HttpWatch Basic Edition


タイトル HttpWatch Basic Edition
バージョン ver 15.0.5
更新日 2024/03/12
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 IEとFirefx用のHTTPビューアー&デバッガー。






15.0.5 -
11 Mar 2024
Fixed: A 'Type must be number' error could occur when recording in Edge
Update: Chrome and Edge CRX files in the HttpWatch install directory have been updated
New in Version 15.x
Version History - HttpWatch 15.x
15.0.4 -
11 Mar 2024
New: The Cookie tab now shows all cookie attributes (e.g. path, domain etc) for sent cookies as well as received cookies
New: Blocked cookies are now shown on the Cooke tab and can be optionally hidden using the 'Show blocked cookies' check box
New; The Blocked column on the Cookie tabs shows the reasons why a cookie was blocked by the browser
New: Warnings HW3007 and HW3008 were added to show when request and response cookies were blocked
New: Automatic formatting now available for JavaScript, CSS, XML and HTMLcontent
New: Supports file names longer than 256 characters allowing HWL files to be opened from deeply nested directories on file shares
Improved: Browser and HttpWatch Studio windows are now closed without user interaction during silent installs
Improved; Faster UI performance when scrolling through text or large lists of requests
Changed: Removed support for Internet Explorer
Changed: HttpWatch Studio can no longer open HWL files from HttpWatch version 10 and earlier
Changed; HttpWatch Studio can no longer open HWL files saved from Internet Explorer
Changed: Requires Windows 10 or later on desktop PCs and Windows Server 2016 or later on servers
Changed: Requires Chrome and Edge version 103 or later
Changed: The Chrome and Edge extensions now user manifest version 3
Changed: Added BlockReasons property to Cookie automation class
14.0.25 -
26 Jan 2024
Fixed: The Warnings tab in a page summary was not correctly updated when the list of warnings was modified
Fixed: Invalid response headers values were sometimes shown after multiple redirections
Improved: Added more info tips for response headers controlling security and document policies
14.0.24 -
02 Jan 2024
Fixed: An 'invalid response time' error could occur
Fixed: Query string values were not displayed correctly in some cases
New: Automatic update checking can be disabled by administrators using a registry value in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (See 'How to disable update checking' in
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14.0.23 -
18 Oct 2023
Fixed: An 'invalid window' error could occur during installation
14.0.22 -
18 Aug 2023
Fixed: An error could occur in the installer when shutting down browser windows
14.0.21 -
12 Jul 2023
Fixed: An upgrade notification could be displayed despite having installed the latest version of HttpWatch
14.0.20 -
14 Jun 2023
Fixed: A 'Failed to set automation' error could occur when starting HttpWatch
14.0.19 -
12 May 2023
Fixed: The automatic notification of an HttpWatch version update was not displayed in some cases
14.0.18 -
11 May 2023
Improved: Now accepts HAR files where a floating point number is used rather than an integer for byte counts. This improves compatibility with some third party tools
14.0.17 -
26 Apr 2023
Fixed: The toolbar in HttpWatch Studio could fail to display properly after closing a log file