Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22635.3640(KB5037867)がリリース - Betaチャンネル向け、7-zip、TARアーカイブが作成可能に

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Microsoftは5月17日(現地時間)、Windows 11のWindows Insider ProgramのBetaチャンネル向けの最新ビルド「Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22635.3640(KB5037867)」をリリースしました(Windows Blog)。

Betaチャンネルの全てのWindows Insidersは有効化パッケージを通じて同じビルド(Build 22635.xxxx)に更新されます。従来のようにビルド番号を分割せず、Controlled Feature Rollout(CFR)テクノロジーにより新機能が有効化されます。

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新機能をいち早く使用したい場合、Windows Updateの設定画面で「利用可能になったらすぐに最新の更新プログラムを入手する」をオンに変更します。


Build 22635.3640の新機能

Build 22635.3640では、ファイルエクスプローラーのコンテキストメニューから、ZIPに加え、7-zipとTARアーカイブを作成できるようになっています。また圧縮ウィザードも新しくなり、より多くのフォーマットを選択したり、詳細設定を指定できるようになっています。

New compression FE


Emoji 15 1 singleton


Changes and Improvements gradually being rolled out to the Beta Channel with toggle on*

[File Explorer] 

  • We’ve added support for creating 7-zip and TAR archives in addition to ZIP via the context menu in File Explorer. We have also added a new compression wizard that lets you choose even more formats and specify even more details. You can compress individual files with gzip/bzip2 (and more,) or add multiple files to archives in different tar formats with different types of compression. You can also change the compression level and what types of data are stored in each archive.


  • We’re adding support for Emoji 15.1 which introduces a small number of brand-new emoji such as head shaking horizontally and vertically, phoenix, lime, brown mushroom and broken chain. Other changes for Emoji 15.1 include Unicode’s decision to revert family combinations to symbol-like shapes. Windows has chosen to stay with our existing style that use people in family combinations. We are also supporting the new directionality updates for person/man/woman walking, kneeling, with cane, running, manual wheelchair and motorized wheelchair. You can now select right facing or the original left facing orientation for these emoji.

Fixes gradually being rolled out to the Beta Channel with toggle on*

[File Explorer]

  • Fixed a few accessibility issues in the Common File Dialog.


  • Fixed an underlying ctfmon.exe crash which could impact the ability to input text.


  • Fixed an issue related to showing tabs in Alt + Tab, which could lead to frequent explorer.exe crashes if you had a very large number of tabs.

Fixes for everyone in the Beta Channel

[Start menu]

  • We fixed an issue believed to be the underlying cause for Start menu crashing on launch or the All apps list not displaying in the previous Beta Channel flight.


  • This update addresses an issue that might affect domain controllers (DC). NTLM authentication traffic might increase.
  • This update addresses an issue that might affect Virtual Secure Mode (VSM) scenarios. They might fail. These scenarios include VPN, Windows Hello, Credential Guard, and Key Guard.

Known issues


  • We are investigating an issue where Internet Information Services (IIS) and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) may not work after installing this update.


Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel who have the new position for the Widgets entry-point on left-aligned taskbars may see the following known issues:

  • Swipe invocation for Widgets may not work if taskbar is center-aligned instead of left-aligned.
  • Unpinning Widgets from the taskbar may not work if taskbar is center-aligned instead of left-aligned.
  • The Widgets board is incorrectly positioned when Copilot is in side-by-side mode.
  • Turning on/off Widgets in taskbar settings may refresh the taskbar.


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