タイトル HxD
URL http://mh-nexus.de/en/
バージョン ver
更新日 2018/09/27
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 大きいファイルも高速に開けるバイナリエディター。メモリエディターなども搭載。






バージョン履歴 (September 27, 2018)
New: UTF-8 Codepoint in datainspector gives much more detailed feedback when a code point is invalid
Now also rejects every possible encoding error and handles characters entered as surrogate pairs
New: bytes-per-line option for Intel Hex / Motorola S-Record export
New: option to lock toolbars in place
Enhancement: ask to close files opened in HxD before securely deleting them
Enhancement: RTF exporter uses always UTF-8, even for Latin1, which improves compatibility
Enhancement: displayed and inspectable volume size is not limited anymore to just the file system area, but covers the entire volume extent
Enhancement: compare feature: set caret and scroll position to last compared bytes, even when no difference was found
Together with improved error message makes results more clear
Enhancement: HxD's internal clipboard is not limited to 4GiB anymore
Change: Enforce HxD 2.0 to run on WinXP+ only
Fix: after starting HxD, it would be in minimized state if it was last closed in a minimized state
Fix: HTML exporter - encoding rules and comments now follow W3C's recommendations
Fix: properly display volume size (instead of the hosting physical disk(s) size)
Fix: assertion and encoding errors in source code exporters
Fix: canceling a compare would give the wrong message, that files are identical, but the file sizes differ.
Fix: trying to delete a selection or a single byte using the del key (while not having write rights) would not properly abort the operation: temporarily an unintended selection would be created or the caret would remain hidden
Fix: data inspector sees only a selection of one byte after deleting a byte with del key
Change log for HxD
HxD Hex, Disk and RAM-Editor product page
New: Data inspector
interprets bytes at the current caret position into various datatypes:
binary (bit sequence), integer, floats, time and date, character, GUID and disassembly (x86 and AMD64)
allows editing all types except for assembly
option to display integers in hexadecimal
option to select big/little endian byte order
property grid widget/control written from scratch
New: 64-bit version of HxD
support for RAM/virtual memory editing of other 64-bit processes
integration into 64-bit Windows Explorer context menu
New: Fully Unicode based GUI and program code
Enhanced: Disk-open window
Shows disks to non-admins to allow opening those that normal users have access to (e.g., removable USB drives) instead of always requiring to restart as admin.
Shows more information (name, hardware id, type, size) for easier identification