【KGI】iPhone 8無印はワイヤレス充電が売り?

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Iphone 8 concept video

次期4.7インチiPhone(iPhone 8?)にはガラス筐体とワイヤレス充電機能が搭載されるかもせん。おなじみKGI証券のアナリストMing-Chi Kuo氏が新たなレポートを発表しています(MacRumors9to5Mac)。

Our rationale is as follows: (1) the OLED model may trigger replacement demand among high-end users given its completely all-new-design form factor and notably superior specs in comparison to the TFT-LCD models; and (2) the new 4.7” iPhone, featuring glass casing and wireless charging, looks well positioned to tap replacement demand at the entry level.


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