MarsEdit 4 Public Betaが公開 - 人気ブログエディタ7年ぶりのバージョンアップへ

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Red Sweater SoftwareのDaniel Jalkut氏は28日、macOS用のブログエディタMarsEditの最新ベータ版「MarsEdit 4 Public Beta」を公開しました(公式ブログ9to5Mac)。

同氏は、MarsEdit 3がリリースされたのが7年前で、通常2〜3年ごとのアップグレードを行いたいのだが、今回はさまざまな不測の事態が発生し、計画通りにいかなかったとリリースの遅れに関して説明しています。MarsEdit 4の正式版は年内が予定されています。


MarsEdit 4の新機能は以下の通り:

  • Editor Enhancements
    • Visual formatting bar – Select common formatting options with the mouse.
    • Typewriter Scrolling – View menu option to keep typing vertically centered.
    • Multimarkdown support – Enhanced functionality when previewing Markdown content.
    • Faster Preview filtering – Code-based Markdown and Convert Line Breaks filters.
    • Interactive image sizing – Rich text mode supports direct manipulation of image display size.
    • Improved “Split Post” UI – Splitter now presented inline in post content.
  • WordPress-specific enhancements
    • Faster refresh times.
    • Featured Image support.
    • Post Format support.
    • Per-post Author editing support.
  • Improved system integration. Now supports standard autosave and version history for locally saved drafts.
  • Expanded post downloads. WordPress and Blogspot blogs can now be configured to download the entire history of posts instead of a recent subset.
  • Automated preview templates. Click the “Download Template…” button from the template editor to automatically detect your blog’s theme.
  • Safari App Extension. Active the “Send to MarsEdit” extension in Safari to easily create new drafts citing the page you are viewing.
  • Application Sandbox. The app is now sandboxed for increased security.


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  • URLをコピーしました!