Microsoft Edge 122安定版がリリース - Webキャプチャがスクリーンショットに変更

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Microsoftは2月23日(現地時間)、Edgeブラウザの最新安定版「Microsoft Edge 122」をリリースしました。

Microsoft Edge 122では、アイコンの変更に伴いWebキャプチャのブランドが「スクリーンショット」に変更されています。スクリーンショット機能はメニューから「スクリーンショット」を選択するか、Ctrl+Shift+S(Cmd+Shift+S)を押すことで実行することができます。機能の詳細はこちらで確認可能です。



  • Resolved an issue where PDF text fields and drop downs values were being rendered twice for specific files when using the Microsoft Edge built-in PDF reader powered by Adobe Acrobat.
  • Resolved an issue where printing certain PDF files in landscape mode with the 'fit to printable area' option resulted in incorrect printing.

Dev Channel updates

The following Dev channel updates preceded this Stable channel release. The following Dev notes provide detailed information about the changes in each release.

Feature updates

  • Moving Managed Site Indicator (Briefcase icon) into the lock icon in the address bar omnibox. The briefcase icon which signals that a page is managed via admin policies, has been moved into the lock icon in the address bar. End users can view details about the protections for a given page by clicking the lock icon in the address bar and then clicking the briefcase icon. For more information, see Understand Data loss Prevention in Microsoft Edge.

  • Deprecation of the image enhancement feature. To improve end user experience, the image enhancement feature is deprecated.

  • Configure recommended policies in the Microsoft Edge management service. The Microsoft Edge management service now provides admins with the ability to set recommended policies. This gives end users permission to override their admin's policy configuration.

  • Microsoft Edge has rebranded Web Capture to "Screenshot". Microsoft Edge changed the branding for Web Capture with an icon change and renamed the feature to "Screenshot". Users can easily use content from the web by taking a screenshot of a full page or a selected area. They can mark up the screenshot they took with a pen or touch later. Administrators can control availability using the WebCaptureEnabled policy. For more information, see Screenshot (


New policies

Obsolete policies

Additional policy changes

  • DiagnosticData - Send required and optional diagnostic data about browser usage. Supported on Windows since Stable 122 or later.


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