Fortitude HTTP


タイトル Fortitude HTTP
バージョン ver
更新日 2019/11/17
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 簡単に使えることを目的に開発されたHTTPサーバー。







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Copyright © 2018 NetworkDLS.All rights reserved.
Fortitude HTTP
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Fortitude HTTP
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6/16/2011: Added additional UI threads for asynchronous communication with the server.
6/16/2011: Increased default size of internal file-buffer for greater I/O throughput.
6/16/2011: Resolved user-management grid manipulation errors which occurred when more than one user was deleted.
6/16/2011: Implemented ability to set the file buffer size to tweak transfer speeds / memory load.
6/16/2011: Implemented ability to limit the dynamic buffer to reduce memory load.
Fortitude HTTP
6/11/2011: Resolved potentially long shutdown times. This was due to an necessary lock which would need to time-out.
6/11/2011: Fixed randomization event which could cause the server to be crashed under an extreme load.
Fortitude HTTP
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6/2/2011: Implemented the ability to connect to different ports using host:port notation.
6/2/2011: Changed default management port to 35634 to reduce conflicts with firewalls.
Fortitude HTTP
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3/17/2011: Included first version of documentation - revisions will be made alongside subsequent releases.
3/17/2011: Changed the default content type of CGI processes to application/octet-stream when the type is absent from the CGI processes response.
3/17/2011: Resolved issue which would cause SSI pages to throw max-nesting-depth errors when server is under high load.
Fortitude HTTP
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2/14/2011: Resolved small memory leak which occurred when binding socket pools to specific IP addresses.
2/14/2011: Resolved issues with incorrect REQUEST_URI and DOCUMENT_URI variables in CGI and SSI respectively.
2/14/2011: Resolved the sending of extraneous line-feed character after post data.
Fortitude HTTP
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2/9/2011: Tested several 3rd party scripts programs phpMyAdmin and SquirrelMail in PHP and Mewsoft Boardawy using Perl.
2/9/2011: Fixed potential stack overflow caused by nesting SSI includes and CGI executions.
2/9/2011: Resolved issue with SCRIPT_FILENAME environment variable when executing CGI from SSI directive.
2/9/2011: Fixed re-issue of content-type header when scripting engine prefixed its content-type with line feeds.
Fortitude HTTP
2/8/2011: Resolved inconsequential memeory leak.
2/8/2011: Resolved thread locking issue when shutting server down under high load.
2/8/2011: Resolved memory leak when working with "keep-alive: close" or failed connections.
2/8/2011: Removed "use keep-alive" setting. It is now controlled by setting timeout to zero vs. non-zero.
2/8/2011: Resolved issue which caused root windows authentication not to be used.
Fortitude HTTP
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2/8/2011: Resolved potential unauthorized access issue when remote administration is enabled.
2/8/2011: Resolved issue with adding long descriptions to listening IP addresses.
2/8/2011: Added server and management application version checking at authentication.
2/8/2011: Added socket pooling support (sites can share a pool with a common port).