PowerToys v0.20がリリース - カラーピッカー機能の追加や不具合の修正

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Microsoftは本日、Windows 10用のオープンソースの生産性向上ツール「PowerToys」の最新版「PowerToys v0.20」をリリースしました(MSPoweruser)。最新版のインストーラーはGitHubのリリースページからダウンロードする事が可能です。



  • Martin Chrzan's Color Picker was added in! With a quick Win+Shift+C, get the color from your screen
  • File Explorer - Can now render SVG icons thanks to Chris Davis
  • FancyZones - you can now snap to any number of zones in FancyZones holding Shift+Ctrl while dragging a window
  • PT Run - keyboard interaction improvements
  • PT Run - freshly installed apps are now being detected
  • PT Run - Lots of perf and bug fixes
  • Keyboard manager - app level shortcuts
    • Example: For Outlook, Remap Ctrl+F to F4 and now Ctrl+F will put up the find window :)
  • Keyboard manager - Now can remap key to shortcut and shortcut to key.
  • Settings - Now has improved OOBE based on the work the Microsoft Garage Interns did during their hackathon
  • PowerRename improvements


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