10 Mar 2024
Added Bike specific iCloud drive folder
Bike 1.18.1 Preview (170)
15 Feb 2024
Fixed pasting Hookmark links into plain text outline
Bike 1.18 (168)
22 Jan 2024
Auto-name “Untitled” documents based on first sentence
Added Settings > Sandbox to allow opening file links
Don’t allow text with newlines in link editor view
Turn of unicode normalization in Choice Palette
Fixed crash on macOS 11 when using M1 processor
Fixed reading of row’s rich text in Shortcut actions
Fixed clipping in Finder previews of Bike files
Fixed drag and drop indicator from getting stuck
Bike 1.17.2 (165)
08 Nov 2023
Fixed crash on macOS 11
Bike 1.17.1 (164)
06 Nov 2023
Fixed renew license
Fixed outline path background drawing
Bike 1.17 (163)
06 Nov 2023
Added outline search paths
Added Window > Outline Path Explorer
Added “Query Outline” action for Shortcuts
Added “query” command to AppleScript dictionary
Changed icon to be more centered and less yellow
Changed Transpose (Command-T) now selects pair
Fixed to truncate long alert messages
Outline paths are an important foundation technology. Today they are used in AppleScripts and Shortcuts actions. In future Bike releases outline paths will become more important as they are used in stylesheets and outline filtering.
Bike 1.16 (158)
10 Oct 2023
Added Outline > Sort Rows
Added Outline > Move to Heading
Added “Sort Rows” to context menu
Added Restore focus/expand state for closed documents
The new restore focus/expand state is secondary to the standard system restore state. If you have not closed a document then the system restore state will be used.
Bike 1.15.1 (155)
28 Sep 2023
Fixed “Delete Rows” Shortcut’s action crash on macOS 14