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S 20190429 100338

GoogleのChromeブラウザは2018年10月に公開されたChrome 70で、動画を小さなフローティングウィンドウで表示できるPicture-in-Picture(PiP)モードを導入しました。

今回、Chromeに追加される予定の機能を確認できるサイト「Chrome Platform Status」に登録された情報によると、このPiPモードが、ビデオコンテンツ以外の任意のHTMLに対して拡張される計画があることが明らかとなっています(MSPoweruser)。


We are adding support for requesting a Picture-in-Picture window that can contain arbitrary HTML content instead of a video layer. This content can be either interactive or not.

The original Picture-in-Picture API is limited to HTMLVideoElement. It takes the video layer and moves it into a window that follows display rules specific to Picture-in-Picture. Various partners expressed interest for a more flexible API. The feature requests fell into two categories: customising the look & feel and customising the user experience. The former can technically be done using canvas elements but the latter requires a different model that would require user interaction and therefore no longer be compatible with Android, iOS and macOS APIs.



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