Intel、Wi-Fiドライバーの更新でWindows 10がクラッシュする不具合を修正

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S 20200905 101735

IntelがWi-Fiドライバーの最新版21.120.0を公開しました(Windows Latest)。

最新のドライバーでは、Windows 10がBSODによってクラッシュする不具合が修正されたほか、パフォーマンスの改良も行われていて、主な変更点は以下の通りです。

  • BSOD caused by the Intel wireless driver.
  • BSOD when you play games and enable Windows 10’s mobile hotspot.
  • BSOD when you reboot your device.
  • BSOD on systems with Modern Standby.
  • Fixes an issue where your device may fail to reconnect to the Access Point.
  • Fixes an issue where wireless LAN may fail on some systems.
  • Fixes random network disconnection certain hardware and software configurations.
  • Reduced performance when you resume the device from Sleep mode on certain configurations.
  • Wi-Fi network might disconnect when the system is idle or when you’re streaming videos at 2.4 GHz wireless connection.
  • General fixes, security fixes, and other improvements for enterprise customers.



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